bron dis wey

An open letter to those that have claimed Born This Way is, musically, “a mess of an album”:

The basic principle behind the album is to hint at the creation of a social space (metaphorically represented by G.O.A.T.) that encompasses all individuals:

No matter gay, straight, or bi, 
Lesbian, transgendered life, 
I’m on the right track baby, 
I was born to survive. 
No matter black, white or beige 
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track baby, 
I was born to be brave.

So yes, tell me how Gaga mixing together 

  1. opera vocalizations

  2. heavy metal 

  3. rock and roll

  4. europop

  5. New Wave

  6. mariachi

  7. electro-industrial

  8. disco

  9. house music 

(in a way where the songs brilliantly complement each other while working together to create the spirit of “mixed co-existence” that Gaga promotes socially and politically)

isn’t an incredible, top-notch artistic methodology to encapsulate the sociopolitical implications of Born This Way and embed them in the very form of her music.

(via @homochurch)


ma cuver of bron dis wey! i haop u lyk xx