bronies or something like that i don't know

Why I'm afraid to say what I like sometimes
  • Comic fan: hey, who's your favorite Robin?
  • Me: Damian Wayne.
  • ----
  • Brony: Who's your favorite pony?
  • Me: Starlight Glimmer.
  • ---
  • Person: So, who's your favorite character in this show?
  • Me: I...I don't know.
So a Brony tried hitting on me in a coffeeshop today

I am literally parked in the furthest corner of this Starbucks, with my tablet out, my computer on the little table and my backpack on the other stool at the table. The coffee shop is slow and there is lots of space.

I am /conspicuously/ busy, am trying to do homework, look up apartment rates and talk to my friends.

And then the fedora walks in. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm a man who is fascinated and disgusted (like watching a train wreck) by the way many men are treating women online and in real life these days. Catcalling, the MRA movement, "nice guys", Bronies... I just don't know what happened (although my non-academic guess it has something to do with increasingly isolated, anti-social, pornography-filled lifestyles). On behalf of the good guys (not nice guys!), I apologize for these boys. I hope you all find the men (or women) you deserve.

I want to give a call to action for men who are considering sending messages along the lines of this one. By sending us these messages, you are obviously trying to separate yourselves from these creeps. But chances are, you have, at one point or another, engaged in similar behavior.

So I want to challenge all of you to a) critically think and reflect on your own behavior and continuously check yourself and, b) start calling out men on the internet and real life. Call out your friends. Call out your family. Call out that douche on reddit. Sending us messages apologizing “on behalf of your gender” doesn’t accomplish anything; it’s just asking for cookies for “not being that guy." 

We do sincerely appreciate messages like this one. It’s nice to know that men are equally disgusted by other mens’ behavior. But if you really want to help us, then please consider trying to actively change the culture around us.


delphinusdreams  asked:

Do you dislike bronies? I don't mean the awful ones, I more just mean the whole concept of a guy liking the series because its a good series and stuff. I know they typically don't care about the originals or toys, but do those fans bother you?

Well… it’s a tricky question! I hope I will explain properly! tl;dr ahoy! ;) 

Do I dislike the concept of “a guy liking the series because it’s a good series and stuff”? No way! I love that guys are getting into a “girly” show, and are enjoying something that otherwise they might dismiss out of hand as “typical girly junk”! I think it’s awesome to recognize that girl-focused properties (MLP, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.) can be just as exciting as their boy counterparts (Transformers, Superhero Squad, etc.)! Personally, MLP is a huge part of my life, and if other people can enjoy something I enjoy, I’m gonna be happy for them!! (And I’m always happy to have more fans to interact with, too!) 

The problem I have with the ‘Brony’ thing is, well, there’s multiple layers. I was originally under the assumption that male fans of MLP were interested in breaking down gender barriers, embracing traditionally non-male roles, and the like; instead, it seems like the majority of them are desperate to re-assert how manly they are instead, and by association how “manly” they think MLP: FiM is/should be. :/ Hence the “Bro” part of their title, and the seeming obsession with making porn, violent/gory fanfiction/art of the show, making an entire fighting game based on a cartoon about friendship and working out problems non-physically. Doesn’t that seem a little ironic?! Heck, there’s even a popular Brony fan who is popular solely because he describes himself as the “manliest Brony alive.” Doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive to a distinctly feminine and feminist show? 

I think it’s normal, as adults, to sort of ascribe certain “adult” qualities to the fandoms we’re in; I’m not decrying the presence of any adult fanfiction or art. As adults, we want to see adult material sometimes, but the issue I take is when it seems like people are only interested in the show when there’s adult themes attached to it. It seems like there’s a preponderance of sexually explicit material involving the ponies, and it feels doubly inappropriate considering that it is both a children’s program, and one with feminist themes, at least in the earlier seasons/show’s concept. 

Finally, one of the biggest issues I take with the Brony “movement” is the way they have made the online spaces significantly unsafe for other fans, especially children. I have heard stories from friends about being “run out” of Brony communities due to very sexist behavior, and even something as simple as a Google search often pops up with unrelated porn. If you are making the websites focused around a show for children unsafe for children to view, how is that being a good fan? 

Sometimes it feels like “fans” of MLP are people who approrach the show, and think “how can I fit myself into this world?”, whereas Bronies approach it and think, “how can I change this world to fit my interests?” 

I hope I’ve explained myself properly. I have met some Bronies who are interested in the show solely because they enjoy the characters and the world they inhabit, but they sadly seem rather few and far-between. I’ve met some very, very rude Bronies, and I’m sure they have tainted my view on the group as a whole, sadly. But if you (general you) consider yourself a Brony and want to follow my blog, please feel free to do so! I don’t have any problem with Bronies following me, and if they enjoy what I post, then I’m happy for them! 

aideyn  asked:

(With regard to your post about MLP) As a grown woman who loves the show-- I can tell you I will never ever call myself a brony. Nor do I really appreciate any guy who has to add the word bro onto something in order to make it "masculine enough" for him to like. I know non-douchy guys who like MLP. There are way too many 'bronies' who go "You don't understand, it's not a girl show" And continuously try and cut away everything that is feminine about it. And those people are shitty.

anonymous asked:

I don't have an issue being asexual. I know there's nothing wrong with being what I am. However, that's not to say it doesn't get *really* frustrating some days when EVERYTHING is made out to be about sex, sex, and more sex. I just get so tired of seeing it all. Like, can't we talk about something else for even just 5 minutes?


I found that watching childrens TV helps a lot.

My Little Pony is not about sex. as long as you keep away form the bronies

Gravity Falls is not about sex

Adventure Time is not about sex

Dora the Explorer is not about sex. (and you can learn another language too!)

so then you can have a good time-out from all the sexual tension shit of “adult” tv