Louis is just the literal definition of go hard or go home like this fucking boy hated tattoos but then his body turned into a canvas of expression then he goes all out to make everyone smile and be happy and just feel good and even the simple things like a ice bucket water challenge he slays the entire planet and gets water poured on him and jumps into a fucking ocean is this boy even human


is NOT homophobic

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is NOT racist

is NOT sexist

see: THIS video talking of Louis’ girl band.

and is NOT ugly/a rat.

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Omg I haven't made the 'good girl/blurred lines' connection until now. I honestly think it's not the case, harry wouldn't be that ignorant, i hope, but who knows. We just have to wait a few more days

Nah of course not (I mean, I would unstan, but that’s not a concern), I just want to get the association out of my head because I cannot read any “She’s a good girl” lyrics without hearing that fuckin’ song! I want it replaced by Harry’s voice immediately :) 

Anon 2: i mean i hope since it’s des’s favourite, it won’t be too cringey? prayinggg

Hope not! I guess it’s a sexytime song. I saw that fan’s tweet where she said she asked Harry “how good was she?” and he said “It’s 2pm!” lol :)

Anon 3: Whats wrong with blurred lines. I don’t know but it I think it was hit so I don’t know what’s so bad?

Read the lyrics! 

Anon 4: I thought they said that Good Girl was the name of one of his songs. Obviously it isn’t, but that’s what I remember was said by one of those people who met Irving Azoff.

That was ages ago, yeah, before we had the album’s tracklisting. I guess the “She’s a good girl” lyric must be pretty prominent if Azoff called the song that, and the fan from today’s listening party also mistakenly called it Good Girl

I really, really hope Harry plays it tomorrow on the Today Show!!!.

Anon 5: My kink is bromanceshomance losing her shit about Harry having a gendered pronoun in the song and trying to explain how that doesn’t matter because there’s a little thing called “narration”. Which of course didn’t apply to any of the other songs. Im cackling

Oh my god, yes lol:

Ha ha!

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Oh OK, you don't have to do it now but some blog recs fanfics and timelines would be helpful :) thanks!!

This is so unorganized but I’m publishing because it’s probably helpful and I do not want to lose it because I put a lot of work into it. 

I can only help with Larry, so if you want a different point of view I don’t think I can help, soz. I know some Larry blogs follow non-Larries for a different perspective, but I am too petty to do that lol.

Okay, I’m going to start off with fic recs, because that is by far the easiest for me. I’ll link to the authors tumblr account too, even if don’t follow them. I figure you see if they are someone you want to follow:

The Dead of July by Whimsicule aka an amazing winter soldier AU where Louis is Bucky and Harry is Cap! I haven’t read anything else by them, but based on this fic she’s really amazing.

A Promise Lives Within You Now by sarcasticfluentry is a Middle Earth AU that I adored when I read it. I love this author, so I also suggest going through her page, too!(I recommend YAtB which is a great Harry Potter AU.)

And Then A Bit by Infinitelymint. It’s an amazing non-AU AU canon complaint type fic with the mother of all publicity stunts. Also, another one of my favorite fic writers so I recommend all of her fics, too. 

Landslide is a very interesting fic that is defintely on the more unique side of plot lines. It’s a 70s AU where Harry is a FBI agent sent to investigate a “cult.” 

Anything by LoadedGunn although I will say half of her fics have daddy kink if that’s not your cup of tea lol. Her tumblr.

Escapade by dolce-piccante. I just - it’s just really amazing. Also, read RNTM by her because it’s really good from what I hear, but it’s a WIP and I don’t read those (no matter how much larryappreciation tries to force it down my throat lmao).

Basically the go to blogs for fic recs: intenselouis and modestmgmntofficials. I think theboyfriendstagram could go on that list, but she does more of like a search for fics. Like if people need help finding a fic, she always tries to help. Honestly, they’re all like fic encyclopedias. 

Almost every organized blog out there has a tag for fic, so that’s also helpful.

As for timelines: 

bulletproofhalo does amazing timelines and has very organized tags

I… I honestly thought I had more blogs that had good timelines. Since I don’t, I can recommend blogs that have extensive tagging systems. Lapelosa, bulletproofhalo, bromanceshomance, worshippedlove. Probably more but I can only remember them atm.

Okay more blog recs (some might be mentioned twice. I’m not the most organized and I’m just going through my follow list lol): 

These girls iworkedinabakery, larendipity, and wellingtoncursewhy are my “squad.” We’re in a group chat for iMessage that basically consists of us crying over H&L headcanons, a lot of loving arguments, and a bunch of fic recs and talking about blogs we don’t like lol.

blogs that fanart: datjonah (I think baby gate had her taking a step back though) prettytruthsandlies cyrilliart stillatraceofinnocence (which is prettytruthsandlies nsfw blog) pass-the-pencil akisdoodles … and larry-newbie and yourssincerelylarry do manips

blogs that fan fic: loaded-gunn isthatyoularry infinitelymint 100percentsassy fuzzypurplestuff mizzwilde supernope worshippedlove zarah5undercover (who is, unfortunately, finally leaving her blog :(((() 

blogs that are very heavy on discussion: areyougoodwithyourhands lapelosa vansandburberry diggingandfluff genuinelybelieve tellmethisisnotlove worshippedlove jaw-drops scrufflecake bulletproofhalo bromanceshmomance verily-i-say gossip-candy (who does all the charity stuff which is really effing awesome) lornasaurusrex harrybirthdaytoya sundy srslycris and thisiskatsblog (some of these blogs have very busy personal lives so they don’t post a whole bunch, but they’re helpful)

blogs that are very helpful when you just woke up and don’t know what the fuck is going on: larryappreciation anchoredlou vansandburberry ohthefond stylesforstiles

Now some blogs that I just really like: evancl twerk-it-larry harrybirthdaytoya scrufflecake fuzzypurplestuff laynefaire usa-nglophile nofuckyeahzarry larryappreciation youknowtheendgame cyclonelouis haveyouquitefinishedlouis uptownlarries a-compass-for-his-ship areyougoodwithyourhands jaw-drops …. Everyone I follow. I just listed some of the first people I saw on my dash. I wouldn’t follow people if I didn’t like them.

If you have a twitter, the only account (besides the boys) that I feel is of the utmost importance to follow is LaundryDay1D. They only update when major shit happens. I’ve only gotten a few notifications from them, and it’s handy if you don’t have a phone tree.

These two girls dimplesonfire and allegedlymags run the twitter account Whathappen1d which is an update account that mocks update accounts and it’s awesome. 

takemehomefromnarnia is a nice blog that is basically about showing support for the LGBT+ community in the 1D fandom. They post a lot of history and cool facts about the community and head Rainbow Direction. They have a twitter account too.

I’m just going to stop here. Lmao this definitely got out of hand but there you go lol. I know I still forgot stuff lol.

I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK:  The Harry & Louis Treatise will truly make you want to scream with how obvious they were in the beginning. It’s basically one giant HL timeline.


Someone has probably already pointed this out but at like 3:40ish the interview asks if they are single and Liam points at Harry even though he’s no the only one who’s single. It looks like he might be reminding him to raise his hand like he needs to be reminded that he is single? Louis also glances at him quickly maybe making sure that Harry does raise his hand confirming that he is single but I may be just over analyzing 

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ok but why are all the big larrie blogs so bitter, worshipped love is rude to people literally everyday and goes above and beyond by collecting information on the boy's friends and family from Facebook and on-top of that she drip feeds insider info when it suits her + bromanceshomance just made a mean post about you.

No, Lisa did not? Point me to a single post where I made the claim that it’s impossible. I /did/ say that at this point I have zero information. If there is information that comes in… then I would have information. But I’m also not going to get too stressed out over shady stuff.

Has it occurred to you that messages like THIS stress me out? Messages like this, trying to sow acrimony and division? And a lot of people send messages like this and my basic strategy is to ignore them so that they don’t lower the tone of conversation. But I’m choosing to answer this one because I’m not sure that you are self-aware. You are not observing–you are doing.

It’s like going up to a person and kicking them and then saying, why so upset? You are not observing–you are doing.