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I'ma be honest here

And just say that the idea that Bronies needing another documentary is kind of ridiculous?

No it isn’t kind of ridiculous, it IS ridiculous.

But if the show were to actually put Brandon and Tony together romantically, I’d honestly want there to be a scene where Tony is talking and laughing with Callie and Brandon frowns as he comes into the living room where Jonnor  are playing video games. He’d tell them his concerns that his new friend is interested in Callie and I’d want Connor to snort under his breath because it’s so obvious that Callie isn’t the one Tony has feelings for and he can’t help but wonder why Jude’s brother is so clueless. Which would then lead to Jude telling Brandon that he thinks he’s gotten the wrong idea.

Don’t become a “gemtlemen!”

Please Read!! (No Spoilers)

Since watching the Steven Universe episode, Open Book, I’ve been thinking a lot about how media sometimes gives into the pressure of the audience and begins to pander. 

The SU fandom as a whole seems to have a pretty solid idea that bronies/gemtlemen would be toxic addition to the audience especially for the children, which is absolutely correct. Why? Because they make the show’s culture unsafe for the intended audience and as well cause the show to begin to pander to their tastes because of how much of the audience they make up, though they aren’t the demographic.

We, as fans of the show, shun this because we know how insanely wrong that is!

Which brings me to my point, the Uncle Grandpa/SU crossover special. Whenever I’ve seen it referenced, it’s been with disgust and disbelief. 

“Why is SU doing a crossover with such a stupid show?” “Is this for real?” “Don’t let SU be ruined this way!” “I’m not tuning in, I can’t believe they’re doing this.”

Guys. Are we forgetting that even though we have long supported SU on tumblr, we aren’t necessarily the target audience? The children who watch Cartoon Network are, the younger kids, the ones who also really like Uncle Grandpa. Can you imagine how excited they’ll be when they hear two of their favorite shows are collaborating?

By talking bad about this special, ridiculing the writers (sometimes TO THEM DIRECTLY), and purposely not viewing it and asking others not to either we are beginning to become the whiny adult children that wants the show to pander to our tastes that the bronies are.

If you don’t wanna watch it, fine. However, do not act in such a childish way because you can’t handle the writers decisions and thereby are acting in the way that we all know is wrong. Who knows far it could go? Don’t let SU become unsafe for children.

TL;DR: Bronies/Gemtlemen are disgusting but by acting like brats because you dont want the SU/Uncle Grandpa special to happen, you’re becoming like them. Keep SU safe for children!!


This is why generalising arguments are stupid and missing the point spectacularly.

This post available in text or video! I scripted this one because I’d written the response before deciding to video it.

archonix asked:

It struck me today - and this has probably been mentioned before - that the anti-brony habit of singling out bronies plays right into the idea that bronies are somehow special compared to other fandoms. The same people who tell us we aren’t unique (which is true) then act as if we are by claiming that we alone are uniquely “disgusting” or “gross” or that problems systemic to the human race are only made manifest in our fandom. Just a thought to amuse on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Nearly all the issues in the fandom are symptoms of issues in young society. Let’s make an easy example:

Hypothetically, a 20-year-old male brony makes a picture of Rarity saying a rape joke, it’s a bad taste joke and everything – no ifs ands or buts here, it’s an image that didn’t need be made. Everyone is up in arms.

So the haters roll on in and say; “There! You see that shit? And you say your fandom is supposed to be positive? Something something something bronies something something something scum.”

But the ponies and the bronies are not the problem here. You could swap out Rarity for literally any other fandom character – Amy Rose, Misty, That Chick From Littlest Pet Shop, and it would still pose exactly the same problem.

The anti-bronies aren’t interested in that though. They instead proceed to spray the entire lawn with peroxide in order to kill a single weed, which will invariably pop up again in a few days and pose exactly the same symptomatic problem.

If you take the fact that the original artist is a brony right out of the equation, you drop the generalised argument, and the only thing that’s left is the core problem of a sexist male who needs to learn a thing or two about responsible use of freedom of speech. Then you attack them for the real issue.

Now you’re actually making a difference, now you’re actually being an activist – instead of levelling a firing squad against an entire fandom and creative a huge amount of collateral damage for no useful result.

anonymous asked:

the reason i'm uncomfortable with bronies isn't because they enjoy a show for little girls. i love a bunch of little kids movies and such and that's fine. but if they sexualise it or demand that something changes for THEIR benefit,then i do not approve. bronies can enjoy mlp. they can be open about it. but the show should not be changed just for it to be more marketable to them. they shouldn't sexualise it. it wasn't made for them, and they should accept that. i accept it for the things i enjoy.

MLP was made for little girls and their families, including grown men. 

As with anything that grows a huge following there are bound to be epople who sexualize it. (Homestuck, Young Justice, Danny Phantom, etc) The thing that people fail to realize, because they don’t want to realize, is that this is a very small offshoot of the brony community as a whole. They’re very vocal on the internet because that’s what they do. And when you go out looking for it, or looking for proof that all bronies are sexually repressed manchildren like Junkie121 up there, then you’re going to find it. 

Are there “cloppers”? Yes. No one is denying that.

Are they are rampant or vocal as the internet has made them out to be? Not in the least bit. I’m a girl, I consider myself a brony, and I’ve attended a number of cons. I have yet to run into anyone being inappropriate.

What do you find at Pony Cons, then?

  • Kids - In spite of popular tumblr opinion, we know who the target audience is. We respect the target audience and try to make their con experience the best that it can be for them. (see this adorable closing ceremonies skit that was done last minute for three special ‘foals’ who got invitations from the princess in their goodie bags at registration)
  • Adults - Men and Women enjoying MLP, trading their goodies, collecting badges, discussing fandom and cannon. Good hearted people who want a safe place to share their love of this show.
  • Artists - Our dealer halls are packed with artwork and hand made goods that showcase the best that the MLP fan community has to offer. Everything from art, both digital and traditional, to chainmail, badges, horns and tails, figures, necklaces, etc etc etc. The pony community has a glut of amazing artists and to lump them in with cloppers is beyond rude and demeaning. 
  • Staff - The staff of any convention will work their butts off and are usually running here and there to try and get things done so the congoer has as smooth an experience as possible. At pony cons, at least the ones that I have seen and staffed, staff takes time to answer questions, or find someone who can answer the question, even if they are already int he middle of something. We fight hard all weekend to make sure that we smile, to be warm and friendly to everyone and we take extra care with the little ones. 

I have seen Bronies be so excited to get something, then turn around and give it to a small child because it was the last of their very favorite pony. I have personally been rescued by bronies when the hotel I cancelled charged me anyway, leaving me stranded with no money in Seattle. In the midst of a panic attack they showed up with enough money to get me home and even to get a souvenir from the trip. (I got badges of Big Mac and Crackle). I have seen bronies help clear pathways for littles in crowded hallways though asklinemonkey will attest that at least where lines are involved the hallways stay pretty clear! 

The very first Everfree NW was met with one of the worst hiccups of the day that you could imagine. Registration went down. It went down hard. People waited in rooms to be able to register for hours! Normally you’d find a lot of angry people, upset kids, and general ungoodness. Not at Everfree. The bronies began to sing mlp songs to pass the time. Kids joined in, a supporter even loaded up his laptop to play mlp music videos on the overhead screen. There wasn’t any anger, there was an impromptu singalong thanks to the community, largely started by the guys to break the ice with others there. It was amazing, it was humbling and the staff could not have been more grateful for this community. 

And that’s just little things. That’s not the ton of charity work, or fund raisers they have done to raise money for sick kids. If you’d like more information on that, and to watch a documentary about Bronies then please click this link to my other very very long post about it.

We can no more control the deviants in our fandom than you can in yours. In life there will always be people who take things too far, who do unsavory things with the things you love and who feel the need to flaunt it on the internet. Any fandom has that. The porn out there of Family Guy, Winnie the Pooh or well….anything is proof of that. Frankly, as a community we don’t care what you do behind closed doors. That’s your own weirdness to deal with. We care what you do in public, and we are quick to shut down anyone behaving inappropriately around us.

I still stand by my comment though. You can’t scream and rail against the porn and how we have to “think of the little girls" and then turn around and tout Pinkemena fanfic (which is highly gory, usually involving killing of the other mane 6 is horrific ways and mutilating the bodies) or massively bloody art as awesome and great. They’re both messed up and if I catch you in the hypocrisy I will call you on it. Hard.