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In the past two years 14 girls aged 12-19 have gone missing in the Bronx. Six of them were reported missing in June 2016.

New York City Councilman Andy King believes that the missing girls (who are mostly black or Latina) are being kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

He says: “Understanding and learning more that there is a valid active prostitution ring that is occurring up here in the Bronx, we need to find ways to shut it down.”   

At the press conference, King read some of the names of those missing:

  • 14-year-old Sierra Rivera, was last seen on June 2; when she went missing, police say it was believed she’d run off with her boyfriend;
  • 16-year-old Ashley Bissal, was last seen leaving her apartment. She was supposed to pick up her younger sister from school, but she never showed;
  • 15-year-old Emily Arroyo, was supposed to return home from a juvenile program on April 26, but again, she disappeared. 

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Doll on the bed of Virginia Bender at East 137th Street in the Bronx, New York. It was here where she was found dead from apparent strangulation and stabbing.

(June 1939) (Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives)