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Wheels (Adventure Time)

It’s nice to have another episode with Jake’s children and we get to see Kim Kil Whan’s daughter, Bronwyn not doing well in school because of her sneaking out to skateboard at a park with friends!

Now, I really love Bronwyn’s design and think she’s pretty cute! Especially in this promo for the episode that came out!

This episode was boarded by Charmaine Verhagen, along with Graham Falk and the animation on this episode was a mix of detail and cartoon-y expressions, especially on a lot of the jokes with Jake!

Some things also to note is that Finn is still 16 as the last time was mentioned back in “The Comet” from Season 6 and I wonder if he’ll be 17-18 by the end of the series. It depends on how many episodes we get, I assume.

Another thing is that Marcy / PB were both there and more Bubbline is always great! Huntress Wizard too! I really hope she’ll be more of a focus in episodes, especially after “Flute Spell”!

I don’t mind the episodes with Jake’s kids so much, but it’s nice to always see what they’re doing in their lives and it’s kind of sad they grow up so fast and Jake has absolutely no time to spend with them.

 At least they all mostly now live their own lives and jobs, etc.


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