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  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:how could Furudate do this to us? I want the battle at the garbage dump to happen, but I also love Fukurodani. Kuroo and Bokuto, aka BFFs for life, aka Bromeo and Dudeliet must compete against each other to make it to nationals. My heart can't take this. I love all of my children and I can't bear to watch this happen. I am expecting Nekoma to win for the sake of the battle at the garbage dump, but is that what I really want? What if they don't win? What will happen then? WHY FURUDATE WHY?

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okay listen what about frat bros sciles who are in different frats and ENEMIES, but they fall for each other romeo and juliet style?

It was all Lydia Martin’s fault.

Lydia Martin, who, in her freshman year pledged the college’s most downtrodden sorority. Lydia, who in her sophmore year whispered in the ear of the president until the front lawn was greener than ever, all the girls had perfect eyebrows and GPAs, and there was a line out the door for pledging. Lydia, who in her junior year was elected president, surprising no one who even vaguely knew her.

Lydia, who was now in her senior year, and announced at the kick off party for the year that the (now most popular and well managed) sorority was interested in forming a mutually beneficial collaborative alliance with one of two particular frats on campus. She stood on the stairway of the sorority house, towering in her heels and with a smirk directed at every frat guy in the house, and said, “So impress us.”

Scott and Stiles were in the opposing frats, both eager to come out on top. Stiles wanted to be part of the most successful frat on campus; now that would be something to write home to Dad about, and Scott wanted the same, wanted all his brothers to have the best possible senior year.

They didn’t notice each other at first in the ensuing competition for the sorority’s bid, but it quickly became apparent that they both had a certain flair for…impressing.

Stiles arranged bouquets to be delivered from each brother to a sister, personalised and coded with historic flower meanings. A few brothers got dates out of it, but it was too quickly followed up by Scott instituting a brother-buddy system where the brothers helped sisters studying book heavy subjects carry the weight of their giant brains. 

They volleyed back and forth, getting bigger and bigger with each attempt, and becoming more and more aware of each other. Which is why no one expected it all to blow up over something small; a sister in the library, rifling through her bag. 

“Shoot,” she rolled her eyes at herself, “Does anyone have a pen?” 

Two pens whipped through the air from opposite sides and the sister flinched back, looking between Scott, smiling earnestly and Stiles, whose eye was…twitching? 

“Dude. Not cool.”


“I got there first man, concede defeat okay? My pen reigns supreme, I - hey!” The sister took Scott’s pen with a shrug.

“I just need a pen. Sorry.” Stiles huffed, and in a mess of limbs and way too loud for the library, gathered up his stuff and practically stomped out. Scott followed him, putting a hand on his shoulder before Stiles whirled around, cheeks glowing.

“Don’t. You won this round Mr Sunshine, but you’re going down.” Stiles punctuated it with a jabbing finger. “Down McCall.”

Scott wasn’t going down, even though he wanted to. Like, bad. Stiles was captivating, like a firework. 

Or a bomb.

But unrequited attractions aside, Scott had a competition to win. Damned if he’d let a pair of amber eyes or a mouth from Renaissance art affect his brothers. They’re a family, and Scott would do anything for them.

So he did. He brought it hard.

On the front lawn of the sorority house; puppies. Balls of fluff, big paws and floppy ears spilling all over the grass as the sisters rolled around playing with them and cuddling them while brothers stood by wearing “ask me about -” shirts, with pictures of their assigned puppies on the front. Scott made the rounds, explaining the therapeutic benefits of spending time with animals, even talking it over with Lydia that -theoretically, if they were chosen- they’d love to do a charity project for the local rescue, like an adoption drive. She said nothing, but patted Scott’s chest before stooping down to pick up the tiniest dog Scott had ever seen and sweeping away, leaving him dazed.

Scott looked around, and raised his eyebrows as he caught sight of a familiar back; the broad shoulders a dead giveaway. He made his way over to Stiles, who was letting a big pawed golden lab puppy stumble around his lap and nip at his long fingers. Scott was about to speak when Stiles beat him to it, as per usual. 

“Puppies!” Stiles said incredulously to the puppy, scratching its ears. “He brought puppies! What kind of dick move is that, huh?” Scott wilted. Stiles hated him, and for a moment Scott wished they weren’t part of this competition, that he could have just met Stiles in class, or in one of the campus coffee shops, their eyes meeting over laptops and lattes. 

“I mean, being that gorgeous and good? How was I supposed to resist that shit?” What? Stiles leaned in close to the puppy, lifting it so only its back paws were on the grass, “He cares about all of this so much. And the other day he wore this henley, and it was so tight on his arms I thought I was gonna pass out. I bet he could hold me up when w-”

“I don’t think you’re meant to talk to puppies about stuff like that.” Scott said, blushing as Stiles yelped, spinning around and only just managing not to drop the pup. “Sensitive ears.”

Stiles pulled the puppy close to his face, “Couldn’t have told me he was behind me?” The puppy licked the upturn of Stiles’ nose, and he sighed, letting it go. The pup ran off to frolic among the sorority girls, and Scott plopped down on the grass next to Stiles. 

“Sorry,” Stiles said, picking the grass around him, shredding it compulsively. “I didn’t mean to get feelings all over you.” He narrowed his eyes, “You should wear a bell.” 

“I think you’re good too.” Scott said, taking a blade of grass from Stiles’ fingers, determined not to be sidetracked. “And the last time you wore your glasses I walked into a freshman.”

Stiles looked up, scanning Scott for a smirk, or a prank. He was met with soft smile and a warm feeling under his skin. “So, do you want to maybe g-”


They had their first date that night, and it was all Lydia Martin’s fault.

They sent her roses.

Bromeo and Dudeliet

Seeing Bokuto’s name on the housing list only meant one thing: fireworks! Gathering a few multi-colored fireworks, the raven set each and every single one of them in the corners of his apartment. Was he aware that this was insane? Perhaps. Did he care? Not at all!

His big plan backfired, however, when he stepped out of the apartment for snacks and accidentally left the stove on. It was only a few minutes out of the building before he heard the rumbling in the distance, and he looked up to find smoke.

Turning around to innocently walk away with a whistle, the captain came face to face with a certain owl. 

“BOKUTO!! ” All chaos aside, he body slammed the other and gave him a noogie.

Oh, speaking of After Romeo (aka “the greatest boy band OF ALL TIME!!!), here they are performing at The Grove in L.A. on Saturday. That’s (left to right): Jayk Purdy, the infamous Devin Fox, T.C. Carter, Blake English, and Drew Ryan Scott. More pics, an article, and a video here: After Romeo: Back-to-School Event at The Grove!


The boys of After Romeo will be having their first Live show!

Now all of you have been waiting forever for this to happen and it’s going down this Saturday. It will be held HERE.

The boys will be on 6pm West coast and 9pm East Coast. Since this is the boys the times are give or take with them. Stop by this Saturday and say hi to the boys as Devin and Blake have their first live chat with TC, Jayk, and Drew. 

Querer tener a alguien

Que ame desde el lunar que tengo en el pie, hasta el que tengo en la mano

Que acepte mis “estrias” en la cadera

Que no le interese si soy mas flaca o gorda que otra

Que no le importe si mis senos no caben en una mano o si caben en dos

Que no le interese que tan alta puedo ser o cuan pequeña soy

Que no me critique si no me maquillo o me plancho el cabello siempre

Que le guste mis momentos de rabieta y me calle con un beso y me calme con un abrazo

Que no critique si mis piernas son muy cortas, si son muy gordas

Que le guste el color de mis ojos aunque no sean verdes o azulados

Que le guste mi nariz aunque no sea perfilada y perfecta

Que le fascine mi boca aunque no sea perfecta

Que se aguante mi momentos de “cuaima” una vez cada cuanto

Que me siga la corriente cuando bromeo con el y que no se ponga bravo y se vaya sin ver atras

Que acepte que se equivoca y que me busque cuando me extrañe

Que de él también el primer paso…

Que me acepte como soy y de vez en cuando se arriesgue… No siempre puedo hacer todo yo