brony etiquette

[text reads: People may think that their jokes are more important than your comfort. But no matter what they think, no matter how much they want to upset you, you are stronger than you think they are. Image is Celestia smiling .]

This is a bit different than my usual thing, but I figure it is worth saying.

This is NOT to say that edgy jokers have a full right to do that, or that people are not allowed to get upset if they make horrible jokes, or defend them, or try to send extra death threats if they stand up against them. Of course it’s not okay, and there’s plenty reason to be upset. This is just trying to be a hang in there message. 

[text reads: “Don’t worry too much about Princess Twilight. She’s still Twilight”. Image is winged Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy looking confused.]

Yeah, we’ve all seen the complaining and panicking and cries of “Ruined FOREVER!” over this pony.

Don’t forget: Hasbro just thinks that princess sell. And maybe they do, considering the positive reactions from the young audience on this episode.

Twilight will always be a cute little nerdy pony with varied friends and an adopted baby dragon.

The show/franchise has gone through a lot of changes over the years (compare G3 Rainbow Dash to G4 four example), and this is pretty mild in the long run.


[text reads “Find something positive about writers you dislike.” Image is Spike holding a book.]

I have seen a lot of complaints about some writers. People act like the world’s ending when they are writing a new episode. But surely, everything in every episode written by ___ can’t be so bad. Maybe you’ll even find an entire episode that you like.