so i have three messages in my asks that i’m never deleting, well i’m probably screen shot them and then keep them. but yeah is from my favorite 12 year old victoria saying she loves me lol. one is from squidney and she’s such a sweetheart, and then this other one is a reply to what i said to him and he called me beautiful :) reading them makes me smile so much 

this is all i want

This is what I want out of a relationship. I want someone to have fun with. Someone that’s going to make me laugh and keep me company. Someone that doesn’t mind doing nothing, so long as we’re together. I kind of just want someone who wants to be around me, as much as I want to be around him. I want someone that I can text or call as many or as few times as I want, and not have to worry about when he’ll reply. I want good morning texts. I want to smile. I want cuddling and kisses. I want to be the reason for someone else’s happiness. I want to talk to friends and introduce them to you, as whatever you are. I don’t need a boyfriend. I don’t even want one. Naming things means commitment, I don’t need that either. I just need fun, for a while. Someone that’s going to be there for me for for now. I want to be someone elses, to belong to someone else. I love the idea of someone being jealous, because of me. No matter how twisted that sounds, for him to feel threatened, because he cares for me so much, I want that. I want to be able to reassure you that no one can compete, even though I hope you already know. I don’t need to fall in love, I’m 15, we’re not getting married. I just want fun, and happiness, most importantly though, I want you.

aquatrey asked:

☭ fite me

Battle Intro: “Eh, really bro? Well, I won’t hold back just because it’s you. Losers pays the other ten drinks!”
“Told yaaaaa!”
Half Team Down:
“Not bad not bad~ But I’m just getting warmed up!”
Last Pokemon:
“Sheesh… I’d never have guessed we’d go that far!”
-angrily throws a Poke Ball at his feet so hard it breaks- “FUCKING LEO!”
Death: “Oh no. Bromicide.”
“What would you do without me, man?”
“Hm… If I remember well, it’s your first serious battle, right? Never too late to start actually being a trainer, you know!”
Reacting to Taunt:
“Oooooooh you did not just…!”
(It’s a friendly spar so, battle etiquette :o no fleeing)
Reacting to Flee:

“Wow, didn’t see that coming! You really impress me, Trey. How about we celebrate that and you pay us a drink?”
Perfect Victory:
“Was there any doubts to begin with?~”
Last Pokemon Victory:
-heavy breathing- “When did you get so tough?“
Finishing Move:
“Free drinks!”