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Rare Anatolian Neolithic Stone Idol, 6000-4000 BC

A highly stylized, schematic stone idol, shaped from unpolished marble, with five copper nails inserted into drilled holes around the upper “head” portion of the body, and hammered flat to secure them. The body is composed of two rounded portions joined in a thinner section at the neck, with one rounded portion slightly larger than the other (the “head”), and the other side with a flattened bottom with a deeply incised quadrant motif carved into it. The head has a small hole drilled into its top that may also have once held a copper nail. Incised lines, especially on one face, give it further details, perhaps of eyes and a headdress.

One of the most common shapes of the Anatolian marble idols, the so-called “figure of eight” shaped figurine, is characterized by a very distinct division between the head and the body. Most have a flattened form, but some, like this one, are more three-dimensional. These figures are found particularly in western Anatolian sites like Troy. They were made for worship, most likely in household shrines or carried in cult rituals. The bronze nails provide a tantalizing glimpse into some of the ways that they were revered.


Heroon of Pericles

Lymra, Lycia

~370 BC

6.79 m.

The Heroon of Pericles is a Heroon- Hero`s tomb of a Lycian king named Pericles. The Heroon was accessed from the south. It was not designed in the Lycian architectural style, but in the form of a Greek temple. the Heroom had a limestone moveable door with immitations of a bronze door nails. On the north side of the terrace, there was a round altar belonging to the death cult of the Lycian king.

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Simone Biles becomes the first American female gymnast to win four golds at a single Olympic games.

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles just made history — the 19-year-old star clinched her fourth gold medal of the Rio Olympic Games on Tuesday after placing first in the floor exercise, making her the the first American woman gymnast to win four golds at a single Olympic games.

Biles has won a total of five medals in Rio: four gold and one bronze. Biles nailed her famous move, “the Biles,” during Tuesday’s floor exercise event and earned an unbelievable score.

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Mausoleum of Lucius Emilio Lupus

Fabara, Spain

2nd century CE

6.85 by 5.94 metres

It is a rectangular building, coated with sandstone, without mortar; the blocks are locked with metal parts. Is perfectly oriented along the cardinal points, with the main facade and entrance from east. Is a temple of classical type, the type known as prostyle, i.e. the facade consists of four columns: two between the side walls, and two attached to them. The blank walls are decorated with pilasters, two in the rear corners and two more in the middle of the side walls. On the walls and columns of the facade, of Tuscan order, stood the entablature decorated outside. This entablature had in its front an inscription, now lost, made of bronze letters nailed. Of these disappeared letters have remained only the signs of its existence in the stone. On the sides and rear, are reliefs with floral motifs and garlands. Above the entablature are placed two pediments, one at the front, badly damaged, but still retains the inscription, thanks to that has been identified in the building. The second pediment, in the back, is smooth and better preserved. Between the columns and the front gate, is the pronao. The interior cell is covered with a barrel vault. A stairs give access to the fourth burial beneath the building and also covered with a barrel vault. In the pediment is the inscription that can be easily read yet:


 It is assumed that between the A and M would be required to place an E. Above there traces of have contained nailed metal letters, easily a D and a M. As full registration might have been:


 That could translate: «To the manes gods of Lucio Emilio Lupo», a character until now unknown.