bronze sable

ironshade  asked:

What happened with Bronze Sable? That thing is clearly not a satyr. It looks like a ferret which is fine because that is close to the marten, which is what a sable is; and nothing like a goat-man from Theros. What there an art/name/type-line slip up somewhere along the way? Was that supposed to be "Bronze Satyr" and the art just can back different and someone forgot to change the type-line? It's sticking out like the sorest of thumbs. Help!

Have you been looking at the official Theros card image gallery, or at some other source? :)

Bronze Sable is type Sable (further filling out Magic’s representation of family Mustelidae, surprisingly, along with Ferret, Badger, and Wolverine).

danitylust  asked:

what are some good neutral eyeshadows from mac ???

Some of my fav matte & transition/blending colors are

Soft brown, Wedge, Charcoal Brown, Quarry, Blanc Type, Brown Down & Saddle

Some of my fav shimmery old and crease colors are

Mulch, Naked Lunch, Woodwinked, Antiqued, Bronze, Satin Taupe, Sable, All That Glitters & Amber Lights

All these are more every day bronze, browns, taupes and golden colors :)

geckomaster25852  asked:

My favorite card is definitely Bronze Sable. It was my favorite when I started in Theros and its my favorite now. I was rejoiced when it was reprinted in Conspiracy 2, and I picked that card whenever I could in draft. I have over 60 of em.

I have absolutely no idea why this card is so popular, but hell, it’s freaking awesome. One day I think I’d like to own 60 of the same card, honestly.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about starting a mac 15 neutral palette and so far I want to include : wedge,shroom,carbon, and omega are there any you suggest? I am medium-olive skin tone if that helps

• brule

• woodwinked

• swiss chocolate

• twinks

• mulch

• sketch

• cork

• espresso

• bronze

• all that glitters

• sable