bronze clutch

A Stormy Night

A storm was gathering over Metro City. The raw energy in the air caused a disturbance over the warehouse district. There was a flash of light, a shimmer in the air, and a portal opened.

The sound of hooves clattering against concrete echoed through the empty streets. A figure of myth, half horse and half man, slowed to a stop and looked around in bleary-eyed confusion.

What was this place, where was he? He tried to think. Everything was fuzzy. He’d been charging for some reason, and he still clutched his bronze sword in his hand. But he had no memory of what he’d been charging at. Actually, he had very few memories at all.

He remembered… a girl. And a dragon, there was definitely a dragon. And a… platypus, of all things. And a crowd of others. Blurry outlines. His head ached.

A hard, chilly wind blew through the abandoned buildings. He needed to move. He had to find shelter of some kind.

Sheathing his sword, his wrapped his toned arms around his bare torso and took off at a trot.