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^w^ Its been a while since i’ve taken pictures of River haha~ Whoa! Actually its been a long while since i’ve done any updates on River what the heck?! xDDD Opps, I have no idea why, I guess because i’ve been caught up in so many things and have been super busy I just forgot haha~ ^u^ But anyways, yeah! I re-painted River’s cat ears and made him an alpaca wig quite a while ago but just never took pictures of him with them for some reason haha. Well, I did actually want to make him his own Egyptian necklace that was proper to his color scheme and would have looked better with his newly painted ears but I haven’t had the time to do so yet OTL c: But for now he’s borrowing the necklace I made for Raum. It looks super nice on him too, its just the colors are too traditional for him haha~ xD Anyways…Its hard to explain, but…ack, I wanted to make an all black wig for River because canonically his hair was naturally all black but later on when he was older it changed to his signature half-black half-lavender look as the result a sort of magical “deal” he made. More than anything, what River wanted most in life was to be special. Someone different, grand, exciting, unique…someone who would be respected and adored for being one of a kind in a world where uniqueness is valued above all else. In his world, the value of a person’s life is highly determined by how “rare” they are, which prior to making this deal River was considered to be as common as they come. He yearned to be one whom could live a lavish life fit for a king as opposed to his life of servitude and strife as a simple alley cat stuck in a liter box. When given the opportunity to become something more than what he was he took that deal without hesitation, accepting all the costs that came with it. Exactly what all was given to him and what payment he gave in return is a story for a different day~ While upon first glance, the only change that one would notice is the purple in his hair and a “tattoo” covering the entirety of his back there is more to his majesty to behold should he wish to reveal it~ Anyways, despite having his future child, Raum, as a doll, I’ve always wanted him to have not only a wig that represents him from after that deal (when he’s older), but also before~ xD It is super weird imagining him at that time when I see him and Raum together on my shelf though haha. In the future i’ll be making him his split color wig as well either out of alpaca or viscose fiber but I happened to have a fair bit of black alpaca laying around so I went ahead and made the all-black one first. xD His ears also will ideally match better with his split wig as well because the purple inner color will mesh better but yeah haha. I also painted them in a stylistic way rather than realistic as I did with Raum’s …though I’m not sure I like them as much as his. The gold pieces are also hard to explain…they are like “ear cuffs” for cat ears. They are like earrings that wrap around his ears if that makes sense. Its something that he canonically wears in his story so I thought it would be fun to try and recreate it in his dolly form haha~ ;3; He’s also stolen these Oscardoll eyes which originally belonged to Rumor but now belong to Etzel (but Etzel is in a state of limbo atm) and River is borring them just because these are literally the only eyes that I like in him. I actually did buy him his own pair of Oscar eyes but, wouldn’t you know it, I hated them in him. OF COURSE. Its a conspiracy at this point. Its my destiny to be forever tormented by never being able to have eyes for River that I like, are proper to his character, and fit properly in his head. UGHHHHHH SERIOUSLY. I HATE DOLL EYES SO MUUUUUCHHHH ASDFGHJKLLLLLL //rage — River (boy) is a Soom R. Trond in Bronze skin. Faceup, blushing, wig and necklace by me.

Extremely Rare Roman Bronze Priest of Mars with Wolf-Skin Cowl, 1st Century BC/AD

The flamen Martialis (priest of Mars) was the officiant in the state cult of Mars, god of war. He was one of the three flamines maiores (high priests) who led public rites on the days sacred to Mars. Among his duties was the ritual wielding of the sacred spears of Mars when the army was preparing for war. The wolf-skin cowl was used as a mark of rank by the signifer (standard bearer) in the Roman legions. Statuettes of this subject are a very  rare find.

Sparkly bronze smoky lids!

Have been in the mood for lots of grown-up sparkle so I’ve been playing with @australiscosmetics Metallix cream shadows and @makeupgeekcosmetics Sparklers all week.

I’ve got a pictorial of how I layer these in yesterday’s post!

Today’s colors

#Australis Metallix shadow in Jay Zed
#MUG Sparkler in Satellite
#UrbanDecay 24/7 pencilin Smokeout
#Benefit Rollerlash mascara
#Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Classic - I am determined to use this pan up
#CharlotteTilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Stoned Rose
#ShuUemura Hard Formula 9 Pencil on Stone Grey
#Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation O-30

#makeup #fotd #udsingapore #metallic #bronze #smokyeyes #weekend

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Roman Bronze Castration Tongs, 1st-4th Century AD

Two arms hinged and closed by a screw nut form an oval-like ring, accompanied by the serrated teeth of two longer arms. The penis was kept out of harm’s way by insertion through the oval, while the teeth sliced away the skin between the scrotum and the body.