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2015 shitty review

My favourite albums so far

Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful: bruh this album is like Wu Tang meets Gym Class Heroes then flies back to the 70s to go record with Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. From front to back it’s flawless

Bobby Raps & Corbin - couch potato: like when my future ex girlfriend dumps me for being too much of a bad bitchthis is the only album I’m going to be cry to. I swear Corbin has the voice of an angel after doing 4 push-ups

Cousin Stizz - Suffolk County: this guy is up next. that’s it.

Earl Sweatshirt - I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: wow this shit is so depressing but real at the same time. I relate to Earl so much especially about his family issues and shit. This guy has been one of the best since he was 16 but now it’s actually disgusting wtf dawg

Father - Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First?: Even though I feel Young Hot Ebony was a stronger release, this still satisfies me. BET Uncut is my hoe anthem of the year like my s’febe levels go through the roof when it plays no homo though Virgin Boyz Union is the squad

Future - 56 Nights: bruh from the intro alone I was crying dawg this EP/mixtape/free album whatever it is makes me wanna slap puppies and serve them cocaine so they can feel what I’m going through

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly: I’m gonna be playing this album in like 2026 thinking “wtf this man is a prophet how did he see all of this back then and I’m only fully understanding now??” I’m not worthy of all this knowlegede and game. I see you old white people, I cav you ..

Luidiamonds - F L A: this is only a 3 track EP but it still shayas, this EP makes me feel like Khaphela after trimming his beard. Very untouchable

Miguel - Wildheart: dawg. this sounds like androids from Dragon Ball Z having sex in space with a mageu fountain splashing in the background. The instrumentation is insane too, all those hard rock elements gone R&B is so sick man

Pa$ta Boyz - Bicken Licken & Bodeine Vol. 3: album of the year fuck you bruh the raviolution has begun Toast To The Chef, whats cooking in the kitchen? we are! Pass the mageu, taste the mogodu & $paghetit nigga.

PARTYNEXTDOOR - Ferina: every project this guy drops is always good bruh I don’t get it like what cheat codes is he using? fuck him. I’m lying. fuck him though. nah not really. Kiss Me is feiondfsnfnfdm;fvmdiwo

Phony Ppl - Yesterday’s Tomorrow: perfect album to play on Sunday if you’re sick of that bum Metro FM bullshit. fuck Metro FM bruh. fuck fuck fuck em. fuck them dawg. fuck them. that corny shit they play on Sunday’s makes me wanna stab myself with a serviette. fuck them. fuck! eat a hobo’s butthole Metro

Rae Sremmurd - SremmLife: skr skr skr skr skr skr! SremmLife! skr skr skr skr skr skr skr skr woah wooooo skr skr skr skr ayyyyyy skr skr skr skr skr huaaaaaaaah! WHIP! skr skr

Snoop Dogg - Bush: the best album Snoop has dropped in almost 10 years. Pharrell did God’s work on this, some smooth as shit to fake-impress your parents to. P.S Gwen Stefani is milf as fuck

The Internet - Ego Death: perfect album. What I love about Syd is because she’s lesbian, it means she writes songs about girls (which I can relate to) but then she has such a sweet voice to go with it, which makes it even better. Production is nuts on top of that

Thundercat - The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam: that bass bruh. that bass. the instruments. dude. TYBT. type of album to make you wanna start an acid jazz band and go fuckwild

Tyler the Creator - Cherry Bomb: I’m still ehhhh with this one but there’s some great enough moments on it to get a replay from me. Cherry Bomb (the song) is wild to me I wanna die to it, all that distorted-ness gives me a boner

Vince Staples - Summertime ‘06: bro Lift Me Up is hardest intro song of the year damnit Vince is a beast. Profound nice yrics to go with good production, can’t go wrong

Young Thug - Barter 6: sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Okay I’m done I need to go pee


Found these on Datpiff’s Facebook page. This is too fucking good lol. I would have Bronson/Ghostface as the opener, match 2 being Wayne/Young Thug & Birdman, the Wu-Tang beatdown of Hulk Hogan as that cushion between that match and the main event, and the main event being Drake/Meek Mill w/Nicki Minaj. 

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#StonerSunday Soundtrack for 27/03/2016

#GetLifted by the dankest EasterEggs from the 4th week of March 2016

Boys Noize - Ty Dolla $ign - Yung Lean remixed by Adrian Lux - Flying Lotus - Fogata Sounds - Baauer, M.I.A & G-Dragon - Joy. remixed by su na - bonzai - SBTRKT, D.R.A.M. & Mabel - hundred waters, Chance The Rapper, Moses Sumney & Robin Hannibal remixed by Skrillex - Jordan Comolli - Ty Dolla $ign - PARTYNEXTDOOR - Young Thug & Lil Uzi - Sonny Digital - Big Sean - Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson - RITTZ - Young Thug - Ty Dolla $ign & Quavo - A$AP ROCKY & WAKA FLOCKA - Kid Cudi

“He who enjoys doing and enjoys what he has done is happy.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Ralph and Bronson lost their dads in different ways, and they will bear that loss differently throughout their lives.

But like Moe and I, our little guys are connected in a way that can’t be explained.

“You’re doing a really good job,” Moe tells me, and it is exactly what I need to hear, because it’s exactly what she needs to hear (and she is doing a fucking awesome job btw).

“Hey, brother!” Bronson called after Ralphie, chasing him down to give him hug after hug. They ran through every feeling in one hour, as you can clearly see from the photos.

Yes, that’s because they are toddlers and we let them have ice cream for dessert. But it’s also because they sensed in the same way that Moe and I did that they share a human experience that most kids won’t ever have.

It’s love and loss that binds us together, that full spectrum of the human experience. It’s a language we’ve learned to speak before our peers, and we’re already fluent.

Battle of the Bands Champion: Mascots

by Nicole Walters

The final 2011 Battle of the Bands competition took place last night on December 7, 2011. The finalists, Avarice, Black Panther, and Mascots, each put on a competitive show to earn the audience’s votes.

Mascots achieved the most votes and won the final competition. Mascots will have the chance to perform at a charity event called Connor’s Cause at San Dieguito Academy in 2012.

“I feel like Charlie Sheen because he’s always winning,” Bronson Young, drummer of Mascots proudly stated.

Performing on the theater stage was quite an exciting opportunity for Mascots. Mascots enjoyed performing in the theater over performing during lunch in the student center.

“I felt aroused,” Young said.

When asked what the future plan for Mascots would be, Mascots were looking forward to going home and relaxing.

“I’m just going to go home, play some Skyrim, and have a P.B. and J,” Young said.

Mascots were excited to win the 2011 Battle of the Bands Champion title and also gave some advice to future Battle of the Bands Competitors.

“Don’t do drugs,” said Young.

If you enjoyed seeing Mascots perform in the student center or had the chance to see them perform and win in the theater, then join them again in 2012 at San Dieguito Academy for Connor’s Cause.