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New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake was manhandled by police in the Bronx

He was trying to de-escalate a confrontation between officers and residents.

When other officers recognized Blake, he was let go.

The officer did apologize, but said he’d do it again.

Fortunately, Blake filed an excessive force complaint.




This kid was no killer — but some callous Bronx cops sure treated him like one.

Instead of earning himself a simple trip to the principal’s office, a terrified 7-year-old boy was hauled out of class, handcuffed like a hardened criminal and “interrogated” by police for a grueling 10 hours — all over a playground dispute involving $5.

The child had been accused of swiping $5 from another student after school.

The money, which was supposed to be used for a school trip that never happened, had fallen on the ground in front of Wilson and two other boys, and one of them scooped it up.

Wilson was falsely accused of taking it. Reyes was handcuffed and verbally, physically and emotionally abused, intimidated, humiliated, embarrassed and defamed and  then charged with robbery. 

Another classmate later admitted the theft.

What a trauma that poor boy has got. That’s horrible.

It’s unfathomable, what the police did. The whole thing sounds so stupid. They were interrogating him like he was a hardened criminal.  Handcuffs just for 5 $?


Using maximum force has become routine for most cops but that can’t be ignored any longer.

Cops write on Facebook that a slain 14-year-old deserved to die

In a brutal ambush caught on surveillance video, 14-year-old Bronx teen Christopher Duran was shot four times and died while screaming for his mother. Though Duran already had five previous arrests on his record, no one could possibly blame such a young victim for his own tragic murder.

No one, except for three former New York Police Department officers who took to Facebook to call the 14-year-old a “piece of shit thug,” a “piece of trash” and a “menace to the neighborhood.” And yes, their comments get worse.