brony jesus

Marigold, 8:2-8:7

And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped her, saying, Tarby, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

And Tarby put forth her hoof, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

And Tarby saith unto him, See thou tell no pony; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Mjölna commanded, for a testimony unto them.

And when Tarby was entered into Canterlot, there came unto her a centurion, beseeching her,

And saying, Tarby, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented.

And Tarby saith unto him, I will come and heal him.

Cause Why Not?

I don’t really have an awesome Tarby story like most people do, but I still have one.

Tarby is one of the most open, friendly, and awesome song writers in the community. Very easy to talk to and willing to help when asked advice.

First time I talked to him, I was asking for tabs for Ballad of Autumn Dreams, as it was the first song I had heard by him. At this point, I had disliked anything related to Cupcakes and refused to listen to Something Broke. But nonetheless, he gave me chords for the song. I was nervous about even messaging him, but I never expected to become friends with him as I have.

I remember sometime later (I think a couple months) asking him if he had chords for Nightmare Night (which, I was referring to Glaze’s Nightmare Nite) and ended up getting the track his Nightmare Night. I gradually started to look into his music and eventually fell in love with Something Broke and everything related to it (aside from the actual story Cupcakes). Since then, we’ve talked and talked, and I think our first real good interaction was when he was looking for songs for his Unplugged item. I randomly tossed in the phrase ‘Uncooked", referring to Baconmane.

After that, I gradually began to talk to him more and more. Sometimes about music, sometimes about other stuff. I’ve since became someone who he asks for opinions from on music he’s releasing. When that happened, I was shocked. Even moreso that he considered me a friend enough to trust me with that information.

I’ll never forget how while at Las Pegasus during the Brony Musician’s Panel, he called me out when someone asked who musicians sent unreleased stuff to for opinions. That was the highlight of the convention for me. I was grinning for a while when that happened.

The fact is, he’s the type of guitarist I want to be. His solos blow me away and it’s some of the best guitar playing in the community. He’s friendly, supportive of people who come to him for advice on music-making, and overall my favorite person in the community. I look forward to the day where he and I can legitimately hangout, or maybe even collab on a project.

The DC Super Hero Girls line has been in stores for less than a month and already you have adults complaining that it’s too far from [insert other DC continuity of choice here] and they need to [arbitrary change to make it more in line with some other continuity] when the entire point is that it’s a lighter/softer/more positive approach intended for little girls and frankly I don’t remember anybody flipping their shit about any of the similarly toned-down lines aimed at little boys.