bronycon print

A Hearth’s Warming Tail - My third print for BronyCon 2016!  Whew, this one was a doozy to complete, but I really wanted a Mane 6 print and this was my fave episode of the season yet!

I’ll be at table F23,24 in the Artist Alley!  Prints up on my etsy afterwards~!

Right on the tail of Otakon, Imma turning around and making new MLP art for Bronycon!

This is my first time at a MLP exclusive con so I don’t know what to expect.  Gonna focus on the experience and hanging out with friends, janelles-plushies and asktwiceratops!

First up is Chrysalis aka Chryssi.  Since I’m short on time I wanted to focus on my strength: spiky, dramatically lit, villains.  Played around with her until she became a creepy, demonic fairy horse queen?  Ah, I hope y’all like her.


“Autumn Nap”

My big ole flooter paint is done at last. Feels good to finally call it done! This one will be a print at bronycon 2016 so come check it out in person if you’re around!

Now that thing thing is finally done, and bronycon is right around the corner, I can take a deep breath and draw sweeties again haha, they should be pickin up here pretty soon

anyways, hope y’all like it


I leave for Bronycon in the morning, hooray! But here’s a sneak peek for you guys- keep an eye out for that banner if you want to find me! Booth #512.

Aaand this is the AKS-themed print I’ll have for sale this year! INCLUDING ALL YOUR PROBLEMATIC FAVES okay not all of them because i ran out of room