Okay so I know a lot of people (myself included) feel like there is a disconnect between the brothers this season because it hasn’t been really heavy on the brotherly moments and the writers have missed a lot of opportunities for emotional scenes, but even though it doesn’t seem like it, I think we’ve gotten a few really good brotherly moments this season. I will list them below in order to remind myself (and the other lovely bibros) about all of the great stuff we’ve gotten so far :).

- Dean walking through the bunker yelling “Sammy!” and kind of freaking out after he discovered Sam was missing.

- Dean SNAPPING A PHONE IN HALF after talking to that Toni bitch and threatening to take her apart if Sam was not in one piece.

-Dean basically freaking out over Sam for this entire episode

-Sam being able to withstand horrible torture from Toni and repeatedly say “Screw You” to her, but when she begins to torture Dean Sam gets scared and protests because he doesn’t want Dean to receive the treatment that he got.

- Sam trying to get Dean to open up about his feelings about Mary because Sam wants to be able to talk to Dean about it so he can help his brother feel better.

- Dean yelling “Sammy!” Into the phone and racing to Sam’s rescue after Sam got knocked out. (Yes I know it took Dean forever to get there, but we’ll just assume he was far away).

- Sam attempting to make Dean feel better with pie and then knowing for sure that something was wrong with Dean when he wouldn’t eat it (a cute scene improvised by J2 themselves :) ).

- Sam’s little smile at the end of the episode after he said “so now you want pie?” In reference to Dean saying he could go for some pie right now. It was obvious that Sam was happy his brother was feeling better :)

12x06 (my personal favorite of the season)
- Sam teasing Dean about his taste in porn while they were sitting on Jody’s couch and playfully smiling and chuckling at him about it

- Dean once again screaming “Sammy!” and trying to break down the door to get inside after he found out Sam was trapped inside the house with a demon

- Dean immediately saying “Where’s my brother?” And running off to find Sam once Billie let him in the house.

- Dean teasing Sam about his taste in “hair rock” on their drive to LA and Sam responding by turning it up and forcing Dean to listen to it- because what else are brothers for? Lol.

- Dean and Sam teasing each other about vegetable water

- I actually can’t think of any, can someone help me out here in case I missed one? Thanks! :).

- Dean and Sam both basically making a deal to sacrifice themselves once again for their brother (we all know there would have been a huge fight over who was going to be the one to die if Sam and Dean had the chance to discuss it). This is especially evident with Sam, who looks at and motions toward Dean when he says “one of us” aka Dean, will still be around to keep fighting.

Feel free to add to this list if I missed any! 😊

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, we’ve had some good brotherly stuff, and I truly believe it will get better and will have a lot more brotherly scenes in the remaining episodes of the season 😊.

Sam: *itching and jiggling* Man, I think I’m allergic to our soap or something. Dean: *laughs as he walks away.* Sam: You did this? Dean: *continues laughing* Sam: You’re a friggin jerk! Dean: Oh yeah *laughs*

1x17 “Hell House”

No McDanno for some more episodes. Scott wasn’t there filming episode 8.07, and he will also be away for at least 8.08 and the major part of 8.09. That makes just 4 episodes (8.01 - 8.03 + 8.06) in total for our beloved couple.

We know that Scott has injured his left elbow which is also woven into the H50′s s8 plot. We’ve seen the pics of him wearing the brace on the set. So it looks like the first half of s8 has not many broments left for McDanno fans. Let’s hope the second half will reunite Steve and Danny in some great episodes, though my hopes aren’t high. 

It looks like s8 is the season of Kamekona and Jerry and the newbies and all the other charas that were promoted to series regulars all of a sudden. 

Nevertheless, we hoped that PL and the writers would now focus on the special bond between McDanno, as PL was never getting tired of pointing out that McDanno is the heart and soul of H50. And s7 was very promising as well, as we had some episodes that reminded us of the flow of the first 3 seasons.

Season 8 feels kind of disrupted with the main focus on characters who aren’t exactly fan favorites. Sure, the newbies have to be introduced and all. But we doubt they can carry the load or make up for the missing interaction between Steve and Danny. So far PL can’t live up to his promise of more McDanno scenes …


I know that in my weakness I am strong,

but it’s your love that brings me home.

You’re the blood of my blood, we can get through it all.

Brotherly things in season 13!

Season 13 is here and I’ve been debaiting whether or not I should make another list of brother moments/brotherly things between Sam and Dean for this season, but after some thought I’ve decided to go ahead and make another list since I’ve been feeling pretty down in regards to the direction the brother’s relationship seems to be heading this season and I think keeping a list going of all the moments that showcase Sam and Dean’s bond and love for each other will help me stay positive. 

For those of you who weren’t following me at the end of last season, this is simply a list of all of the moments/scenes in Supernatural that showcase Sam and Dean’s bond. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a moment that Sam snd Dean share together, hence why the list is titled “brotherly things” instead of “broments.” For example, Dean being a proud big brother and talking to Mary about Sam going to Stanford would have made the list for 12x02 last year. 

Just a few rules before I add the moments from 13x01: 

  •  If anyone thinks I missed any brotherly things in an episode, feel free to comment or reblog and tell me what you think should be added to the list! This isn’t just a list I’m making for myself but also a disscussion for anyone who loves Sam and Dean and the incredible bond that they share. 
  •  If you reblog this post, please do not use the Wincest tag. I have nothing against Wincest and I follow many Wincest blogs, but I know there are some people out there who may have Wincest blacklisted but still love Sam and Dean’s brother bond and I want them to be able to enjoy the list too. 
  •  Please do not use this list to make fun of, ridicule, or put down destiel shippers in any way. There are plenty of people out there who love Sam and Dean’s bond but also ship Destiel and I want to keep this list as hate free as possible. 
  • I will reblog this post every Thursday after Supernatural airs on the east coast to add the moments from the new episode. 

That being said, here we go! 


  • Dean running inside the house after Sam to find Jack and calling out “Sam! Sammy!” This is a great display of the love Dean has for Sam, as it shows that even though Dean’s best friend has literally just died, he’s still worried about Sam and his first priority is still making sure that Sammy is safe. 
  • Sam calling out “Dean!” when he is locked in the jail cell and the angels are after him and Jack. Sam always calls out for Dean like that when he is worried or scared, and as I said last night, when Sam calls out for Dean like that, what he’s really saying is “Where are you Dean, I need you, I’m scared, please come save me.” 
  •  Sam trying to reassure Dean that there may be a way to save Cas when they are about to burn the body. Obviously Cas was friends with Sam too and Sam also misses him, but you can tell in this scene that Sam is trying to give Dean hope the way that he says “Chuck saved him once before, remember that?” Sam knows how much Dean is hurting right now and he just wants to give his brother hope so that maybe Dean will hurt a little less. 

So I have an absolute FAVOURITE little tiny detail from Baby that I have seen absolutely no one mention yet.

Its right when Dean starts playing Night Moves and the first lyric comes up. 

‘Was a little too tall / could’ve used a few pounds’ 

And then he points to Sam in this adorable little way.  “Bro, you’re tall and skinny, man.” But he’s got this cute little affectionate grin on his face like he adores that about Sam.  How Sam is a little too tall, and thinner than he had been a few years ago.  Like he realizes the song fits even after he starts it.  Its so cute.  And Sam’s little smirk, and shake of his head while he’s sexily buttoning up his rumpled shirt. 

Its just the cutest little moment, and I’ve seen no one mention the lyrics here and Dean’s point at Sam.

Supernatural 12x18 or Wait, did I just witness a good old classic Supernatural episode?

The Memory Remains had everything a lot of things from the early seasons episodes and I really loved it

  • Creepy, did-you-see-it-coming plot and monster
  • Dean having a one-night stand with a random waitress and enjoying it and being carefree
  • Caring, I-hate-my-brother-but-I-love-him-anyway, annoyed, little brother Sam
  • Basically a brother dynamic with brotherly banter but also brotherly love
  • A sick-ass editing (that fight between Dean and Molock/fight against Pete moment was orgasmic) and coloring (talking especially about the light in the cold room)
  • Broment at the end of the episode (that made me cried 10000 times more than usual broments)
  • Basically a Monster of the week episode, with Sam and Dean, about Sam and Dean and the Winchester family