bronycon print

FINALLY finished with all 4 prints of the Sisters! Last but not least is the nightmare version of Celestia herself, Daybreaker. Despite me kinda wishing her pelt had gone a bit darker like Luna’s did, I really do like the canon version of “nightmare Celestia” quite a bit. Especially her armor and her eyes. So each character had a bit of a theme to them: Luna was a knight, Celestia was greek goddess/mage, Nightmare Moon was warlord, and Daybreaker’s is a mix between shaman/mage.

This one thankfully didn’t take as long as NMM but she still took longer than Luna and Celestia to do, partly because her outfit and partly because her hair. But she was fun to work on regardless. With her, all of my digital-medium prints are complete. I hope to finish 4 more prints but using watercolor, but I’ll be getting to work on commissions for a couple days before I do that.

I hope you all like the outcome! ^.^


Just a sneak peek of one of the series of prints I’m working on for Bronycon! This one just came to me last night so all of these were only just done today, but I’m honestly excited for them.

Originally the concept was “Twilight has the ability to summon her friends” and while that remains intact, I don’t know if Twilight can only summon her friends’ spirits because she’s the only one alive, or what she’s actually summoning is the power of the Elements of Harmony, but each element shapes themselves into their current bearer’s visage (aka the Mane 6). If the latter, the rest of her friends would be fine and alive, and the only time Twi ever uses this summons is because she goes where they physically can’t accompany her. (if you guys have a preference to which backstory, let me know!)

Regardless of how it happens, the basic concept remains and I thought it’d be a fun project to work on. There’s some tidbits of lore here and there in it too, so I’m excited to share that too! :3


Bronycon Stuffs! A couple of Art prints were picked up this year, as well as an assload of buttons, and a super epic piece by @outofworkderpy , who is super kind and chill and skilled, I mean look at that Tink, fuckin wonderful! Plus I got to a panel with a rather neat improv game (which I may or may not have somewhat pirated)
Plus I got the sweet Mercy skin. Woot!

Prickly Pears stargazing at the desert.

This will be a print I will be distributing at Bronycon.

When you find me in person, you will receive this print for FREE!

That’s not all, I restocked on last year’s print that I gave out. I will be giving them away, as well!

Can’t come to Bronycon this year? No problem! I can mail you either one or BOTH prints for free, even to those who are international.

EDIT: I learned I made the prints, too dark. To view them entirely, please ensure there is light around.


WHEW! A print I did for Bronycon! I wanted to do something featuring Rainbow Dash’s parents and Scoots because the episode was so cute and kinda heart-aching at the same time, and I just… I really want them to adopt Scoots man. ;_;

Sooooo here that’s basically what they did! Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles have taken Scoots into their home as their second daughter and little Scoots couldn’t be happier. The scene is essentially Bow telling stories to Scoots until she ended up asleep, and Windy eventually comes in to help her husband tuck the little filly into bed. I’d imagine that if the Dash family did adopt Scoots they’d allow her to stay in Dash’s old room, with Dash’s approval of course. Basically wanted to do somethin’ cute. :3

This took me about 5 hours of work in Photoshop. I’ve included the progress GIF as well! ^.^

I hope you guys enjoy the image! c:


Quick designs I did for the first 3 evolutions of Eevee for a bronycon print! This was done to generally get the basic feel I want for each evolution to make them unique and different. I based their body types on mostly dogs, although I’ll be combining some of the evolutions’ body types with other animals. For now, this is what I have:

Eevee- a mix between a pomeranian and a fox

Flareon- Chow Chow. Flareon is the closest to Eevee in terms of design

Jolteon- Whippet and German Shepard dog

Vaporeon- a bit of a whippet as well in the face, but mostly based on otters

Umbreon- based on the African Wild Dog

Espeon- the only one aside from Glaceon that’s based on a cat. In Espeon’s case it’s loosely based on the Sphinx cat, but with a smooth pelt

I hope you like them so far! Be ready for the rest of the designs and perhaps a sneak peek at the print in question. x3