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Redwall Midwinter Miracle: Day 2 part 2

Thanks to @raphcrow for her help with this chapter. Working with you has been a blast., AO3

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Cavern Hole was teaming with activity, even more so than usual with the arrival of travelers. Martin paused at the bottom of the stairs to wait for Rose as she slowly descended the last two steps. He wondered briefly if she had noticed the hollow sound her crutches had made on the middle step, then dismissed the thought. In all the seasons since the moles had dug the secret tunnel beneath the stairs, nobeast had mentioned anything out of the ordinary. Martin was sure that the only other creatures who knew of the hidden tomb were the leaders of the Corim, Gonff, and himself.

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Humanized Martin the Warrior characters and Slagar by WinstonOffbeat1 (DeviantArt)

This is the best thing since sliced bread, honestly.  Their personalities are captured so accurately as humans.

Finished it!!!!!! 

Brome loosing control and being a badass monster.:3

I really really wanted to add more to it, like bg, more frames and effects but for a gif it would have been too heavy. I might do an actual video animation with this once I get back to it but for now have a gif! (I would need another week only on that to add the other frames and everything else.)

Okay but wow, when Brome suddenly realizes that Felldoh is actually different then who he’d imagined it’s so painful to read. It’s important, because Brome is growing up here; he is no longer star-struck and idol worshiping Felldoh because he saw Felldoh murder other creatures right in front of him and watched his own friends be killed before his very eyes because of an action that Felldoh suggested, and then seemingly seemed uncaring about the situatino (though that is not the truth) and Brome’s shock and loss of innocence is so painful to read. But what’s even more painful is knowing that Felldoh realizes what’s going on and that he is losing a close friend, but his revenge is overpowering his need for friendship so he realizes that he truly is alone right now (because he and Brome and been inseperable up to this point) and o www myyy soul