bromances make me happy

“근데 니가 마크형랑 밥 먹으러 갔잖아”
But you went to go eat with Mark hyung.


It Happened in Taormina…

I long for warm days, and long shadows. This was taken in the popular fishing village called Marsaxlokk.

The coloured door panels carry the word V AZ ET T, which literally means jar, in Maltese. When I posted this image on Instagram, I asked whether anyone had a back story they were willing to share, and whether ‘vazett’ was perhaps the nickname of the owner. Luckily, and happily, I didn’t have to wait long for an answer, nor was I left suffering from curiosity. 

The grandson of the late home owner came forth to explain how Vazett was his grandfather’s nickname - rather than the word jar, the nickname implied the word vase for a reason I hadn’t expected, at all - apparently the story goes that Vazett had a friend and neighbour whose nickname was Bukkett (vazett u bukkett - it even rhymes <3), the latter meaning a bouquet of flowers - thus together they formed the vase and the bouquet. 

It reads a little like a romance, perhaps it was…  a bromance in Marsaxlokk. These things make me happy. 

concept - Ronan and Blue’s bromance;
-they have sleepovers all the time, especially when blue comes back from travelling but Adam and Gansey are still away
-they binge on so much junk food together and have stupid competitions on who can eat the most pizza in a minute and stuff like that
-they like to drive around a lot and just talk and listen to music (when it isn’t the murder squash song)
-Blue always puts her feet up on the car’s headboard and Ronan acts like he hates it but really he doesn’t mind as he knows she is more comfortable like that and she always takes her shoes off
-Blue painting his nails one time and he is super into it and wants to paint hers
-he is really bad at first but soon becomes a pro
-he dreams the most kickass nail polish that have patterns like galaxy or flowers so they look super aesthetic and pretty
-he leaves bottles around her room for her to find, always with a different pattern or colour
-her favourite is the sunflower one as it is so happy and yellow
-he also dreams her small things like clips and fabric and makes a game of subtly leaving hidden in her room for her to find
-and they never talk about it but Ronan always tries to hide how hard he smiles when he sees her wearing the clips or notices that she has made a new dress from the fabric
-also Blue makes Ronan do her her hair one time
-and it turns out he is amazing at it, especially braids
-so Blue starts rocking the most badass and intricate hairstyles all the time and people always ask where she went to get it done and she just points at the scary bald guy next to her and is like ‘it was him’
-and they always take pictures of their nails and her hair
-which Blue posts to her Instagram and everyone is like how???
-how do they have such good nails and her hair tho
-and Ronan is so happy that people like his stuff but he plays it cool coz he is punk af
-and then Adam comes back and Ronan does his nails and Adam loves the pastels which Ronan thinks is too cute  
-and Adam loves his hair to be played with so Ronan does loads of tiny braids and things
-and Blue is just like these gay nerds are too much


before he starts eating, jongmin makes sure joonyoung gets to eat ♥

I may be a hardcore gratsu shipper but along with that I am a sucker for the gratsu bromance

so imagine a happy ending where Natsu and Lucy get married, and Gray and Juvia get married

they’d be each others best man and make hugely embarrassing speeches for each other with anecdotes of their crazy lives and long winded funny story’s which had little point but so they could laugh together (and at each other) more 

Juvia and Lucy would find out they are pregnant around the same time, along with Levy with her second child (because we all know she and Gajeel will be married wayyy before the others…Jellal and Erza get married around this time - they took way too long)

honestly Gray and Natsu would then probably have competitions over everything to do with parenting with their first children while Juvia and Lucy would just roll their eyes and continue setting up the flat pack cot which the boys had abandoned

then when their kids have grown up and are old enough one of Juvia and Gray’s children start dating one of Natsu and Lucy’s children. the pair eventually get married and all happy but can you imagine Gray and Natsu? They’d both be joking about how they thought they’d be rid of each other after they got married and how now they are going to be saddled together for life (jokingly of course)

but they both cry at the wedding and do a hugely emotional speech together which brings the whole wedding to tears. they also end up falling asleep on each others shoulders by the end of the night while the married couple still dance

as they get older they fight less, the pair still bicker endlessly though (much to the annoyance of their wives and children)

Gray dies in winter, while Natsu does the next summer, both a number of years after their wives and of natural causes. it was much to their annoyance that Gray died first - they’d been in competition to see who could live the longest…typical!

gratsu bromance makes me happy…very happy, plus despite my angsty fanfics happy endings make me melt!

Grady’s dead. Oh wait nope he’s Crazy Eyes McGeez. I don’t care what his actual name is, he’s Crazy Eyes McGee now. I’M AN OUTLAWRRRR.

What is it with people acting rapey around Selina? DAMN GIRL. Tabitha is a goddamn delight. New favorite bromance? New favorite bromance.

“You murdered his moooommmm.” Zsasz makes me happy inside. “Is that pepperoni? :D”. Oh my god this man is criminally underused.


Bob Morley appreciation week Day 3❤️:
(Everybody note the “Blake” hat 😍😂)

“I mean Lincoln and I were bros for an episode, but he left me to go do drugs. I mean it’s war so you can do whatever you want, right?” (Bob on season 3: “Who’s going to be Bellamy’s new bromance”

And this is why his sense of humor makes me happy 😊

I’ve been hit w/ inspiration for Skipp mostly because of Wander Over Yonder omg that show reminds me how I originally intended Skipp to be.. it just makes me happy, yes :^)

But yeah these guys– their bromance is somethin’. Had this image (with this song) in my mind for a while haha ALSO HERE IS A SPEEDPAINT: