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hi! i'm trying to get back into dmmd, so could you please recommend some of your favourite dmmd blogs? (preferably with not a lot of nsfw?) thank you very much!

hello welcome back to dmmd hell <3 and sorry for replying late!!! ;A;

tbh i don’t really follow a lot of people but i hope this list helps~

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Q1) Why choose this url?
Mage-Chimera is a name my cousin chose for me when I was little. I loved mage classes in games, and Chimera was taken from Final Fantasy Monsters. I had difficulty making names…
Also, Xenosaga x Biolabs of Ragnarok Online.

Q2) Middle Name?

Q3) Fictional Fairytail Pet?
。。。。。。As in anything at all?? I don’t know!~ Red Dragon, tee, hee. Nah, I don’t know.

Q4) Favorite Color?
I love all colors, bromate. ALL. Even those people call ‘ugly’.

Q5) Favorite Song?
Steven Universe songs…. I have too many. Songs I can throw Xenosaga Characters in and stay in my Reverie State.

Q6) Top Three Fandoms?
Ragnarok Somatology Laboratories/Biolabs
Steven Universe
Ha, ha!~

Q7) Tu aimes tumblr-pourquoi? [DID I WRITE THIS RIGHT?!]
Because of[Parce que de?] rare fandoms.

Q8) Tag 9 Tumblr Crushes[or People You Admire]:
ray-xenolabs the-great-bunbutchi fluffymoof auxiliatrixy armaia erdekaiser whitesmith-howard karuna-tan askflamel

HEY! So I just reached 1k a few days ago. Thanks so much lovelies! I decided I would make one of these. Finally 

I tried my best to get all the blogs I was looking for and stuffs. Hopefully I didn’t miss any, but if I did. I’m sorry and I love you. Mutual = bolded. Again, I tried to get all mutuals, sorry if I didn’t bold you when you should be. 

But YES, thank you guys. (PS. Lots of On Point Blogs [both non-yaoi and yaoi. but mostly yaoi.] on this list. Check em out.) 

A - D 

aobs-booty /  aobitsexual aobas-cumface boysyaoiboys / bishie-ass-pornbromatical-murderbertas-dong / bl-fantasies / bokuto-with-a-hatcinnamondaddy / clears-robot-dick / dreaming-yaoi / dmmd–trash dramaticallymurderedqueen / deadlyaoisins / 

E - H 

edisyaoi / fuckyeahexplicityaoi / faggottss / fu-joshira / fujoshichan69 / gayflowerprince / gaynoizes / gay-senpaii / gottalovethempeens / general-yaoi-2 / h4nnky-panky / 

I - M 

i-want-nishinoya-falling-for-me / justaspoonfullofyaoi / jesus-the-messiah / justfujoshi / keep-calm-and-yaoi / lovingnekosexlemon-sweet-pie levis-short-asslaughingyaoi / mister-bite-my-dickmakotoisabottom / 

N - Q  

notyourcupcake /  noizs-pizza / not-so-kawaii-chan / pornorosso / princeloveyaoi / 

S - U  

seis-butt /  strawberry-slut / sousukesbootay / slutty-ukes /  secret-fujoshi / sly-blu3 / the-maple-pimp / thatyaoilife / utterlyhomo / 

W- Y  

weird-yaoi  / yaoi-is-paradise /  youhavetoloveyaoi / yaoi-is-mah-drugyaoifountain / yaoi-never-ends / yaoi-pantsuyay-its-yaoi / yaoi-prediction / yaoioverdose / yaoi-kudasai / yaoiisaneed  yaoi-bum / yaoiisgod / yaoi-dungeons / yagioloi /  yes-bl / yaoismo / your-senpai-is-dead / yaoi-h /