New! Breaking Dawn Behind The Scenes- Wolf Pack Featurette! The comaraderie between the actors is as heartwarming as it is hilarious, as always. =)


Our favorite guy, being interviewed by Brian Whitman at the Teen Choice/Emmy Awards Gifting Suite.

Forever the everything-enthusiast, and funny fella, he will have you cracking up and smiling throughout the whole one minute and twenty four seconds.

BW: “…he just admitted that he had pickles.”

Bronson: “I did!”

BW: “I’ve gotta be honest, you smell like pickles.”

Bronson: “It’s a pretty lovely aroma!” Haha!!

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Alex Meraz and Tinsel Korey during their Q&A at the Breaking Dawn, Los Angeles convention. (November 5th.)

About 35 seconds in, when questioned about what he’s obsessed/passionate about, Alex starts talking about a funny time, getting ready to film, with our favorite guy- Bronson!

Alex: “What, are you drunk?” Quoting Bronson (after he gets shorts on and looks in the mirror, strokes chest) : “It’s a tall glass..Drink up.”

Tinsel: “So, wait. So, you’re obsessed with Bronson, half-naked.” Alex: “You know, I forgot the answer. The answer! The question.”

Haha! I guess Bronson’s so hilarious, that he’s infiltrating everyone’s mind no all the time. :P


Bronson gets an early birthday surprise at the Orlando TwiCon ball from some of his fans! (Cake ordered by Lakysha, who manages his facebook page, and baked by the hotel bakery.) Fans did their best to hide the cake and cart from him until the right moment, which proved to be a tricky feat (Sabrina had to have me tackle hug him when he ventured towards the area,) and got everyone to sing happy birthday to him. He seemed to greatly appreciate it, sending out thanks and a shoutout, via tweet to @LakyshaLove. It was an amazing night! Happy early 25th, Bronson! (Saturday, 12-10-11.)