bronze champion

Just  a little reminder

Yuzuru Hanyu is:

- Junior world and GPF champion

-  2x Senior World champion, 2x world silver medalist and a world bronze medalist

-  Olympic champion  

- 4X consecutive GPF champion (the first man to do so), GPF silver medalist

- 4x National champion,

- 10x GP medalist

- 3x 4CC silver medalist

- in the Guinness book of world record ;-)

- the first skater in history to successfully land a Quad Loop (Ritberger) in  a competition

- asthmatic

- at the age of 22 already a living legend

Yuzuru Hanyu has broken  world records 10 times, he is the holder of the highest score in short program, long program and combined score, he is the first man to have broken the 100-point barrier in the short program, the 200-point  barrier in Long program and  the 300-point barrier in the combined total score.

Let’s see if the overhyped youngsters can come even close to these results LOL

anonymous asked:

As a child I loved fs but never was allowed to start lessons and therefore had to "get over it". I do know the basic rules but am completely lost when it comes to the skaters so could you maybe make an essential list of the vip ones rn please?

Sorry for the late reply! Here’s a list of some of the top figure skaters of the 2016-17 season. It doesn’t include everyone, naturally. A few top junior skaters who will turn senior in 2017-18 are included and marked with an asterix. If you’d like more detailed info on some of these skaters, you can browse through our competition previews! (Or read their Wikipedia bios.)

List updated after 2017 Worlds.

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What the fuck guys??? I have never been embarrassed to be in a fandom ever but this. This is ridiculous. It is disrespectful. Changing the music of his programs to satisfy yourself was borderline disrespect but this is the cream of the crop. How is this acceptable? I get that it’s for shits and giggles but this is taking it way too far.

There is nothing similar between Yuuri and Yuzuru other than they are Japanese, wear glasses, have black hair, are figure skaters, look up to a Russian skater.

Yuzuru has less than 5% body fat and he doesn’t get fat. Ever. His career is similar to Victor’s rather than Yuuri’s. He is 2014 Olympic gold medalist, winner of the Grand Prix Final 4 times in a row which no one has ever done before, he is a former world champion and was the silver medalist twice, and the bronze medalist the first time he competed in the world championships. He is currently ranked no 1 in the world. He has set at least 10 world records. He is the first person to ever land a Quad Loop in competition. He has never gotten fat, he has never had a sixth place finish in the GPF, he doesn’t have a dog, he’s not shy, in fact he’s a little shit that often does the opposite of what his coach recommends. He likes dancing to music and has an obsession with headphones. He also has never had a slump in his career. Ever.

His coach is Brian Orser, two time Olympic silver medalist in the 80s and a man so good at doing Triple Axels he was dubbed ‘Mr Triple Axel’ by the skating community. He has coached Yuna Kim to Olympic gold in 2010, Javier Fernandez to World Champion twice, of course Yuzuru and all his accomplishments. Tracey Wilson is a triple bronze world champion in ice dance, and is also a bronze medalist in the Olympics. She is co-coaching with Orser in the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club.

The fact that you have replaced the name of such respected figures in the skating community with a fictional skater worsens the situation by 1000%.

This has to stop. Replacing identity and coach of an athlete to something that is fictional??? What a ridiculous and disrespectful fandom we have here.

Edit: I have just received a message from Anon about this topic. Click the link below if you would like to know what some of the worst messages you guys have left on this post and my opinion on them.

2017 4CC FP

Wasn’t that exciting!!  I had excitement from Hanyu’s 4 minute Fp you normally get from a 2 hour action movie!!!  It gave me energy enough that I stayed the whole day despite waking up early to watch him!!  With a cold, fever and headache!!!  How’s that!? (how many energy drinks does that count?).

This is what I like about this guy!!  He’s a fighter who never gives up!!  He looks like a harmless Pooh but inside he has spirit & courage of the bravest men!!  God bless him and protect him.

Ok.. calm down!!  Honestly I was watching the Fp live and praying the whole time, I didn’t see the spins nor his step sequences!!  My eyes were locked on his jumps only until the end!!  I didn’t notice that he didn’t do the biellmann spin nor any other move OO just jump safely and I’ll enjoy the program later!!

When he popped his 4S, I went into space.. somewhere near Pluto.. noooooooooo.. but I teleported back to earth immediately when his second 3A combination changed and he jumped another jump!!  Wait!!  Was that a Quad just now??  And from the score I knew he did and got crazily excited and then the 3A jump came last!!  Oh my god Oh my god.. He did it.. (screaming & crying without a sound cause everyone’s sleeping)!!!

To be honest.. when he popped his 4S combination, I was wondering if he’ll attempt that 4S he practiced at the end as some fans reported!!  But I’m glad he went for the 4T instead!!  So relieved..

To change jump layouts is not that easy, I remember Oda the Japanese skater said once that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult.  Cause you ought to make mistakes.. that’s how Hanyu’s a genius!!

((Another thing that amazed me -he never stops to amaze me- he actually changed his 3A-2T combination into 3A-3T.. now that, i didn’t notice at all.. so he was preparing from the 6th Jump, he removed the 2T to put it with the 4T!!  Just subarashii, he’s really a crazy genius.  In the picture above the changes he did are in yellow))

If only he didn’t do a combination with that popped 4S.. he could have used the third combination with the last 3A and won!!  But that’s asking too much of him!!  He would be super human if he did that!!!  What he did was already great!!  It was an emergency, he panicked maybe and did a one turn jump in a desperate attempt, but patched that mistake greatly after that.

Though he didn’t win the gold!  I’m so satisfied with this FP, personally I think he deserved the Gold! His artistry is first class –even in state of panic-, and he moved and surprised everyone with those sudden changes even his coach didn’t expect it, I would give him points for that too.. but what happened happened! And it’s not like Chen didn’t deserve it.. he’s one tough rival who popped suddenly!!  I’m sure Hanyu is uncontrollably excited!!  ((Which will put more worries and nervousness on us, his fans and his poor coach))!!

Congratulations to Shoma too.. lol, I’m gonna start calling him the bronze champion.. he’s always third!!  Shoma ganbare.. and work on your stamina..

Yoku Ganbatta.. See you in Worlds!  Ja mata.. 


The Heartbreak Kids

Norah Flatley 

2013 US Junior Nationals Silver BB
2014 Jesolo Team/BB Champion, Bronze AA
2014 Pacific Rim Championships Team/BB Champion, Bronze AA
2014 US Junior Nationals Silver UB, Bronze AA
2015 Jesolo Team/BB Champion, Silver AA/UB


In honor of her not competing at P&Gs this weekend, enjoy this Norah Flatley BB flight series appreciation post.

Figure Skating AU Masterpost

This AU has taken a life on its own. For now this is all short stuff, but who knows. 

Set in a modern Thedas AU, Iwyn and Branwen Lavellan are a sibling ice dance couple and Solas is their coach. They compete for the Free Marches. 

Iwyn & Brawen Lavellan by @curiousstrawberryarts

Iwyn & Branwen by @kimberly-parker

Coach Solas by @love-in-nature​ :) 

Things I have written:

These are set in chronological order, but not necessarily close to each other. Now with dates! and now with some important events  on a timeline, too. 

Cloudreach - Bloomingtide, 16:86 Flight. Spring training. 
Justinian, 16:86 Flight. Solas becomes Iwyn and Branwen’s coach.
Justinian - Kingsway, 16:86 Flight. Summer training and competitions
Harvestmere - Haring, 16:86 Flight. Fall competitions, Cup series with Finals in Haring. 

23rd of Harvestmere, 16:86 Flight.  Iwyn can’t help but stare at her handsome coach

28th of Firstfall, 16:86 Flight. Solas does some hands on training. No, not like that. 

12th-17th of Wintermarch, 16:87 Flight, Free Marches Championships

2nd of Guardian, 16:87 Flight. Branwen confronts Solas about his sister.

22nd - 27th of Cloudreach, 16:87 Flight, Thedas Championships
Cloudreach - Bloomingtide, 16:87 Flight. Spring training.
Justinian - Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. Summer training and competitions

Test Skate 
4th of August, 16:87 Flight. Cassandra Pentaghast, monitoring agent for the Free Marches Skating Federation, visits the rink. 

Give In
11th of Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. Iwyn has had enough.

12th of Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. A meeting behind the rink.

Harvestmere - Haring, 16:87 Flight. Fall competitions, Cup series with Finals in Haring.

3rd of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A cold night after competition practice

Crave (NEW)
5th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A stolen moment at a competition.

9th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A bad fall. 

The Dress
18th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. Solas is really distracted by what Iwyn is wearingnsfw

26th of Haring, 16:87 Flight. Solas thinks back on his time as a competitor.

9th-15th of Wintermarch, 16:88 Flight, Free Marches Championships
25th - 30th of Cloudreach, 16:88 Flight, Thedas Championships

General Ice Dance stuff under cut! 

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In the women’s 200m butterfly, Mireia Belmonte (ESP) defeats Katinka Hosszu and takes gold medal.

 After the gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Catalonian star earned her first gold at the Worlds, after three silver and one bronze medal. 

The Spanish champion controlled operations and had Hosszu out of sight (Belmonte swam in lane 3, while the Magyar great was in lane 7), touching home for victory in 2:05.26. Hosszu, winner of the 200m IM, was only bronze medallist (2:06.02) this time, conquering her 11th award at the Worlds. 

The silver went to Germany’s Franziska Hentke in 2:05.39, her first podium presence at this level, after being fourth in 2015. After three titles (twice for China and once for Japan) for Asian athletes in the last three editions, the best representative of the continent in Budapest was Sehyeon An, from Korea, in fourth (2:06.67).

Top 10 NCAA Freshmen I’m looking forward to seeing in 2017

7/10- Kyla Ross (UCLA)

Born: October 24th 1996

Club Team: Gym-Max Gymnastics

Career Highlights:

  • 2012 Olympic Champion (team)
  • 2013 World Silver Medalist (UB, BB, AA)
  • 2014 World Champion (team), Bronze Medalist (AA)

Drafted by Detroit Red Wings
- round 6 #171 overall 1998 NHL Entry Draft
Stanley Cup Champion 2002, 2008
Selected to the NHL All-Star Game  2004, 2008, 2009, 2012
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Frank J. Selke Trophy  winner in 2008, 2009, 2010
Olympic Bronze in 2002
IIHF World Champion 2012
GP: 953
Goals: 314
Assists: 604
Pts :918

I'm so done with 2015 already

I’m not used to say that but damn, for us French, this year has been terrible so far.

After the attacks in Paris and the international(mostly US) bashing, now we just lost 3 great champions in the filming of a reality tv show in Argentina.

Florence Arthaud, Camille Muffat, Alexis Vastine.

57, 25 and 28.

They just died in the crash of their helicopters while they were filming a new real tv show named Dropped in Argentina.

Camille was from my city, Nice. I have met her. I used to park my car at the swimming pool parking and I ran into her a few times.

She was an Olympic Champion in London, a World Champion. She was a private person but very sweet.

I can’t believe she is gone. She was my brother age. So unfair.

Florence Arthaud was just a rebel. A sailing queen among men.

And Alexis Vastine, bronze champion of boxe in Beijing 2008, I remember his tears of disappointement vs unfair refereer judgement. He lost a sister last january in a car crash. I can’t even start to think at his parents right now.

Let’s not forget the other victims of the crash. 10 people died. 8 were French, 3 champions and 5 members of the tv filming team with 2 argentinian people.

I have them and their families in my prayers.