y'all need to chill getting all defensive on my posts. bong water levels or ice levels cause bronchitis, it’s a proven fact, end of fucking story lol. call people idiots or say it’s common sense, but if you read the comments that post actually did inform many people, which was its point.
keep your negative close minded nonsense to yourself.

I can’t help but be kind of glad again that I went through school before they turned so goofy about medications in general, much less including things like rescue inhalers. While being all too aware that this doesn’t help anybody who has needed to deal with dangerously restricted access to badly needed medications. :/

Of course, being theoretically able to manage my own treatment as required in school didn’t help at all until after the asthma finally got diagnosed, when I was 14 or 15. But, it occurred to me again that besides some medical sexism and associated bad assumptions about who might have Real Asthma? That probably took so long in the face of frequent obvious symptoms, thanks to exactly the same ableist assumptions dealing with kids.

I spent at least half the winter coughing and wheezing my head off (and on escalating courses of antibiotics for the “asthmatic bronchitis”, as it kept getting interpreted)–so I had more than one teacher who kept getting on my case under the assumption that I was being purposely disruptive with it.

Because that makes so much sense as an explanation for a kid keeping coughing until they throw up, and occasionally blacking out. Even when you’re responsible for dispensing said kid’s antibiotics and prescription cough medicine during the day, as an elementary school teacher. There couldn’t be some legitimate problem not going addressed there, which sounds one heck of a lot like asthma–they must be getting on your nerves on purpose, and maybe secretly enjoying not being able to breathe so that they can keep getting days off and generally slack off on the schoolwork. :-|

Similar with the classic exercise-induced asthma attacks. That (otherwise annoyingly hyperactive) kid must just be lazy and trying to get out of running by faking breathing problems, so of course you should yell and loudly make fun of them!

Surely a teacher who has been dealing with kids all day for 20 years or more couldn’t be expected to recognize that maybe something isn’t right there. They’re all just lazy, dishonest pieces of crap who need to be pushed hard for their own good.

And I guess, more recently, that if they were allowed free access? They would be huffing albuterol nonstop for the fun of it, after faking the asthma to get hold of it at all. Or trying to sell it, with the great recreational market value for bronchodilators.

If I’d been prescribed asthma treatment at that point, and teachers had been in a gatekeeping position there? I know good and well that over half the ones I had would have obstructed access in some kind of shitty power game. Just like bathroom access, but with worse potential consequences.

And I did have that one in HS who had been informed that I was dealing with a serious medical problem that made me need to run on short notice, and still turned horrible when she refused to let me go one day so that I ended up barfing in the trash can next to her desk. Humiliating myself on purpose with self-induced vomiting to undermine her authority and all, yeah :/ At least the administration thought it looked too bad to try to back her up on that one, but it too often takes something that extreme. That particular incident was at least not actively dangerous, just embarrassing as hell. Good thing I “just” urgently needed the facilities, and not emergency medication. Kids who need epi-pens, inhalers, insulin, etc. wouldn’t necessarily be so “lucky”.

(Yeah, all of that has been a long time now. It still makes me mad, including because a lot of the exact same callous abusive assholes are still in control of kids all day. And I know several I was in school with who went into teaching, who were at least as badly suited to the job. As long as that kind of Us vs. Them authoritarian approach to dealing with schoolkids is considered OK, it will keep happening.)

Soooo at this point I probably almost definitely have bronchitis :/

idk if getting the flu shot while my health was at a low point exacerbated things

but just in case: guys, when getting the flu shot, make sure you haven’t had any flu/cold symptoms recently


We’ve lost a Lion today

Dame Zaha Hadid, a rebel in a man’s man’s world, the first woman to win architecture’s highest prize, and the first woman to be awarded the RIBA Gold Medal, died today at the age of 65. Her bronchitis led to a heart attack.

Thank you for all the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, female gorgeousness you brought to architecture and design. Thank you for showing us the Future.

Goodnight, my queen

anonymous asked:

Y'all be saying the cold smoke causes bronchitis? You have to be exposed to the VIRUS to get bronchitis. If yall getting sick from bongs then CLEAN THEM they probably dirty and someone else who might be carrying the virus be hitting that EW CLEAN IT

nah fam, clearly another person who does not comprehend the post. it says that filling your bong up too much causes bronchitis. there is not a virus for this, because it is just the inflammation of one’s bronchioles which is not viral. thus why you cannot spread bronchitis. 

your lungs can inhale little droplets of water when your water level is too high. 

but good try i guess. now please, no more of these asks.

Today, I fucked up... by taking a sick day

So, I work for IRD, the equivalent of IRS in the United States, and I have 30 sick days a year. I haven’t taken any sick days in the past 2 years of me working there. I thought, “Hey, why not?” So I decided to have a day off. I had a great sleep in, and I thought it would be a nice idea to smoke some pot. I smoked multiple bongs and got a strange call, from my fucking boss. She asked my why I wasn’t at work, and out of quick & stoned thinking. I came up with the conclusion that I should say I have bronchitis.

But instead, the words that came out of my mouth were, “I’m in bed, I have brontosaurus.”

I now have to attend a disciplinary meeting, this Wednesday.

by  t0mzuk

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Crystal Prescriptions

(Not a substitute for proper medical attention!)

Please fire me. I had to call in sick to work today (I have bronchitis & Pneumonia), and my supervisor replied that I needed to give them two hours advance notice. I called at 8:30 AM, my shift starts at 9:30 AM, and my supervisor doesn’t arrive until 8:00 AM. I’m sorry, was I supposed to call at 7:30 in the morning to a location where no one will pick up the phone?

Doctors don’t listen to teenaged girls

When I was 16 I developed a cough. After about two weeks with it I went in to the doctor. I was told not to worry and that it would clear up on its own.

It didn’t. A month after that, I went back. I told the doctor that it sometimes rattled when I breathed, but he didn’t listen. He sent me back home without any meds or any new information at all. This was the doctor my parents had been taking me to since birth; it hadn’t occurred to me to go see someone else. Surely he had my best interest at heart.

It took six months and many more doctor’s visits before he referred me to a specialist. The pulmonologist listened to me breathe exactly twice before declaring that I had bronchitis. I got started on a strong treatment for chronic bronchitis and I was fully recovered 3 months after that.

But it did permanent damage. Turns out that coughing for six months straight without doing anything about it isn’t all that good for you. My lung capacity is reduced to this day. I’m more susceptible to respiratory illnesses as well, and I always will be.

My disability’s main risk is the loss of ability to breathe on my own. I’ve managed not to degenerate breathing-wise since then, but I’m terrified that I’m just one dismissed case of bronchitis away from being permanently on a ventilator.

So if a young woman says that she’s having a hard time getting her doctor to listen to her, believe her. Help her, if you can. Even if the woman isn’t young, sexism in the medical industry is very real and it isn’t harmless. Compared to some, I got off easy. This bias can literally kill people.