Louis is just the literal definition of go hard or go home like this fucking boy hated tattoos but then his body turned into a canvas of expression then he goes all out to make everyone smile and be happy and just feel good and even the simple things like a ice bucket water challenge he slays the entire planet and gets water poured on him and jumps into a fucking ocean is this boy even human


he owns it, he paid £2.95 million for this house on 28 August 2012,

I paid £3 for this document on 3 July 2013 here.

Case closed, send in the dancing lobsters


Someone has probably already pointed this out but at like 3:40ish the interview asks if they are single and Liam points at Harry even though he’s no the only one who’s single. It looks like he might be reminding him to raise his hand like he needs to be reminded that he is single? Louis also glances at him quickly maybe making sure that Harry does raise his hand confirming that he is single but I may be just over analyzing 

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