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I’ve been thinking about season 7′s poor writing and how because of it abandoning the basics of executing plot development, characterization and storyworld building, it reveals the cracks of how changing storylines from season 5 has caused a lot of issues in the story now:

  • Sending Sansa to Winterfell instead of letting her be in the Vale as in the books and fusing her storyline with Jeyne Poole’s fake!Arya storyline took away showing Little Finger’s prowess as a politician and the lessons he gave Sansa, took away Sansa’s journey her experience her running the Vale without her real name and seeing the hints of what she would be like in a leadership position. The show stopped thinking Little Finger was that important because it skipped this plot when he’s literally the person who started the War of the Five Kings and makes Sansa become tap into the potential of who she becomes, waiting to outwit him. 
  • Reducing the importance of Dorne has had dire effects on the show’s treatment of the story because it trivializes Elia Martell rape and death, makes her children more abstract, and takes away the element of Dorne being a bit like the North in that “Dorne remembers”. By simplifying Doran Martell as a useless, good king it removed the elements of him plotting to have Arriane, who again was removed, married to Viserys and in taking down the Lannisters, the gender politics in Dorne and how Quentyn approaches Dany later. Also by changing the characterization of Ellaria and the Sandsnakes it makes them more as catty women with sexualized dialogue than being more than that. Overall it ignores how it all ties back to Robert’s rebellion, and how the story revolves around the Targaryens, Starks, Lannisters and ALSO the Martells. 
  • Because the show never gave the needed focus and layering of Dorne, it didn’t care to explore the fake!Aegon, supposedly the son of Elia and Rhaegar, angle. Scrapping the fake!Aegon plot was a mistake because not only do we see the aftershocks in Jon’s storyline in season 7, it also starts dampening Varys’ storyline and his political prowess in putting his creation on the throne, like Little Finger is trying to do through Sansa. Varys would know that he wouldn’t be able to control Dany, which is why he’s so ineffective in these seasons reduced to just bromancing Tyrion and having no air of plotting and mystery behind him. So they dumbed him down and made him all about being good, when it’s not that simple. Dany considers marrying fake!Aegon while she’s still in Mereen as she would have married Viserys once and he would be the same age, and now I don’t know how much of the Jon/Dany plot was fusing Aegon/Dany into it. In fact, I don’t think Jon was ever named Aegon or anything by Lyanna. This is just D&D’s boner for the Powerful Targaryens and wanting to show Jon as the chosen one TM not really understanding the story. 
  • Elia and Rhaegar’s marriage would never be annulled in the books because Targaryens practised polygamy and Rhaegar would want his three children to be the three heads of the dragon. He wouldn’t make his first two children illegitimate for his love for Lyanna. Also, by removing fake!Aegon and the making the annulment happen, it simplifies the politics of succession that would exist with people thinking of succession and who is rightful while Dany is Aerys II’s daughter; fake!Aegon is Aerys II’s son’s supposed son - legitimate or illegitimate; Jon, Aerys II’s son’s son from his second marriage. I prefer the idea that the three headed dragon is them being pitted against each other in a civil war and the dragons ending the bloodline themselves
  • Reducing the importance of Robert’s Rebellion being a lie to romanticize Rhaegar and Lyanna’s relationship and Jon being the clear rightful heir to the throne, when it couldn’t and shouldn’t be that easy. It does no dwelling on how the line of succession is broken by Robert’s conquest or how Jon wouldn’t be the obvious choice if Elia’s son was in the running. It abandons the question of if Stannis or Robert’s bastards have more claim to the throne in the presence of Targaryen heirs. It doesn’t dwell on Elia’s point of view at all or delve into the complications even in Lyanna running away with Rhaegar willingly and how it couldn’t have been that rosy considering his family killed hers. It simplifies how complicated history is and how this one lie doesn’t mean the opposite of what happened and even condones Rhaegar and Lyanna’s actions in what started off a war that tore the continent apart. 
  • Abandoning the Lady Stoneheart storyline has led to D&D fusing it with Arya’s and being very inconsistent but wanting to show her as a cold, murderous assassin? It reduces the depth of Arya because they think she exists merely to assassinate convenient people. 
  • Making Dany literally unburnt because she survived one special event because of the dragons makes her seem all powerful and immortal when she’s just as capable of being burnt even if she can tolerate higher temperatures. It dehumanizes Dany and makes her yet another fantasy stereotype, not still a mortal in this high-fantasy. Thus taking away the stakes of “Anyone can die”. 
  • D&D abandoning the warging abilities of the Starks and their connection to their direwolves beyond just Bran being capable of it started off a butterfly effect of them forgetting the importance of Northern mythology and made Bran’s greenseer abilities seem too disconnected and odd that later on, Bran, direwolves and Northern mythology would be dealt with rather reluctantly, and Bran would become more of a plot device. Direwolves are as important as dragons and this is a huge part of the story, which D&D would rather ignore. Also, because of this lack of folklore and the inability to distinguish myth from history, the Others lose their air of mystery and become just blue zombies who are coming to kill the living. It takes away from this narrative of them having intelligence, like them killing people and arranging them in ways as a form of a message. Watch the pilot and you’ll remember how scary they used to be once. Now there’s no symbols or messages left hence it’s basically Walking Dead. They’re not scary.
  • Abandoning Jaime’s redemption arc and his distancing from Cersei, and Cersei being unable to love Jaime because of his lost hand revealing the narcissism in their act of incest that fades when she can’t see him as a mirror image reduces GRRM’s commentary on incest in Westeros and how it connects to the Targaryens. Making Cersei smarter than Tyrion unlike the books because of superficial feminism ignores the fact that Tywin didn’t snub Cersei because she was a woman but because she wasn’t as smart as she thought, and also reduces Tyrion to being more emotional than calculative when it comes to politics thereby reducing his contribution to Dany’s storyline in revealing before season 7 more clearly how Dany is an ineffective ruler. I’m not saying Cersei isn’t smart, but not as smart as Tyrion. I’ve said this before: reducing the importance of the politicans like Tyrion, Little Finger and Varys takes away the complexity of this story and how they are the people in the story who move characters and the plot, even while they don’t stand out as much as the war heroes and kings and queens. 

Basically, these changes reveal that they probably never really understood the point of this story in terms of characterization, politics or mythology. Now without GRRM and especially without their concern to make this show still seem like Prestige TV but rather just another fantasy show with high CGI budget, their lack of talent is showing. 

NEWS - Goblin stars Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook pledge to work together again, to continue ‘bromance’

The special episodes of Goblin aired on 3rd and 4th February and revealed some behind-the-scenes clips from the drama. This gave the viewers a more detailed look as to how the work was done and the drama went on to become one of the greatest Korean hits of 2016.

The special episode also revealed that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook became too close to each other while filming for the drama. In fact, they often came up with ideas all by themselves to make the drama more interesting and engaging for the viewers. They were most of the time on point with their decisions, and often the scenes made it to the final cut.

The chemistry of Gong and Lee on-screen was adorable and their “bromance” never failed to engage the viewers. The Goblin lead actor Gong Yoo expressed his wish to work with Lee Dong Wook again in another drama. Well, this is not really surprising knowing how well the viewers received the duo and loved their chemistry.

The Grim Reaper of 'Goblin’ also expressed his mutual interest in working with Gong Yoo in the future stating, “Dear Mr. Goblin, Gong Yoo. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again, I think we can have more fun.”

Among other revelations was the amount of hard work that the production team went into. There is no doubt that the scenes in Goblin were impressive and almost each and every episode brought a movie-like treatment with it like during the Goryeo era battlefield, and the scene where Goblin is sinking a great ship into the ocean.

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Request for: @sama1314

Pairing: Reader x Cas, Reader x Crowley

Word count: 490


“Y/N,” Crowley popped his head in your bedroom door. “Hello, darling.”

You let out a small screech and leaped off of your bed. “Crowley? What the hell! How did you get in here?”

“The wards on the bunker are down.” You jumped at the sound of Castiel’s voice coming from behind you.

“Cas?” You asked in disbelief.

He gave you a small smile. “Hello, Y/N.”

“What are you doing here, Giraffe?” Crowley shot Cas a tight smile.

“I wanted to ask Y/N on a date.” Castiel spoke proudly.

“Y/N needs a man.” Crowley walked over to you and lazily draped his arm across your shoulders. “Not a baby in a trench coat.”

“I can still smite you, Crowley.” Cas grumbled, walking closer to the two of you.

“Would you two stop arguing?” You muttered, shaking Crowley’s arm off of your shoulders.

“She likes me more.” Cas smiled at your defiance.

“Only a blind person would like you more.” Crowley scoffed. “Or Moose. Moose seems to be quite fond of you.”

“Crowley.” You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Don’t be rude.”

“Love, I’m just telling the baby angel the facts.” Crowley shrugged.

“I seem to remember your bromance pretty well.” Cas countered, adding air quotes around bromance.

“Well someone had to order my fruity drinks, angel.” Crowley retorted.

“Do not call me angel again unless you plan on buying me dinner first.” Cas told him.

“Cas?” You asked, trying hard to control your laughter.

“I heard the television say that.” Cas told you, clearly proud of himself.

“Congrats,” Crowley slow clapped. “You’re finally catching up with modern day society.”

“Yes I am.” Cas smiled.

“Right,” Crowley drawled on before turning his attention back to you. “So love who’s it going to be?”


You looked at Crowley and smiled. “Pick me up at eight?”

“Of course, love.” Crowley placed a kiss on your forehead. “Wear something fancy.”

“Fancy?” You asked.

“You should always give your queen the best.” Crowley smirked. “I’ll see you in a little bit.”

With that, Crowley snapped his fingers, leaving you time to get ready for your big night.


You looked over at the radiant angel standing next to you and leaned into his side. “You. If you still want to take me out.”

Cas smiled from ear to ear. You had never seen him like this before. “Y/N, I have always wanted to take you out on a proper date.”

“Really?” You asked, beaming.

Cas blushed. “I think you are the most beautiful human my Father has ever created. And you have the most pure soul I have ever met.”

You felt the heat rise to your cheeks. “Pick me up at eight?”

“I will see you then.” Cas grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it before disappearing. You ran over to your closet, desperately trying to find the perfect outfit for tonight.


#30 Day NHL Challenge
#Day 12

My favourite bromance on and off the ice is Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher, or in other words, the Gallys.

They are just the best of friends on and off the ice and it’s great to watch. They will fool around and crack jokes whenever they’re together. You’ll see videos of these two arguing about random stuff which always manages to make me laugh. As you can see in one of the pics, Brendan seems to make it his life mission to prove to everyone that Alex is actually Russian and not American even if he was born in America.

What I also love about them is that they always have each other’s back. During a game, you will often see Alex get pissed off if someone starts a fight or hurts Gallagher which is exactly what happened in the last pic. I see it happen so many times when I watch their games and my family doesn’t understand why I think it’s cute. They do not see just how adorable they are together.

You can’t lie and say that they aren’t the best bromance/best friends in the whole world because they are. I love them so freaking much and they are perfect ❤️


In which Raichi realises Eijun has quite the nice smile. 

But seriously, i love these two so much whether its a bromance or romance. I need more canon interactions like i need air pls. 

I can picture them getting along so well in my head. Its canon that Raichi is pretty shy off the field, and because of Sawamura’s super outgoing nature, i can see their friendship working because Eijun’s unlikely to give up just because someone’s quiet. And at first all they would talk about is baseball (common interest) and about how they admire each other’s own style of play which allows Raichi to get comfortable. Then it would branch out to other topics and soon they’re both texting about the manga Sawamura lended out lol. But rip, i have a lot of feelings about these two. 



Bromance Is In The Air! Rami Malek Hanging Out With Jimmy Kimmel Again! This Time In A Updated Hipster Version Of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” Skit.  I Cant Wait For Him To Host SNL At Some Point Or Be In An Episode Of GIRLS.  Reblog Please And Thanks!