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Move over Benry. There is a new bromance in town.

How can you not love what Jason did. Henry looked a little left out after the trailer ( let’s face it, Zack has not used Henry as well as he should) and Jason just seemed to pull him in as if to include him in the joy everyone was feeling.


Shinhwa Minwoo & BTS Jungkook, Celeb Bros S8 EP5 “Older bros are watching

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If this makes you uncomfortable ignore it. What is your stance on the bromance with chilled. I'm not some crazed fangirl. But what is your honest opinion?

We’re best friends. We’ve known each other a long time and we’ve been through a lot together, despite living at opposite ends of the country up until several months ago. We see the bromance thing as something funny and embrace it. But we do shake our heads sometimes when some people see it as something serious lol.

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here's a theory; jikook are dating and they are obvious when left alone (a la vlive they did by themselves) so now, others are stepping in to make sure people don't realize how REAL they are (like the rest of the members), anD that's why the editing emphasized "jungkook's mom" thing (lets be real, jimin's like the last person for that) editors were doing everything they can to make jikook seem less gay than they really are.

This is for you @drpuffles and all the other Jikook shippers staying strong out there

They had just finished their rehearsal for their second Epilogue concert in Japan when one of the managers approached them with an unusually serious expression on his face.

“We need to film the reaction to Jungkooks Celebrity Bromance today after the concert. MBC can’t wait for us to come back if they want it edited in time to air.”

“Okay we can do that! Jin and I will make time after the concert-” Namjoon started before he was quickly cut off by the manager.

“No no. We already talked to MBC. It’s going to be Jin and Jimin.”

Jimin perked up. He’s already been watching all the maknaes broadcasts. It would be fun to comment on them with Jin.

“But…I don’t..are you sure manager-nim?” Said Namjoon. 

The manager gestured for Namjoon to follow him away from the group and they began talking in low voices. Most of the members scattered not too concerned with the situation if they weren’t going to be involved. Only Jin and Jungkook seemed to be watching Namjoon and the managers discussion. Namjoon shook his head a few time looking displeased but he eventually hung his head and nodded before rejoining the group.

“Okay its decided. Jin and Jimin we’ll go over the skits that MBC has planned so you know the direction of your broadcast,” said the manager before walking away.

Jimin was a little shocked, not realizing that they would be guided on what they would say. But he wasn’t too worried about it and they all left to shower and rest before the concert.

The concert had ended and maknae line plus Jin had just ended their V live broadcast. The manager who had been recording for them set the camera down.

“Okay you guys finish up we need to film this segment for MBC so I can send it over tonight.”

Tae and Jungkook both got up and said their good nights before leaving for their respective rooms.

“Okay so they want to highlight the relationship that Jungkook shows with Minwoo versus the relationship he shows with the two of you. The idea that you treat him the same as Minwoo does but he doesnt treat you guys that way. Jimin they’re going to be labeling you Jungkookmam like during debut. So we need to see that relationship on camera.” With each word the manager spoke Jin’s face grew more concerned and Jimins face grew sadder.

“But that’s not true. I mean Jungkook does care about me. He can be a brat but he’s…we’re…well you know.”

Jin put his hand on Jimin’s thigh and squeezed.

“We know Jimin. it’s just a show. Don’t worry. it’s variety. It’s not real.”

“Jimin I’m sorry but MBC liked this idea and the managers think this is a good idea. We know that you and Jungkook are…well that he doesnt…the point is that we need to do this so please just do your best.”

Jin could tell that Jimin really didnt understand. But he would always do what he’s told so he just nods “Okay lets do it then.”

The whole recording was a little hard. Jimin had trouble getting his words across. Constantly having to rephrase what he wanted to say in his head to make it seem like Jungkook still treated him coldly. Jin definitely helped though constantly making him laugh. Jimin hoped that the broadcast would be enjoyable. He could barely remember everything he said once it was all over.

“That was good Jimin, Jin. We’ll send it right over. You guys did great. Go get some rest.” said the manager as he swiftly left the room.

Jin simply hugged Jimin tightly before heading out to his own room.

Jimin crawled in bed with a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knows Jungkook cares for him. Everything he just said wasn’t true. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe he was wrong.

A week passes and they all continue on with their schedules. The idea of the MBC broadcast mostly leaving Jimin’s mind with all the practice and schedules they still had. Finally it was Tuesday. Jimin saw the post from MBC since BigHit retweeted it; reminding him that it aired that night. The feeling he had before returned.

Normally he doesnt watch the broadcast as soon as it airs. But this one he couldn’t help it. At 10:45 PM he was already in his bedroom phone on his chest headphones in waiting for the broadcast to be posted.

Finally at 11 PM it was up and he began to watch. He watched himself talk about Jungkook not caring about him. He cringed when he saw himself force out the words that Jungkook doesnt feel for him at all. He really regretted agreeing to this broadcast now. What would the fans think. 

There was only a few minutes left and Jimin was about to just shut the thing off seeing as how he only watched the show for Jungkook when there was a sudden knock on his door. He sat upright pulling his headphones out.

Tae was away filming and JHope was supposed to be at the studio. He wouldn’t knock anyway. Jimin got up and opened the door. standing there looking nothing short of pissed off was Jungkook.

He walked past Jimin before turning around with Jimin quickly shutting the door and turning to face him, shock on his face. 

“Why did you say those things hyung?”

“Wh…what?” Jimin was completely caught off guard.

“I was watching the broadcast. Why would you say that?” said Jungkook.

“What do you mean? What did I say?”

“That I don’t care about you. That I don’t treat you well. That I don’t feel for you at all!” with each sentence Jungkook managed to get more worked up.

“Jungkook please calm down. It was just for broadcast, I mean it was a joke…mostly. Anyway what’s the big deal if you feel for me or not…” Jimin felt that sickening feeling creeping back in.

Jungkook stepped towards Jimin putting his hands on his shoulders forcing Jimin to make eye contact with him.

“How could you think that Jiminie-hyung. After everything that’s happened. After all this time. Hasn’t everything I’ve done. Everything I’ve tried to show you. I know I’m not very good at it, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. But I thought you knew how I felt. I thought….I thought everyone knew how I felt. Why did you say those things?”

Jimin was shocked to see that Jungkooks eyes were shining. As if he was about to cry. Jimin instantly felt so stupid. Why did he let that stupid broadcast get to him. Why did he let the managers convince him to do it. Good intentions aside him and Junhkook had comes so far. Jimin quickly wrapped his arms around Jungkook slowly pushing him back towards Jhopes bed. Jungkook was surprised but went along with Jimin, falling onto Hoseoks bed and letting Jimin fall beside him arms still around his waste, Jimin’s head resting on his shoulder. Jungkook was quick to wind their legs together, wrapping his arms firmly around Jimin in return.

“I’m sorry Jungkook. it was a mistake. I know it’s not true. They asked me to say it and…I shouldn’t have.”

“It’s okay hyung. I was just worried that after everything people still thought I didnt like you. That you thought I didnt like you. When I, well I like you a lot” Jungkook looked away from Jimin shyly yet tightened his hold on him.

“I know Kookie. I know. I know how you feel about me.”

‘I’m tired of people seeing us this way. And I’m tired of feeling like I can’t show people how much you mean to me”

“It’s okay Jungkook. They don’t matter. And you show it enough. You show it a lot. So much so that I think the managers are just worried.”

“Well I don’t care about them. I care about you.”

“I know Jungkook. I know” Jimin pressed his fingertips to the worry lines on Jungkooks forehead until he finally relaxed. They stayed there until they fell asleep. Only waking up to Hoseok yelling at them to go ‘cuddle in their own beds’, which they did.

Look out world I have too much time on my hands. This was probably boring and uneventful and not well written and its definitely unedited but I wanted to get this out of my head!