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I have this modern au where hiccup leaves berk at age 18 after getting accepted to MIT of course in the process breaks up with astrid. I just don't see hiccup sticking around in berk, living the small town life, being all suburbanin a modern setting. He would only visit maybe during holidays and come to care for his father or gobber if they fall ill or something and the town people would act cold towards him.

I am into a lot of this. You also just made me sludge through my modern httyd tag which brought back a lot of feels about it.

So, YES to MIT (or similar). I also like to think Hiccup studies abroad at every opportunity.

Double yes to Hiccup wanting to get out of the small town life. There’s a comfort to it he doesn’t appreciate until he’s out in the Real World™ but for the moment Berk feels like shackles (especially in motorcycle!au)

Breaking up with Astrid? I can kinda see that, actually, but (and I swear I talked about it once, if not, whoops) I feel like they would both say ‘we’re heading in different directions, maybe it’s for the best we put this high-school romance to rest for a bit’. I can more readily see Astrid saying that over Hiccup. Like, she sees him, he’s his usual antsy self, looking at the horizon, and she has this unsettling feeling that she’s weighing him down somehow. So she’s the one who suggests “maybe we should take a break, settle into college, see how things are over winter break, you know?”

And Hiccup’s thrown. He was willing to give the long distance thing a try, and in the back of his mind he has these lingering insecurities telling him that she’s been waiting for an opportunity like this to arise the whole time. He squashes it down, tells himself it’s just Astrid being practical Astrid.

Of course, the next thing he does is wince and say “Winter break? Yeah…” because he’s already looking at these month-long abroad courses and over spring break he was looking at maybe visiting his mother in South Africa and he’s starting to see a real problem because Astrid deserves someone who’s actually there.

So he sighs, ignoring the squeeze in his heart, and agrees. On the surface they’re trying to make it look pragmatic, but inside they both feel like they’re letting the other go because it’s what’s best for the other.

Finally, Hiccup coming back (Gobber had a heart attack?) and the town being like “Oh, sorry, who are you again?” because they saw Astrid over her winter breaks, volunteering at community centers and school plays and generally being involved with the town as she usually was, and they saw her heart broken when Hiccup never came home. And Hiccup missed every major even in town: yule festivities, his father’s birthday that one time, weddings…

So now he’s back, and he’s different, and they’re kind of annoyed that he doesn’t look to be coming back home after college (betrayal!) but instead moving straight on to this stupid unpaid internship at Stark labs?? like the corporate slave he’s clearly become

Love it. Just word-vomited all over this ask, but love it.

So I was rewatching the Celebrity Bromance episode when I noticed something..When the fan approached Jungkook with a snack,he was very flattered and very kindly accepted it…

However,when he later wanted to open the snack,he didn’t open it the way it should be opened,aka like this

…but ripped it from the side.

Why?So he wouldn’t rip the fan’s message and it would remain untouched 

….Jeon Jungkook everybody..he…he is a good soul…

I’m all for Lysandra and Aelin having so much platonic love for each other. Just like - imagine this.

-Aelin and Lysandra running through fields in Ornyth together. Aelin in her fae form and Lysandra as a doggie or snow leopard
-them having cute picnics and talking smack about their husbands
-eating too much food together and lying together under the stars laughing abt how much they hated each other
-talking about Sam and Wesley and just. crying together and hugging each other.
-sharing clothes and having fashion shows in each others rooms.
-being pregnant together and touching each others bellies and gorging on food together.
-raising their children together and encouraging each other when one of them feels depressed or just overwhelmed.
-aelin treating evangeline like a daughter and helping Lys when Evangeline is a tyrant teenager
-sparring together and kicking the males asses and laughing together and the men grumbling grumpily
-having slumber parties!!! Rowan and Aedion are forced to share a bed when this happens and rowan always wakes up and smacks Aedion over the head for cuddling him in his sleep like bless I love them
-Aelin and Lysandra getting mistaken for lovers when they’re out in the streets with their babies
-they laugh and link arms and wander from chocolate shops and clothing shops.
-looking after each others kids so the parentals can have scandalous nights with their mates/husbands
-teaching their daughters to be badass and not let men treat them poorly. Raising their sons to treat women with the utmost respect. Just being awesome sauce mama’s
-just Aelin and Lysandra loving each other and spending time with one another and respecting each other and being basically sisters and I. Love. Them.

Time for Rowan and Aedion’s bromance platonic love

-rowan has never had a brother. He’s unofficially named Aedion his brother in his mind
-sparring together and ending up laughing at each others mistakes and helping one another better themselves
-talking about how much they love their respective females
-Aedion respecting rowan so much bc the male puts up with Aelin’s bullshit
-rowan giving Aedion presents (new blades, and other weapons) and Aedion gettin all emotional
-them having to entertain themselves when Lys and Aelin are out and playing cards and getting drunk and spending time with the former cadre
-grumbling about Aelin’s tendency to not share important plans
-grumbling about Lys always chasing them in her leopard form when they annoy her
-rowan whacking Aedion when he wakes up with Aedion literally spooning him. Lys and aelin never let him live it down
-them teaching Evangeline to fight together. She looks up to them so much BTW. She’s obsessed wit braiding flowers into Aedion’s hair and he let’s her.
-Rowan making fun oft him but dropping everything when evangeline asks to braid his hair
-rowan and Aedion arguing over stupid shit and getting pissy with each other then making up in 8 seconds.
-calling each other “brother” and “boyo” !!!!
-taking their kids on adventures and being the best dad’s ever!!
-them ganging up on the men that show interest in their daughters and Evangeline. High-fiveing each other when the men run away
-hiding when their daughters and Evangeline begin swearing and yelling angrily
-just Rowan and Aedion being brothers and loving each other and being there for one another.

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          “Would that I could have brought some, but I fear they would have surely perished along the way.”  There’s a slight curve upward upon her lips at the tease, as she twists her shoulders ever so slight enough to find herself a better view of the young woman ; surely it’s excuse enough to warrant a journey, a visit, to the streets.  “Though, should I remember correctly, there’s a similar specialty here —-  unless I have been mistaken.”
What I Need The Most - myblueworld - Football RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: It’s love that is calling him back here. No matter how far he has gone, it will always be the one calling him back to his arms

A/N: Based on the song ‘Pirouette’ - Made in Heights

Title: paint spots and teardrops 
Rating: T
Warning: Unrequited feelings and a lot of bromancing
Character: Takamune Kitami
Alternative Moment: His POV, Chapter 5
Song: i found
Summary: Ayato’s losing her. He tries not to remember how she was never truly his to begin with.

Requested By: the very sweet @sakurakamanata! (and her sister, who is a Taka fan. Lol) Here you are, lovely!

Ayato’s not a stupid man.

In all honesty, he’s anything but. He’s made it far in a field that thrives on vicious competition, on spotting miniscule mistakes of those involved, and has conquered with flying colors. He excelled in school, he’s gifted in sports, hell, even with women. On those days where he craves company, or when a particular woman successfully catches his eye, he never has to look far for someone to warm his bed. And in those moments, there’s only one woman whom he really wishes to spent the night with.

So he noticed when things started changing between them.

Initially, he had been elated. Taka is not an easy man to get close to, and she has been in his world since the days of innocence and paper kites. Even then, despite their history, she confides she’s not sure Taka has ever seen her as anything more than a friend of a friend at the very best. The tension between the two weighed on his chest, so naturally, he tried to fix it. Ayato likes fixing things.

He didn’t count on it being more than that.

He saw how her eyes would sparkle when she spoke of him, how her smile would sweeten in a way he craves to be directed towards himself. It was more than her puppy love towards Hiro, and that scared him.

He tried to remind himself of her naturally gracious disposition. She’s like this with everyone- kind, considerate, and more than willing to share her positivity with whomever needed it. He envies her, in that regard.

And yet, what worried him more than anything was Taka’s reaction. The athlete wasn’t one for artificial affection. Hell, Ayato could only think of one woman he had given the time of day, and that five-year relationship was essentially a love triangle with a soccer ball. Suffice to say the soccer ball won that battle. 

So when he saw how Taka didn’t immediately shun her he got suspicious. But it was more than that. The day they went out alone, he saw the way they stood too close to be platonic, how they exchanged shy smiles, how they hesitated to separate after what must have been an excellent date. That the guy would spend time with her of his own initiative was practically unheard of, but this…

This… Ayato wasn’t prepared for.  

And then the guy had the nerve to yell at her.

If he had been in denial of their feelings at that moment, it was aggressively washed away like a tide that rose far too quickly. The way her shoulder’s sagged in disappointment, the way her eyes blinked away dry tears, the way she still looked at him like he was the only thing on her mind-

He couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t.

Somehow, Ayato finds himself standing on the riverbank he nearly regrets showing her, looking on as the man he considers a brother pushes himself with that headstrong intensity Ayato’s always envied.

It takes Taka a moment to notice him, few things can break his impossible level concentration, but when he does his shoulders tense and he scowls. Absently, Ayato compares him to a wolf squaring off against an an opponent painted with the hues of unpredictability.

“You still practicing?” Ayato calls, trying his damndest to be casual. It’s a stupid question with an obvious answer, but it’s the only thing he can think to ask at the time. He needs to let him know he’s not here for a rematch. (Besides, he totally won that fight. Honest.)

It works, it seems, as Taka relaxes just a touch. He runs a large hand through his messy hair, grabbing aimlessly for the water bottle strewn carelessly in the grass, before taking a gracious gulp.

He wipes the water from his lips with a forearm, before finally breaking his silence. “The exhibition match is coming up soon. I need to be ready.”

Ayato notes how his tone darkens with the closing phrase, no doubt the memory of his defeat playing relentlessly in his mind. Taka can be stubbornly obsessive about his victories, and even more so about his loses. He explained once over beers how he considers it to be a blow not only to his team, but more than anything to himself. With every loss he is encouraged to push harder and harder, forcing a stride Ayato’s certain has never been broken.

“Is that why you haven’t been coming around lately?”

It’s true. He hasn’t seen his friend since their fight. It was eerie, almost, how the guy was so close yet like a wraith in his absence.

Hell, even Mika asked about it. Though she quickly dropped the subject when she noticed how uncomfortable they were with the thought of their tall friend.

“I didn’t think I’d be welcome.” His tone is almost sheepish as his eyes flicker to the dewy grass below their feet. He plops down beside the river, finishing his water and tossing it offhandedly to the side.

Ayato doesn’t respond for a while, choosing instead to take in the reflection of the lights on the water. He gets why Taka likes to practice here. It’s out of the way, quiet, and has a stellar view.

The silence is comfortable, unlike earlier. They’re both lost to their respective contemplations, just two companions with far too much on their plates. And, though they’re both far too stubborn to admit it, they’ve never been particularly good at staying mad at each other.

Ayato considers himself to be a very detail-oriented man. Part of the reason he is such a skilled actor is his grasp of human emotion, and the little nuances that really capture how one is feeling. He notes the way Taka pulls up stray pieces of grass, just to drop them and go in for more. He sees the slight furrow of his brow, the tension of his jaw. He sees the way he keeps shifting, like he can’t get comfortable enough to truly relax.

He knows exactly what he’s thinking. He’s been feeling it, too.

“She misses you.”

Taka snaps his head up, incredulous. His expression betrays his mixture of disbelief and hope, as if in his wildest dreams he never thought that’d be the case.

The sheer amount of emotion leaking through made Ayato give a dry smile. He really had it bad.


“I love her, you know.”

He does. He’s loved her for a long time.

He doesn’t know exactly when, he was sure they were older by that point, but eventually he fell for her. She was always there, supporting him with a graceful smile and bright words.

“Yeah,” he breathes, sounding more vulnerable than Ayato has ever heard, “I know.”

He almost tells him to go to her. Almost. But the rejection is still vivid in his mind, a constant reminder of the night he lost her as both a woman, and a friend. He’s not strong enough to be so selfless. Not yet, anyways.

He places a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, and the moment seems somehow familiar. Perhaps it was the time Taka twisted his ankle and was devastated about not being about to play a game sometime in middle school. Ayato had encouraged him then, too. 

Actually, it’s been more times than he can count. Memories flood him like a tsunami, and he curses the fact that they have been letting romantic feelings get between their friendship. They’re partners in crime. That’s not ending, now. 

He swallows his feelings and with a simple smile he knows would make women faint but Taka sees right through, says, “Just… don’t give up on her yet, yeah?”

They’ve always been good at understanding each other.

Now it’s Taka’s turn to probe him for answers. Deep brown eyes, harsh from the lack of light, meet his own. He’s waving a metaphorical white flag, and though it breaks his heart, he knows he’s helpless. He’s giving a blessing that isn’t even his to give.

“Are you sure?” Breathes a raspy voice.

He nods, once, simply. And still, he can’t help but being protective over her, even after all of this. He lets the warning coat his words, “If you hurt her…”

He doesn’t need to continue. 

He sits down next to Taka, not caring that the water from the grass is wetting his jeans or that he essentially just gave up the love of his life to another man. He was surprisingly numb, and there was something freeing about that, he reflectes.

If they’re happy together, the two people he loves more than anyone else in this world, then that’s enough for him.

Allen Leech and Matthew Goode in the Christmas Special.

Ok so confession: I have NEVER played any kind or form of Legend of Zelda, not even poked one with the stick! But after my timeline in twitter got flooded by this mysterious red shark dude that was smokingly attractive I went up and watched a damn play through of a whole Breath of the Wild! And of course now I know that I totally fell in love with Prince Sidon of Zora. For me he is this charismatic eager young adult that tries his best to keep others’ spirit high. He clearly cares for his people and cherishes them while not being stupid and naive, not at least too much ^^ He is freaking Mr. Sunshine! And I damn love to see him in same picture with the Link~
But got to admit that NSFW stuff goes slightly overboard to me with their height and specie differences being so radical. I mean, I totally ship them but I mostly enjoy the bromance that would bloom in something bigger without them even noticing it at first. More innocent kind of love? Like in manga Wild Rock’s sidestory… In my mind, for them them to have physical relationship it would need some changes in Sidon’s physiology ^^