My adorable sibling,
I love you so much, and I’m very happy that I’m able to celebrate another one of our birthdays with you this year. I really hope you had a nice day, and that the year that is gonna come can bring you so many more accomplishments and teach you stuff, and that you grow, not only in age, but also in mind.
I hope with all my heart that we can stick together, and celebrate every time, just to prove that we can make it through, and strength can find us sooner than we ever thought it would.
“Stay forever, even if our fates don’t stay together”
I will always be by your side, even if I’m not close by. And if we’re not close, we will make it work, and work hard until we meet again.
Happy birthday @whensunscollide, and have a cute picture of us, and our bromates. I wish you all the best in the world.
With love, always yours, everyday,
Your Sweetheart.

PS: wait for the memes and your ugly pics on facebook (:

breaking-nirvana-and-greasers  asked:

Chracter breakdown: Sodapop Patrick Curtis

How I feel about this character

Okay, I absolutely love him. I have a soft spot for charming and caring characters and he fits the description. Like, he’s so kind and knows how to comfort people. I thought he was stunning the first time he came on screen. His character story saddens me, though. He doesn’t deserve any of it.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

I never really thought about it? I hate him with Sandy since she did him dirty, but getting with Steve sounds kinda cute, oops.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Steve all the way. Like, I have so many headcanons for their friendship, they are literal soul mates but for bros. Bromates.

My unpopular opinion about this character

It made me kinda sad that he didn’t further his education since I just want the best for him, but, I understand.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon



Just for fun: preparation of elemental bromine from potassium bromide, phosphoric acid and some potassium bromate.

BrO3(-) + 5Br(-) + 6H(+) —> 3 Br2 + 3 H2O

Bromine is a quite corrosive, toxic fuming liquid, therefore it should be handled with care. I wrote a lot from this element in the past, check out the previous posts:

Worldwide they produce a LOT bromine, approximately 750000 tonnes per year and they use it for countless purposes. It’s widely used in Brominated vegetable oil (BVO). It’s a complex mixture of plant-derived triglycerides that have been reacted to contain atoms of the element bromine bonded to the molecules. Brominated vegetable oil is used primarily to help emulsify citrus-flavored soft drinks, preventing them from separating during distribution. Brominated vegetable oil has been used by the soft drink industry since 1931, generally at a level of about 8 ppm.

Oscillating chemiluminescent reaction using a  luminol-H2O2-KSCN-CuSO4-NaOH system. 

Long ago, according to the second law of thermodynamics, chemical reactions could only go one way, from starting material A to product B, since in every natural thermodynamic process the sum of the entropies of all participating bodies is increased. The except is the oscillating reactions, a classical example of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

In 1951 Boris Pavlovic Belousov noted, while investigating the citric acid circle, that in a mix of potassium bromate, cerium(IV) sulfate, malonic acid, and citric acid in dilute sulfuric acid, the ratio of concentration of the cerium(IV) and cerium(III) ions oscillated, causing the colour of the solution to oscillate between a yellow solution and a colorless solution. Belousov made two attempts to publish his finding, but was rejected on the grounds that he could not explain his results (because of the second law of thermodynamics) to the satisfaction of the editors of the journals to which he submitted his results.

During the last 60 years, several oscillating chemical reactions have been described, some of them uses luminol as a chemiluminescent indicator as seen on the above gif. Chemiluminescent reactions are also among the most fascinating demonstrations. Many of these demonstrations can be found in the Journal of Chemical Education.

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A fun Friday video. The city of Los Angeles has a chemistry problem. There are high amounts of bromine in several reservoirs that supply the city with water and when bromide and chloride (salt) ions react with sunlight, they form bromate, a carcinogen to humans. The city’s solution? Spending tens of millions of dollars on plastic balls that block sunlight out of the reservoirs. They also cut down on evaporation, saving hundreds of millions of gallons of water per year. Here’s a gigantic truck filled with plastic balls being dumped into a reservoir near L.A..

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Photo by @GerdLudwig. The surface of the large open-air Ivanhoe Reservoir in Los Angeles is completely covered with over three million black plastic balls, which help deflect UV rays. In 2007, high levels of bromate - a carcinogen formed when bromide and chlorine react with sunlight - were found in its water which prompted officials to look for affordable ways of shading the reservoir. A biologist suggested so-called “bird-balls”, commonly used by airports to prevent birds from congregating in wet areas alongside runways. The balls, which cost 40 cents each, are made of polyethylene, with carbon coating.
The city recently continued with the program, covering the LA Reservoir as well.
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