26. Ravenclaws won’t judge you for not knowing something, but they will judge you for not trying to figure it out on your own before asking for help since they value the process of finding out information much more than the information itself

You know the kid who asks a hundred questions that are answered by the syllabus? Or the person who expects you to format their paper for them from scratch instead of looking up how to do it themselves? 

They’re a ravenclaw’s worst nightmare.

submitted by anon

22. A muggleborn ravenclaw getting fed up of spending hours flipping through text books and becoming the first person to successfully create the spell equivalent of “Ctrl-F” search in books. It revolutionised researching for essay 

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 6.26.15

herkimer diamond locket necklace by amulettejewelry

this bronze shadowbox locket is a large statment-maker, featuring dozens of captured glimmering herkimer diamonds and hanging from a weighty silver chain. 'darkly romantic'indeed.


Presenze Bronze Chair

Nucleo has created decorative ethereal objects floating through space. And the lack of assemblage is one of the strong characteristics of Presenze. Each cube, a fragment, giving a sense to the deconstruction. The cubes are cast in bronze and together create the object.

Created by Studio Nucleo