I have a headcanon that every night Bronwyn go to the bedroom of the little ones and read them a story before they go to sleep. If Claire doesn’t have her story she can’t sleep. 

(Oh and I used a texture from as a reference for the wall)

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Can I please get how the children would comfort one another is one of them was sad?

  • Emma: if Bronwyn is the Mum Friend, Emma is the big sister. She can be loud and rude at times, but if she finds one of her younger siblings crying she’ll immediately come to their aid. After drying their tears the first thing she’ll ask is who did this to them and who she needs to kill.
  • Jacob: Not very good at comforting. He’ll try to give you a hug or a pat on the back, asks what’s wrong and then looks for help (usually Emma or Bronwyn take it over from him)
  • Bronwyn: She does everything in her power to make the person in question feel better. She knows what every individual in the house needs to lighten up and will do that for them even if it’s one in the morning.
  • Enoch: [slowly backs out of the room and will not be seen again until that person is done crying unless it’s Millard because they have that bromance thing going on]
  • Olive: While she’s trying her best not to cry herself she’ll give you a hug and offer to make warm cocoa. She’ll listen to what’s wrong even though she can’t do anything about it and try to give advise (which is useless most of the time but she means well)
  • Millard: Has a very rationalistic approach. He’ll tell the person in question it will be alright in a very matter of fact tone before disappearing to get one of the others.
  • Claire: She can’t stand to see the others crying so she’s honestly no good when trying to comfort someone
  • Horace: is actually really good at knowing what to say when something is wrong
  • Fiona and Hugh would both get someone as quickly as possible, not really knowing what to do unless it’s one of them. In that case they got it covered
  • Victor: Is also the mom friend in the house and does the same as Bronwyn

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There are a lot of klance fics out there; what do you think OTI has done to differentiate itself

woah this is a loaded question! a question i don’t know if i have the answer for, actually, but I’ll try!

in all honesty, bronwyn and i started this story as just a cool idea that we could chat about and world build. they started posting art and making posts about it, people got interested in the idea, we kept talking about it, and the story kinda just grew from there? I really only posted it to have somewhere to put it other than google docs, thinking maybe the few people that followed Bronwyn’s posts would wanna read it too. I didn’t expect this honestly, neither of us did. 

I’ve been thinking about it’s quick growth to popularity a lot lately. I’ve been writing for a long time and, while some of my fics have reached what you’d call “popularity” amongst the fandom, nothing has quite been like OTI. I think that is, in part, because the fandom is so young. We don’t have a ton of content yet and haven’t had a lot of time to weed through it. One of my less popular fics was one I wrote for an older, more developed fandom - for lack of better words. There was already a lot of content for people to search through and consume so they didn’t need another generic au fic, right? VLD fandom is newer and doesn’t have a lot of the usual trope aus yet. 

OTI is a sports au - which lots of fandoms have tons of, but not VLD (yet). Those trope aus (like college aus, coffee shop aus, etc.) are popular for a reason and that’s that people enjoy them! I mean i fucking love college aus are you kidding me???? People enjoy them so they just jump on them when they arise. We were fortunate enough to enter the sports au part of the VLD fandom early on when there wasn’t a lot of content yet, and people liked it! My family owns a successful business and, if I’ve learnt anything from my time working in the business, it’s that word of mouth is everything. People read OTI, those who liked it told other people, who might have liked it and told other people, and so on and so forth.

In all honesty, I feel like it’s a bit of chance in terms of popularity. We’re lucky that people clicked on the damn ao3 link or any of bronwyn’s posts ya know? It started with no hits just like everyone else’s and we’re just fortunate that people opened the fic in the first place. And I’m forever grateful for it!!!!!! I’m not even kidding, I sometimes have to remind myself that this is happening ‘cause it’s just so hard to believe!

I’m not under the impression that OTI is better or worse than any other fic. Every piece of art is different and good in its own way so I don’t think it’s fair to compare them to one another. Ravel and Debussy were both similar composers within the same era but neither one of them have “better music”, just different pieces. It’s hard to articulate but that’s kinda how I feel about fics most of the time. (also I didn’t know what other analogy to use other than classical music bc I have a degree in it hahaha)

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Victor Bruntley headcanons?

Okay, dude!

Hope you like it:

-He care about all the kids, and babysat them.

-He was the best big brother you can ask for.

-He hanged out with Enoch.

-And probably Enoch liked him, bc why not?

-And he loved Bronwyn uncoditionally.

-He was Miss Peregrine´s favourite.

-When he died, everyone cried, even Enoch.

-But if you ask him, he will deny it.

-Conclusion: We miss Victor Bruntley

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Enoch and Claire family relationship headcanons?

In the movie or book?

Well, I´ll do in the book

-At first, Enoch didn´t like kids ( well, he still dislike them)

-But Claire is so sweet and cute you can´t resist to love her.

-Miss Peregrine is very busy, so she asks to the other kids, if they can babysit the little ones.

-So Enoch babysat Claire one day and he discover that she isn´t as bad as he said she was.

-So Enoch now babysits Claire all the time, and Claire at the beginnig thought that Enoch was a grumpy-emo boy.

-But she likes, even if he is angry all the time.

-Enoch is like his big brother.

-Still, Claire prefers Bronwyn.

Millard: *is invisible*

Millard: *still manages to be hot*