bronica sq ai

Didn’t want my contact sheets to be seen clearly, so I made a fast gif. I hope it doesn’t make you dizzy. 

It was my first time working with a medium format camera. I was using Bronica SQ-Ai. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how it worked at all. But, YouTube saved me, or else I probably would waste more than one roll of film. 

First roll was totally wasted, because my friend and I didn’t even know that we could actually start shooting at all. The space of second film wasn’t correct, so the last frame couldn’t fit on the same contact sheet, and it isn’t even square. Third and fourth rolls did have few photos I could use. Last roll I was glad I saved it for last, and it did turned out much better. 

Yesterday I already made two prints. As soon as I finished processing them, I fell in love with those squares. If you want the first look, you could check out my Instagram