what is this air you speak of? lol


When Harry went up to Louis on stage and kissed him his said NO…and a few seconds later he said “Stop it”..

I think they are drifting apart and it scares me, it really does, I just want them to be together and be happy…like they used to be..

Yes. Of course I still love Louis but he’s acting like a total dick, managment are changing him, and I think Harry see’s it too, because he’s becoming closer to Zayn, and more affectionate!..If you checked the Zarry tab you’ll see what I mean.

I hate it, I try to hold back the tears and I can’t believe I actually cry over my OTP.

I think, they are drifting. Louis walked away from Harry after that kiss and sat down. He was trying to get away from him.

I looked on the Zarry tab to check. And theres a picture what looks like Zayn kissing Harry close to the lips, and one where they are about to kiss, well thats what it looks like. And there are loads of GIFs of them.

I want the old Larry back. I want the old Louis back…he’s changing.

I hope you guys understand, because it breaks my heart.

Today, Nick, my best mate from Australia came to England for the first time, having given me only two days notice. We hung out with an old friend of mine (Kieran) and talked shit on some dude that Nick now lives with, who we all know, one way or another.

Small world.


The things Youtube recommends me… I am shock.