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I hope you had a great time seeing the queen and talent that is Ariana grande (and little mix who are amazing as well)

i just got back my hotel and im .. she was even more amazing than last time i cannot even believe. she had the most amazing visuals including lgbtq+ inclusive visuals that made me cry and not to mention she is literally recovering from bronchitis but her vocals still managed to shake me to the very bone and i could feel the literal heat from the fire on the stage during dangerous woman haha i cant feel my body i can just die now

Adrien’s Game 2.5: The Ball’s In Your Court, Nino

If you’ve read my previous posts “The Evolution of Adrien’s Game” and “The A-mew-sing Sequel”, you’ll know that:

A: I’m being forced to rest until my bronchitis is gone, so I can’t sew
B: My creativity is suffering so, therefore, I’m making crack posts
C: I have a warped sense of humor

This one’s gonna be an in-between because “Animan” is where Adrien’s game truly shines!  Unfortunately, he uses it to coach Nino into trying to get a date with Marinette.  Go with what you know, I guess.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alternatively titled: Adrien Flirts With Marinette Through His Bestie

  • Can we all just agree that Adrien giving Nino advice on how to score with Marinette is the cutest thing ever?
  • Nino literally tells Adrien this crush came out of nowhere.
  • Adrien’s all “yeah dude, IKR?!”
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t look so smug, Junior.  
  • Phase 1 of Operation: “Clueless Dorks” uh I mean “Give Nino the Confidence to Ask Alya Out Instea–” er…you know what?  We’ll just call it Phase 1.
  • PHASE 1
  • Ask Mari out on a date.
  • No, not me.  YOU.

See how this trainwreck goes below the cut!

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Notes from Sarah J Maas' latest newsletter.

•ACOWAR is going to be long. Roughly between EoS and ACOMAF long.

•She’s been sick with Bronchitis and Sinusitis (that’s why she’s been silent on social media). But she’s getting better:))

•ACOWAR is her favourite title so far because of the meaning (wings), and the acronym, because….war is coming.

•We might get to see more courts of Prythian

•The cover reveal will be soon!!! And Sarah says that this one is her favourite because of certain elements they’ve added to it.

•Release date is May 2nd 2017.

•ACOWAR is already out for preorder!!

•The first scene was written to the following song from the Jane Eyre soundtrack. She refused to tell us who is in the scene. But she listened to this on repeat!!!

I didn’t compile these till now, but I always compile them.  When I got sick at Christmas, it was some mix of flu and bronchitis and lord knows what, but things truncate around the 22nd.  Alas!  Nature’s whim over comics.

My sister has been through a lot this year, and there is mention of it, but only by her permission.  We love her very much, and we wish you strength and love if you are facing a hospital door with your family.

As always, click to zoom in on a long string of comics.  Happy 2017, to everyone.

Part one

Part two

Rude behavior at tatinof

I just got back from the first TATINOF show in Stockholm and it was amazing. I laughed so much that my bronchitis came back. That sums it up pretty good. Dan also asked Phil if he wanted him to choke him, warned him not to say thicc and they dabbed in synch, Phil did the sexy endscreen dance and left the stage in embarresment while Dan almost fell over laughing. Yes, those things happened and it was glorious.

To the subject I want to talk about - really rude fans in the audience. I personally don’t care who is dating or not dating who - as long as they’re happy. I do however think that some phan jokes can be really funny - in the right settings. TATINOF IS NOT THE PLACE OR TIME TO DO THAT.

I sat next to several girls who constantly screamed that they wanted Dan and Phil to fuck, to kiss, to makeout, and that is not okay. Dan and Phil obviously don’t want to talk about their private life when it comes to those things and that should be respected. So here were our two favourite guys on stage, giving their all to make us happy and some of the audience is thanking them by being… rude. I was actually offended - I was there to have the best night and they disturbed that by making me angry. Not to mention that they spent time on their phones (texting) and by constantly talking to eachother about other things. Tatinof should be fun, full of laughter and joy. Don’t take that away.

Please - be respectful of Dan and Phil. Everything they do are them trying to make us happy. They wanted us to have a great night, with a great show. Yes - they make phan jokes but there’s a line. Please do not tell them to fuck eachother, to makeout, to be sexual. It’s not okay.


Good morning.

I’ve had yucky ol’ bronchitis all week. After a quick trip to the ER last night, I’m much better and plan to stay home and do nothing but sip tea in bed– Drs orders!

I can tell you honestly that I only get sick like this when I’m dealing with a certain kind of stress that lowers my immune system. We must always look after ourselves. My way of coping with stress that worked really well was health and fitness immersion. Back to running, please!
Happy Friedegg🍳

Woozi: Our fans want us to do a dark concept but idk how we could without losing our original image

Vernon: ok hear me out

Vernon: we wear our usual sweaters and take a bunch of pictures

Vernon: …..but we edit the pictures in black and white

Woozi: what’s so cool about that?

Vernon: there’s nothing edgier than staying warm and toasty in a cold and dark environment. Think about it. Preventing the common cold AND serving looks? Battling the influenza AND our raging emotions? Taking a stand and saying: hey, we may be cute but you know what’s not? Acute Bronchitis. The black and white filter is practically screaming that our bodies may be warm but our hearts aren’t. The pure cinnamontography of it all.

Woozi: Vernon, you madman, you absolute genius-

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- Cerebral palsy
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- Past anorexia nervosa/body dysmorphic disorder
- Fibromyalgia

‘winter is coming’ tea

because it’s winter and cold and flu season is fast approaching, here’s a list of herbs for the tea that i make so i don’t stay up all night coughing to hell and back that is also good for preventing/helping get rid of fevers, and to stop feeling generally shitty. 

🌿 marshmallow root 
- really good for dry coughs, colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis 

🌿 licorice root
- sore throats, coughs, colds, anti inflammatory 

🌿 feverfew
- it’s in the name, aids in relieving fevers 

🌿 peppermint (/and spearmint to a lesser extent)
- antibacterial and antiviral, heal colds and flu, alleviates coughs, opens nasal passageways 



🌿 st. john’s wort - in small dosage, helps with the flu 

🌿 thyme - open tight ­airways

🌹 rose - really just because it tastes nice

Essential Oil Benefits: Basil

Health Benefits: Relieves nausea, digestive tonic, treats cramps, indigestion, and cramps, relieves colds, influenza, and associated fevers, treats asthma, bronchitis, and sinus infections, improves blood circulation, relieves depression, disinfects wounds and cuts, heals bladder infections, treats  nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, and migraines when used for aromatherapy, increases metabolism, soothes arthritis pain, wounds, injuries, burns, bruises, scars, sports injuries, surgical recovery, and sprains, reduces inflammation, stimulates adrenal cortex and nervous system, boosts immune system, treats motion sickness, stimulates the appetite.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Vitamin A, C, K, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, antispasmodic, antibacterial, analgesic, ophthalmic, antipyretic, hepatoprotective, antioxidant.

Beauty Benefits: Fixes dull looking hair and skin, calms irritated skin, treats oily hair.

Magickal Uses: Warding, astral projection, safe travelling spells, friendship spells, attraction, love spells, money spells, and protection.

Interesting Facts: European lore claims that it belongs to Satan and you must curse the ground as you plant it in order for it to grow properly. This is where the French idiom, “semer le basilic” “to sow the basil” came from, it refers to ranting.

Basil was used in English folk magic, like so many other things, to ward off harmful spells as well as to keep away pests.

Also, several sources say that if a gift of basil is given to a member of the opposite sex, he or she will fall deeply in love with the giver and be forever faithful. In Romania, this act is representative of an official engagement.

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Hello! I'm not sure if you write for Yuuri K, if not I'm so sorry. I can't find a lot of accounts that commission fics for him. If you do write for him, could you make a fic where he has bronchitis in Russia, and he keeps trying to convince Victor it's just a cold until it gets really bad. Featuring "I don't like the sound of that cough." If you did this I would literally love you forever. You're amazing! :D

Thank you for your kind words! You’re so sweet! I do write for Yuuri K (I’ll write for pretty much any of the YOI characters). Also this is such a great request! Thank you for sending it. This is actually kind of funny for me, because I caught bronchitis last summer when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen and did the same thing as Yuuri. My parents had to make me go to the doctor when I got home. Anyway, I hope that you like it! Set post-series.

Russia is cold. Much colder than Japan. Yuuri had known this when he’d moved, but experiencing it firsthand was completely different. He comes down with a cold three times in the first three months he lives with Victor. It’s exhausting and annoying, but not life-threatening.

So when he wakes up yet again with a sore throat, Yuuri just sighs and resolves to power through it. It’s just getting ridiculous at this point, and he really can’t afford to miss any more training.

But this cold doesn’t progress like the others. The only symptoms are a sore throat and coughing, no runny nose or congestion like Yuuri is used to. Yuuri thinks he might have a fever too, as his and Victor’s bedroom isn’t usually this warm, but he hasn’t actually taken his temperature. That would be admitting defeat to the bitter Russian weather. Yuuri is strong. He can handle this.

Despite Yuuri’s meticulous taking of medicine, he can’t quite seem to shake this cold. His cough steadily worsens, going from occasional and throat-scraping to constant chesty coughs. They sound deep, wet, and painful, and feel about as bad as they sound. Yuuri finds himself unable to catch his breath during practice, and he knows that Victor is worried sick about him. But he’s still sure that it’s just a cold; he doesn’t need to be fussed over.

“Are you sure that this is just a cold?” Victor asks, his voice sharp with concern, as Yuuri breaks into yet another fit of coughing. It leaves him gasping for air and his eyes watering. “I don’t like the sound of that cough.”

“I’m fine, really,” Yuuri manages to wheeze out. He’s not fine. It’s hard to breathe, and his chest feels thick with congestion. But he can’t be that sick, and he hates seeing the pity in Victor’s eyes every time he gets sick from the cold.

“I don’t quite believe that,” says Victor, who is suddenly standing right in front of Yuuri. When did he get over here? He gently cups Yuuri’s face for a moment, before his face creases with a frown. “You’re burning up, love. I don’t think that this is just a cold.”

Yuuri opens his mouth to protest, but he’s cut off by another, even harsher bout of coughs. Victor rubs his back and murmurs soothingly in his ear as he coughs and coughs and coughs, barely able to take in any air. This fit is productive, and when it finally dies down, Yuuri feels slimy phlegm in his mouth. He grabs a tissue and spits surreptitiously into it.

Victor doesn’t miss it, his blue eyes dark with concern. “We’re going to the doctor,” he announces, before Yuuri can even catch his breath to argue. Not that he would at this point. Victor slings an arm around Yuuri’s shoulders, pulling him close, before grabbing the car keys and steering them to the door.

The car ride is silent aside from the radio and Yuuri’s near-constant coughs. Victor is shooting him anxious glances every few seconds; Yuuri would tell him to keep his eyes on the road, but he lacks the breath to do so.

As soon as they arrive at the doctor’s office, there’s a flurry of motion, and they don’t really get a chance to talk until they’re back in the car, heading to the pharmacy.

“Yuuri,” Victor says as soon as they get in. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were this sick?”

Yuuri takes a careful breath before responding. “I didn’t think that it was this bad.”

“I’m sure that you didn’t at first, but Yuuri,” Noticing Yuuri’s flinch, Victor softens his tone a bit. “You have bronchitis. Surely at some point you realized that it wasn’t just a cold. Why didn’t you tell me then?” Yuuri doesn’t respond, just stares down at his lap. “Yuuri?” Victor prods again. He mumbles something, but it’s far too quiet and jumbled for Victor to understand. “Can you repeat that, love?”

Finally, Yuuri raises his head; he’s still steadfastly refusing to look at Victor. “I was tired of being sick,” he begins softly. “Of getting sick from the Russian weather. And of that pitying look you keep giving me when I’m sick.”

There’s a tense silence in the car as the pull up to the drive through of the pharmacy. It isn’t until after Victor orders the prescription that he says, “I’m sorry that you keep getting sick, and I’m sorry that it seems like I’m pitying you.” Yuuri hates to be thought of as weak, after all. “I just can’t stand to see someone I love not feeling well and being unable to help.”

“Victor,” is all Yuuri is able to croak out, tears welling in his eyes. He blames the fever for making him emotional.

Victor reaches across to hug him, pulling him close to his chest. Fortunately the car is stopped, and so they sit in the car, parked in a pharmacy parking lot for a long moment.

Finally, Victor releases Yuuri and pulls back a little. He gently wipes the tears from under Yuuri’s eyes. “I don’t blame you for having difficulty adjusting to the weather. You’ve come a long way to be here.” Yuuri gives him a tiny smile of gratitude. “Just, please let me take care of you?” Victor asks, pressing a gentle kiss to Yuuri’s hand. All Yuuri can do is nod.

Stiles’ vet treatment



January 19th: Hello. I had to write a new post because the other update post was getting way too long.

Unfortunately, Stiles was rushed to the vet today. He had serious trouble breathing during the night so we had to take him. After so many diagnostics, we thought we finally found what Stiles really has. But the vet now suspects it’s way more serious than just asthma or bronchitis. He thinks it’s a chronic respiratory infection. The vet gave him a shot and according to him, it usually results in cases like Stiles’ and the effect can last to two months. If during the next two/three days he doesn’t get better, we have to take him back, which will apparently be a very bad sign because it will mean that Stiles needs a different and more expensive and serious treatment. He did a new x-ray and told us that, comparing to the last one, there aren’t any differences. His lungs are still in bad shape.

He told us that we should continue with the inhaler though. Now we’re just waiting to see results and hopefully Stiles will get better with the shot he gave him. I honestly hope he does because it kills me to see him having trouble breathing constantly. The vet also told us, that as the time goes by, Stiles will have more trouble breathing which can cause lung failure - it scared me so much. We, of course, are going to look for a second or even a third opinion from another vet (if you know any vet I can talk to online and explain Stiles’ case, please message me).

The vet also told us that we should continue with the inhaler. Now we’re just waiting to see results and hopefully Stiles will get better with the shot he gave him. I honestly hope he does because it kills me to see him having trouble breathing constantly.

I can’t believe this all started because of a fire. Stiles used to be so healthy and never had any health problems until that damn fire. 

Anyway… These are the bills from today (if you can help us by donating to his treatment I’d be forever grateful).

The whole appointment was 53,08€ as you can see below.

If you wish to donate, my PayPal e-mail account is

PS: I was also able to pay for the last bill (17,00€] with the donations we got last time, so thank you SO much to those who donated.

i’ve observed a tendency for people to discredit SaeRo (the “official” ship name for Aro/Gae Sae) on the basis of his establishing a presence in her life as her brother. it’s been called incest and taboo and sick and wrong among a host of other derogatory adjectives. personally, i’ve never been a fan of the fauxcest trope. so my near-instantaneous attachment to SaeRo came as a bit of a shocker. a month into hwarang’s run, i think i’ve seen enough to understand why the fauxcest doesn’t really bother me. 

1. their ages.

when Aro and Gae Sae meet, they’re both adults of marriageable age. they’ve never once encountered the other before their meet-cute–which involves a rather charged moment. one that leaves an impression deep enough that they find themselves thinking of the other subconsciously. Gae Sae mentions this offhandedly when they’re eating breakfast, admitting in a roundabout way to being charmed by her. 

given that the establishment of their connection is in a more or less non-platonic environment, when they’re grown adults. that Gae Sae knows the truth of their relationship (that he’s the best friend of her big brother, who had expressed wishes for them to find happiness in each other) and Aro is only told that he’s her brother, their “sibling” relationship has always lacked that sibling vibe. she repeatedly expresses doubts over the truth of the ruse, and he doesn’t treat her as his sister–he doesn’t know how to.

under the circumstances, children Aro had grown up with would have more of a sibling vibe in their bond. 

tl;dr–they meet as a grown man and woman, with the basis of their relationship being that she doesn’t truly believe the authenticity of his claims to being Sun Woo, and he’s never had a reason to not see her as a woman. 

2. their lack of insight into the nature of sibling relationships.

Mak Moon was taken from Aro’s family when she was very young. what she remembers of him is a collection of vague childhood memories that have faded further with time. she even admits to not thinking of him, not caring how he was living before Gae Sae entered their family. Aro doesn’t remember what it was to have a brother, and Gae Sae has never had a sister. they treat each other as new acquaintances, and this evolves into a friendship as they get to know each other. 

the narrative itself iterates over and over again that their relationship is distinctly dissimilar to that of traditional siblings, the point driven home by Soo Yeon’s assumptions that the man Aro speaks of is a potential suitor, and not her “brother”. and who can blame her or even Aro for speaking of Gae Sae as such? 

Gae Sae treats her as a woman, because that’s what she is to him. a big-hearted, beautiful woman who offers him care and compassion at a time when he needs it most. he’s constantly thinking of her first, putting her needs above his. which he can’t help but do given that she does the same for him. 

tl;dr–just because they label their relationship as that of “siblings” doesn’t mean that they’re treating or even seeing/believing the other as such. they aren’t siblings is the truth at the heart of it all. and Gae Sae treating Aro like a woman he loves twists their bond into one that is distinctly not sibling-like. labels are just words. they have no meaning if the actions behind them are constantly contradicting traditional definitions.

3. Aro has always had her suspicions.

her starting to call him Orabeoni was not because she’d decided to believe him. rather, it was her offering him a place in their family. it was a symbol of his earning her trust. and i think a part of her knew that if she didn’t accept Gae Sae as her brother, it would mean that her true brother would be lost to her forever. she remembers the circumstances of his entering their lives. just because she accepts the lie told her by Lord Ahn Ji and Gae Sae to their faces doesn’t mean she truly accepts it. 

and this is driven home by the fact that she struggles with the truth of it all over the course of this episode. her knee-jerk reaction to his gaffe is to explain it away for him. almost as if she’d been expecting it. it doesn’t mean however, that she’s swept it under the rug. she maintains her relationship with him, all the while questioning. and in the end, Woo Reuk’s attitude, combined with her asking him teary eyed if her brother had missed her confirms that she’s never truly accepted Gae Sae as the real Sun Woo.

tl;dr–give the girl a little credit. capital CIA and all that.  

all of that said though–i’m over the moon, ecstatic that it’s over and we can finally get some movement with otp. and i’m especially excited that Gae Sae will get some much needed grief over his lying to her.

rise, SaeRo, rise.

(a note: because i’ve just about had it with the hate in the main tag, i’m going to start tagging my hwarang posts with #sae ro. any other SaeRo shippers out there, feel free to do the same. let’s make ourselves a negativity-free environment, shall we?)