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This is the Pennsylvania High SchoolRodeo Associations’s roughstock riders. All of these kids are aged 12-17 and they do this before every rodeo. Nobody tells them to or tells them that they should. They all get together, take a knee and pray for a clean ride, pray for safety of the stock and their friends. This is what makes rodeo special. We respect the cowboys and cowgirls who aren’t afraid to openly practice their faith.


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How Country Feels

Summary: You have moved away from home to work on a ranch and get into the local rodeo circuit. You aren’t sure what is going to come from it, but it is a fresh start. 

Characters: Reader, Dean, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Garth, Jess

Pairings: None yet

Word Count: 1600ish

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If I happen to use any terms that you don’t understand, please ask. I ride horses and deal with ranch stuff all the time, so if somethings confusing,, I will explain it.

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Warnings: Mild language, flirty Dean duh!

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You step out of the truck into the warm air, unsure if you had made the right decision. This was your dream right? So it had to be. You had just driven over two thousand miles to make it here, to give this life a shot. You knew it was the only one for you, but that didn’t stop you from being terrified. You knew no one, just tried to get the job on a whim.

The air was warm, dry and dusty. Your boots echo off the hard ground as you turn and walk to the back of the trailer, hooked behind the truck. The trailer shifted as the horse inside moved restlessly.

“Easy boy.” Your voice is soothing as you unlock the back. Inside, in the dim trailer, is the only friend you had with you. You pat his hip and he moves to the side, allowing you space, his show of respect. He is big, tall and muscular and black as the ace of spades. There wasn’t a white mark on him.

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I did not actually get pictures of the bull and bronc riders or the barrel racers (I’m happy to report I didn’t see a single instance of starfishing). If you’re on my snapchat, you probably got spammed with a thousand videos tonight (sorry not sorry). If you’re not on my snapchat, here’s a picture of my basset hound to make up for it.

Vera Mcginnis, bronc rider, was the first woman in rodeo to wear pants like the men. Instead of having the ‘masculine’ zipper in the front, she designed the zipper to be on the side for a more 'feminine’ look.