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This is the Pennsylvania High SchoolRodeo Associations’s roughstock riders. All of these kids are aged 12-17 and they do this before every rodeo. Nobody tells them to or tells them that they should. They all get together, take a knee and pray for a clean ride, pray for safety of the stock and their friends. This is what makes rodeo special. We respect the cowboys and cowgirls who aren’t afraid to openly practice their faith.


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BTS Reaction to their crush being a female bronc rider-

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Being pretty much in love with you, Jin wanted to know more about you and what you do.He went to attend one of your competitions and was amazed at what he saw. “Wow…i’ve never wanted to be a horse so badly before…”


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When you saw you being an actual bronc rider, he took you aside after one of your practices. “Babe that…looks so dangerous.” He said with his voice full of concern.


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When you told Hoseok that you were a femal bronc rider, he had no idea what you meant. His mind was blown once you showed. “That’s what you do?! Willingly?!”

Rap Mon-

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Namjoon watched one of your competitions and was deep in thought afterwards. “So dangerous but she looks so hot.”


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Jimin watched you hold onto your bronc as best you could and was freaking out the whole time. Once you two were alone, he tried to convince you to no longer partake in bronc riding. “Not even for meeee?”


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When Taehyung actually saw what bronc riding was, he was having none of it. “No. Hell no, way too dangerous.”


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Jungkook watched intently as you rode your bronc with Taehyung beside him. “Hyung! Hyung she could get hurt! That looks so dangerous!”

Canadian Girl

Chapter Fourteen

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC  | Word Count: 5906
Discussion of past abusive relationship, violence, swearing, stereotyping of Canadians (I’m allowed, I am one)

It was the last day of CFR. Though they’d seen more of rodeo than any one of them had ever wanted to, it had also been more fun than expected.

Steve had stuck close to Kennedy, watchful for Carl, but the man had kept his distance.

With the way the three of them scowled at him anytime Kennedy’s ex came around, it didn’t surprise Bucky none. Still, something about the lingering glares he set on Kennedy gave Bucky a bad feeling. He made sure when Steve wasn’t with her, he was.

The area behind the chutes was either brimming with energy and activity or completely laid back. Bucky had been asked more than once if he was riding as he perpetually wore his glove, but he would just smile and shrug, make up an excuse about having suffered a burn which left it overly sensitive, hence the covering.

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Vera Mcginnis, bronc rider, was the first woman in rodeo to wear pants like the men. Instead of having the ‘masculine’ zipper in the front, she designed the zipper to be on the side for a more 'feminine’ look.