bronycon recap


Okay so

I’m a bit high on cold medicine because con crud, but I’m gonna try to fill y'all in on my con experience as much as I can. THE PICTURES HAVE CAPTIONS POKE ‘EM

But yeah there was a meetup headed by TJ (Pirate Dash) on the Thursday at Chipotle’s and I’ve never eaten there and it was tasty and there was lots of cool people but I was feeling anxious so I didn’t get to hang out with all of them very much wah

But TJ was super friendly and nice and funny and I like him and there were lots of happy goofy friendly people and I met some dudes from the UK whose names I don’t remember but THEY WERE REALLY NICE AND COOL

And Krypt was SUPER ADORABLE and actually excited to meet me (???) and I think I’m in love with him and I want to go shopping together and bake cookies and paint each other’s nails and play with his hair forever

Thursday was a rather overwhelming day.