Lets Get Messy - Bronah Getting Wild.

Slipping his wallet and phone into his back pockets, Jonah took one last look into his mirror, running a hand through his hair and wincing at the movement. His hand, which was still bandaged up quite tightly, was twinging in protest but Jonah just looked down at it, rolling his eyes and sighing. To be honest he knew it was his own fault so he couldn’t complain. It would heal but he just had to worry about his temper. Leaving his room, he slammed the door behind him and headed to Britt’s which wasn’t too far away from his. Whistling to himself as he walked the blonde was outside his best friend’s dorm in no time. “Open up, princess. Drinking doesn’t wait for you.”

One Last Catch Up - Bronah

JJ was sad about leaving Ireland. It was honestly his favourite place in the world and as much as he was glad to share it with the people he loved most, he definitely needed some downtown by himself. It had been a confusing and almost irritating month for his emotions recently and he sure as hell didn’t want to keep living it day by day. Ireland had been perfect for him this time around. The fresh air had cleared his head and kept him out of drama and it was more relaxing than anything. That said, he hadn’t gone without his fun, too. JJ had made sure to make the most of the Irish beer by going out every single night. He may have gained himself a reputation and a few cuts and bruises along the way, but he didn’t regret a thing.

One thing that he’d definitely enjoyed was the fact that everyone seemed to take something away from the experience. Whether it was a materialistic thing like the houses, Maya’s puppy, Aria’s tattoos or JJ’s van, or a simple experience; JJ had had fun with Jess and Britt and Jonah were happy. There was no fault in the holiday and it wasn’t going to be one he forgot anytime soon. Jonah had said his goodbye’s to Jess the night before and they had promised to keep in touch but for now until he headed back to New York, he was going to spend the afternoon with Britt.

Opening up his camper van in front of one of his favourite hills, JJ set down all the food he’d brought specifically for the occasion and sat cross legged in his van, waiting for the blonde to get there. Even though it was meant to be their trip they hadn’t seen too much of each other sober so it would be nice to catch up. The blonde boy stared out at the view while he waited, picking at the food. He was going to miss days like this.