When things are really bad, they get worse, and worse, and worse. And its gonna suck and drive you mad. But just when you start truly believing nothing will get better or change, it does. Things take time whether you want them to or not; that you have no control over. what you do have control over, is how you deal with the crappy hand you’ve been dealt. Remember how strong you are, what you’ve already been through, keep in mind that you’ll go through more hard times, but stay strong and you can get through anything. “Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength and move on.”

Always try to have a big heart.

Yeah, some people are going to try and walk on it, some people are going to break it, and some people, whether you want them to or not, are going to leave a permanent stain on it. But through all of that, there are going to be people who will want nothing more than to heal your heart, to make it grow bigger, and to make it worth all that pain you’ve been through.

Change is awful.

But completely necessary. And while it sucks to see people come and go from your life, that’s a part of change and it’s usually for the better. And that applies to all types of changes; your hair color or length, your friend choice or career path or religion or habits or hobbies or opinions or beliefs or morals; anything at all. Now I could throw in a bunch of cliche quotes and sayings and act like this is some philosophical epiphany, but the truth is, the only person this message needs to reach, is me. I’ve never been fond of change; I go with it, adapt to it, and move along as things happen, but that’s all on the outside. On the inside I let it tear me apart and bother me to no end. And that’s a really bad habit to have. It doesn’t make anything better and it doesn’t necessarily make anything worse, but from my past experiences in this ever changing, always advancing world, it usually makes things harder to accept and makes roads bumpier than need be. I hate when people leave and promise we’ll still be friends and blah blah blah, when really it usually comes down to us being friends when they need me. For years I’ve told myself and other people that I’m cutting myself off from living that life, from surrounding myself with those types of people, from putting myself in to those types of relationships and situations, and from not being able to say no. Honestly though, that’s the type of person I am. And I haven’t been able to change it, and I never will. So why fight it? And while this is kind of all over the place and is probably confusing for anyone who may decide its worth reading, it’s what I’ve come to realize inside myself, on my journey to start accepting things on this inside and out. I guess what I’m trying to say with this is that it’s perfectly okay to be who you are, whether you fear change, embrace it, or completely avoid it as much as possible. I’m not stupid, I know no one is perfect and that humans make mistakes and start and break habits constantly and fight and fear and love and regret a lot of things in their life. But who you are is exactly who you need to be. And while you may not always like yourself, the best thing you can do in life, what I feel is one of the most accomplishing things to achieve in life, is learn to truly love yourself. Stop fighting who you are, embrace who you are, all of you, your attributes, your flaws, your fears, your everything. And because this world is ever changing and no one and nothing ever really stays the same, at least not completely.

Your Song-1
Your Song-1

Your Song by Elton John is one of my favorite songs ever so I was messing around singing it and recording because I like to practice that way and what not and I can’t help but laugh now that I play it back because at about 1:25 you can hear my mom walk in and talking to our cats, she says, “Ya’ll wanna come out and play?” And I find it super funny so I had to share it because lol.