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Hiiii can u please do a Lance x reader were its a lazy sunday and the reader got a program in the morning and lance doesn't want her to go..he wants to cuddle with her and when she wants to leave lance starts whining like a baby.. he doesn't want her to leave at all but when she listens to him they start to cuddle but lance starts doing naughty things with her and she doesn't want to have sex with him.


Warnings: fluff, implied smut

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“Mhm, baby?” his mouth rubs against her skin as she attempts to pull herself from his grasp.

“Lance, I gotta go to work. C’mon, we can sleep later,” she sighs, kissing his knuckles, wiggling towards the end of the bed, but he squeezes onto her tighter.

“Mhm…call in sick, want ya to stay in with me.”

“You always want me to stay in with you,” she smiled, pulling herself away from her and her boyfriend’s bed. She leans over and kisses his cheek before stepping out of her clothes and turning on the shower.

She sighs loudly, the cold water waking her tired body. Her hands run through her hair and around her body, washing away anything she missed the previous morning. The door to the shower clicks open and Lance wraps his arms around her torso, whining quietly at the cold water hitting his skin. He kisses her collarbone gently and starts to drag his fingers towards the inside of her thighs.

“Not right now, baby. I gotta go,” she utters, pulling his fingers off her. She turns to face him and smiles warmly at him. His eyes are drowsy and the water makes his hair droop over his face. She pushes hair out of his face and pulls herself onto her toes, pulling him in for an alluring kiss. He smiles and tugs at her waist, pushing her gently against the shower wall. “Tuck, c’mon, y’know I gotta go. The kids need me today.”

Her hand pushes the shower knob off and she pulls the towel hanging on top of the door off to dry herself. Lance watched her silently in awe—thinking of all the possible ways to love on her properly when she returned home from the trip she was taking her students on today. She would be tired and giggly, his favorite. Tonight would be all about her, not that any other night isn’t. He just loves her so much.

She steps out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her head. She tosses Lance his towel hanging up on a hook and she changes into jeans and a dark maroon blouse. Lance slips into a pair of sweats that hang loosely on his hips and they both get ready for the day.  

After getting ready for work, Y/n slips her shoes on and pulls her hair out of her face. She grabs her keys and purse from the kitchen counter and stands by the staircase, “Bye, honey! I’ll be home in time for dinner!” she shouted up to him.

She can hear him stumble out of their bathroom and she sees him outside their door and he practically jumped down the stairs to tell her to have a good day. She laughs shaking her head. He grins at her and pulls her into a chaste kiss. “Have a good day, sweetheart. I love you.”

“Love you too, honey.”

Von’s Spoonie Spell Bottle

For Self Love, Protection and Energy.

You’ll Need:

- A Small Bottle with a Cork

- Sealing Wax (Bronze or Gold worked for me)

- Pink Himalayan Salt (Self Love and Protection)

- Black Tourmaline and/or Obsidian Shards (Absorbs negativity and protects)

- Rose Quartz Shards (Self Love)

- Dried Ginger (Energy and Warmth) 

- Clove and Cinnamon (Energy, Love and Warmth)

- Gum Arabic (Personal Association: Sweetness and Self love, since it’s used for making sweets. “Official Association”: Protection and all of that.)

The Bottle: 

Fill the small bottle up, first layering the salt, then the stones and lastly the spices, concentrating on your intent. 

Next, cork up the bottle and seal it, reminding yourself you’re enough, you’re worth it and you deserve love. 

Lastly,clasp the bottle in your hands and whisper “I am loved, I am protected, I am filled with energy” and many times as you need, usually until your hands pulsate, kiss the bottle and voila!

You can also make these bottles for your spoonie friends, it doesn’t have to be for you, just fill it with love and intent. It’s a nice gift ~

If you make it, send pics! 

A thing that annoyed me in this “meta” is the person saying JJ was never a threat / trial for Yuri because he ended up “self-destructing himself”.

And ?

What’s your point ?

Yes JJ self-destructed, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a threat for Yuri.

Yuri changed his program (as well as Yuuri) in an attempt to beat JJ.

Yuri added jumps in the last half of his program because he knew otherwise he had no chance to beat JJ. And he still got beaten.

Yuri then added difficulty by raising his arm(s) while jumping. To beat JJ.

And what did it get him ? to make super high scores and beat a world’s record.

JJ WAS a threat for Yuri and for other skaters. Some didn’t choose to change their programs to beat him, but Yuri and Yuuri did (remember why he tried to absolutely place this flip at the end of his SP ? why he didn’t feel “eros” during this one because he was so focused on the flip ? Because he wanted to beat JJ).

JJ had to self-destruct in order to give a chance to Yuri or Yuuri to win. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when episode 11 happened.

But he WAS a threat. Sorry to bother your JJ-hating ass, but he is good, talented, and an actual threat to the other skaters getting gold. 

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Dorky question, but what's your computer setup? And more importantly, how was a creature of your kind ever able to acquire a computer setup in the first place?

Strong enough to be doing everything I’ve pulled off so far, and yet not strong enough to run AAA game titles at good settings.


Asus Sabertooth z77 LGA 1155

16gb DDR3 RAM at 1600 MHz

Geforce GTX 650Ti

The machine was designed with upgrade capability in mind, and for what I need, I could very well go higher with that graphics card, because while it does what I need it to do, it’s absolutely laughable compared to what I could be using.

But to make a really proper jump in power requires a new motherboard of the 1151 class, which means a new build.

And while I could upgrade the GPU to the highest possible model that works with the LGA 1155 Sabertooth, I’m concerned about my PSU possibly being a fake watter. 

I had purchased a 1000-watt piece that wasn’t Bronze-certified. It’s working and reviews are largely good, but I had issues drawing power during the first phase of the build.

(Although that’s probably because I was using a wall outlet that often shorted the computer because it was only barely meeting the needs of the PSU, so whenever something else was turned on through the same circuit, everything went bust…)

Point blank: I’m facing an issue of upgrading on a closed system when I could get much better, but getting much better means a brand new build. With a brand new build, I could learn from all of my novice mistakes. With staying on cards under the 1155 series of motherboard compatibility, I may just have to take an extra step of getting a new PSU I know is bronze-certified and high pedigree from a really strong name brand.

As for how someone like me got all this? Well, you can get away with a lot of things when you’re someone like me and the right connections to the world of people exist.

[Anyone got tips for me on how to move forward with the system issue I’m pondering?]

Works Progress Administration sculptor (and University of New Mexico graduate) Oliver La Grone casting “Mercy”

Date: 1935 - 1939?
Negative Number 019936


So for everyone asking, Eugene made me a bronze cast of Gary Oldmans Teeth, added leather detail as an anniversary present…. little did I know there was THE ring inside. He got down on one knee , I burst into tears and said yes. And to think, 5 mins before this I was flicking nutella on his nose…. x


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.16.16

theme: romantic + whimsical wedding finds
mystical mountain landscape | custom letterpress wedding suite by colorquarry

colorquarry, you make my heart beat faster. this wedding invitation and map set are complete custom illustrations-turned-letterpress prints. i dig the celestial whimsy and nighttime forest theme of this bronze-and-navy work of art. check out all that detail!!

Annabeth frowned. “It should. At least…my bronze dagger worked on the staff of Serapis. Of course, that bronze dagger was made from an Egyptian wand, so…"

“I’m getting a headache. Usually when I get a headache, it’s time to stop talking and attack something.”

“Fine. Just remember: our main goal is to get that scroll. According to Sadie, Setne can use it to turn himself immortal.”

“Understood. No bad guys turning immortal on my watch.” I kissed her, because 1) when you’re a demigod going into battle, every kiss might be your last, and 2) I like kissing her. “Be careful.“

She put on her Yankees cap and vanished.

—  Excerpt from “The Crown of Ptolemy”
Metal In, Metal Out

There are worms in my golden apple.
The Hesperides, crafty fellows, are made of metals
and now, so am I.

So resilient, am I.

The apple is gold.
The worm is silver.
The teeth are pewter.
The esophagus is copper.
The heart and stomach are bronze.

Every dawn–
I work by the ounce.
I eat by the pound.

Heavy meat, heavy metal,
all around.


Congratulations to Team Japan on their bronze medal at World Team Trophy!