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In The 80s - The X-Files [by mulderswaterbed | Vimeo | YouTube
An undercover KGB agent is assigned to Agent Fox Mulder in order to obtain information on alien technology gathered by the Americans but ends up becoming a target herself. 
Music: “Rasputin” - Boney M | “The Logical Song” - Supertramp | “Smalltown Boy” - Bronski Beat

6 Ghostly Senses Ask Meme

Seeing a ghost is only one part of an apparition. Others are heralded by the sounds of ghostly battles and drumming, or the scent of rich perfumes and dead flowers.

Use this meme to:

  • tell your followers more about you
  • Ask followers to prompt you
  • help journal and brainstorm to discover more about your past life or ghostself
  • find personal things you can use to make your days a little ghostlier.


What sounds, music, noises - or silences - accompany your haunting? What music can you listen to? What about soundscapes, such as using the website mynoise? Could you learn to play an associated musical instrument?

For songs, look up songs which are ABOUT hauntings or ABOUT your past life (i.e. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush), but also - look up songs which your past self would have heard (i.e. a ghost from the 80s, look up Bronski Beat, Erasure or whatever). If you don’t have a strong sense of age, do you have a sense of “place”. For example, if you think you were Parisian - what songs were written ABOUT Paris, or IN Paris?


Perfumes, the smell of a storm on a clear day, the smell of rotting and the tomb. How do you bring those scents into your everyday life? I think having a signature perfume is an exceptionally classy way to go for any ghost connected to the classic haunting. And incenses can transform a room and help you be mindful, as well as looking spooky as they drift to the ceiling.


What foods and drink did your ghostself consume when they were alive? Anything associated with that period of time or history? Again, you might feel connected not to a time but to a place - the woods, the waters, Paris, Norway.

Look, Looks and Looking

In your past life, what did you wear? What were you surrounded with? Which of these can you borrow and accessorise to introduce into your daily life?

Think clothes, hairstyles, make-up styles, jewellery; look at images of homes and bedrooms, and pick up or fake up period-accurate items. Even small touches like using a Chinese-style teacup to get you in touch with that past life, can bring your ghost life into this existence.  

Places and Experiences

Instead of touch, we have the whole texture and atmosphere of a place. Go to graveyards. Go to abandoned places. If you drowned - go swimming (or don’t). Victorian ghosts - go to stately homes.

You could also think about hobbies - I mentioned, somewhat facetiously, that a 90s ghost should spend only 1hr online and learn to write HTML. Well, I do think reducing your internet use to what we had in the 90s is a radical way to get in touch with that past life. You’ve got no idea what the 90s felt like, until you have 24 hours to fill and only one can be spent online. Take up some hobbies - a ghost of a hunter, take up archery; a ghost with a “forest” sense, learn how to identify some trees and take up whittling. A ghost with a powerful sense of wrongness, anger, guilt or atonement could consider what in their past life makes them feel that, and work to fix it in this life through volunteering.

Connect and Learn

We are ghosts - so we get a sixth sense!

Extra space for seeking out books, comics and films which tap you into ghostspace. Again, these can be things that mimic your experiences - or things which ping your ghostdar, but you don’t know why.

If you have a sense beyond just “being a ghost”, then you can also look up books and museums about the time, place or mileu you came from. This can help explain memories, if you have them, or spark your creative juices for other items on this list.

Happy haunting, my tenebros!

GH x

Music tag

I was tagged by @jayded-dreams  Welcome to the train wreck that is my music collection.  

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play, then tag 10 people

1) Post Break-up Sex, The Vaccines
2) The Plan (Fuck Jobs), The Front Bottoms
3) 27, Fall Out Boy
4) My Sweet Summer, Dirty Heads
5)Puit D’amour, Bronski Beat
6) The Battle of New Orleans, Brother Dege
7) Rolling in the Deep, Go Radio
8) My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Lolita and Friends
9) Choupic Two Step, The Bluerunners
10) Drive, Melisssa Ferrick

I would like to tag @westernlights, @thattvfanlady, @theonewhosalive, @avaj99, @jeans-faith-in-humanity, @dmitriiplaypen, @dreamboatleto

I saw this thing and wanted to do it, and I hope everyone who sees this or follows me will also partake in this.. ;) You can tell alot about a person from what music they listen to, so put your music on shuffle and list 10 songs!

1. Doors - The End
2. Pixies - Monkey gone to heaven
3. Joni Mitchell - River
4. Joy Division - She’s lost control
5. Kate Havnevik - Nowhere warm
6. Billy Idol - Dancing with myself
7. RHCP - Sir psycho sexy
8. The Beatles - Strawberry fields forever
9. Bronski Beat - I feel love
10. John Frusciante - As can be

:) Do this people!

The Transformation.

47 years-old, a life well led, full of love and friends, and suddenly, a male friend on the web that I absolutely loved and admired, speaking with him all the time, wishing him good night tenderly so often, I was almost becoming gay, fuck ! I have nothing against gays, but for fuck in the ass sake ! I had always been considering myself as quite the epitome of real virility, the one that has nothing to see with the backrooms and Bronski Beat.
I was thinking of Christian too often, and it was becoming too dangerous for me, I don’t really like questioning my identity, especially sexual. I am old enough to know who I am, and things were too dodgy. I think that Christian was trying to attract me on fields I didn’t want to visit even if I love Lou Reed and flowers. Enough was enough. That’s when I started my career of web troll, or even worse than that, but troll is better for my conscience. I knew something extremely special of his private life, and I started to use it. I am playful, slightly puckish, with a lot of humour, and I had decided to use all this to play with the life of Christian and his bitch who was so fucking ridiculous !! I knew that her personal situation was horror-movie like, she was a superb woman as well as an art genius, but her behaviour, coupled to my feelings for Christian and the fact that he refused to call to vote for Bernie Sanders or at least Hillary Clinton to avoid the arrival of El Führer #2 in the White House, all this decided me to harass them, with many sexual hints, among which many were calling his fucking bitch as she has to be called. They were discussing in image correspondences by colors, elements and composition as the threat was so heavy on the girl that it was all that they had left ? I would interfere as I had seen many do so, would rot their life to the core, would think of it many times per day, would prepare my visual weapons, would shoot images on purpose with this in mind. Christian had transformed my identity, and I refused to be a victim.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 22 February 2 017
Frank Black, The Creature Crawling

anonymous asked:

can you recommend some songs to listen to pls!!!

I’ve been into house music lately
• sky - sonique
• round we go - big sister
• it feels so good - sonique
• sleazy - sonique
• sweet dreams are made of this - eurythmics
• what is love - haddaway
• smalltown boy - bronski beat

Other songs like
• fly on the wall - t.A.T.u
• no more I love yous - annie lennox
• glass & patron - FKA twigs
• restless - oyinda
• pray to god - calvin harris

Music Shuffle Meme!

I was tagged by the fabulous @sebastianstanaddictsanonymous

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people

1. Restless Dream- Jacks Mannequin
2. Gypsy in Me- Cast of Anything Goes
3. It’s Easy to Remember- Seth MacFarlane 
4. My Baby Just Cares For Me- Nina Simone
5. A Lovely Night- Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
6. My Way- Frank Sinatra
7. Why?- Bronski Beat 
8. Cold Showers (ft. Rachel Bloom)- Cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
9. Unapologetic- Halestorm 
10. Set Fire to the Rain- Adele

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Brandon Flowers Samples Bronski Beat on 'The Desired Effect'?

According to Lyndsey Parker, a Yahoo Music editor, one of Brandon Flowers’ new songs will sample ‘Smalltown Boy’ by Bronski Beat, a British synthpop trio who were popular in the mid-1980s.

OK, so the new @BrandonFlowers album has a song that samples #BronskiBeat’s “Small Town Boy,” so basically now I am dying.

— Lÿndsey Parker (@lyndseyparker)

March 6, 2015

Taken from The Killers Italia via Twitter.

SPIN Names ‘The Desired Effect’ One of the Best Pop Albums of 2015

SPIN has named Brandon Flowers’ ‘The Desired Effect’ one of The 25 Best Pop Albums of 2015.

Eve Barlow, writing for SPIN, says

There’s a song that forms the centerpiece of the Killers frontman’s second solo LP called “Between Me And You” which you must listen to in the car, on an open road, with your navigation system on mute. “These hours I’m working ain’t nearly enough / And sometimes it’s like a bullet that just blasted me right out of the blue / But I’m doing my best not to let it get / Between me and you,” he sings, sweating the weight of adult responsibility while representing this Great American ideal of the Man, the Breadwinner, the Hero. It comes paired with an obvious melody forming his most Springsteen moment yet, but it also relocates Flowers’ identity on an album full of surprises, which include a Bronski Beat-sampling “I Can Change” and the sax-blasting nostalgia trip of “Lonely Town.” This is the closest he gets to laying to rest his self-imposed mission to be as great as his rock forefathers. Finally, the man just owns being himself.

Taken from Sweet Talk.