Let me just talk about Javi (er) Fernández

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This beautiful man right here has just made history yoi by winning the first Olympic medal in figure skating for Spain. 

But let me just talk some more because we don’t deserve this man.

Spain does not have an ice-skating tradition, and therefore it’s very difficult to train (and for figure skating figures to appear). So, yeah, basically dreamer against all odds

Picture it, a Spanish boy which wants to skate (WhAt?!), family must be like: okay, just a few years and the kid will forget. 

How about NO

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Damn the boy is good, but if he  wants to get better he has to go somewhere else because we don't have ice ranks here.

He goes to freaking Canada and spends most of his life there, which you would imagine, is awfully hard because, hello? family and friends maybe 12h away???

In fact in an interview he said“Es un deporte que desgasta mucho físicamente y en mi caso también el estar fuera de casa y alejado de los míos es un aspecto que con el paso de los años hay que tener en cuenta”

“(Ice-skating) is a sport which wears you away physically, and in my case, being far from home and away from my family is an aspect which -with the years- should be taken into account too” 

(I love him please send him home)

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Also, he’s almost 27, which as many of you know is ‘old’ for figure skating as the damage their bodies suffer is so brutal that someone in their twenties is considered old.

This is one of the reasons as to why he was so eager to win the medal, because, unlike other skaters, it may be his last chance to do so

(look at my boy, aggressively spanish) 

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It’s not his first time at the Olympics, in 2014 he was left at the doors of the podium (4th place) because he failed a triple Salchow, which he has said has been in his conscience ever since.

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And last but not least, you know this boy  angel   my son right?

Double Gold medal, Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Well, Yuzuru and Javi train together in Canada and have become best friends (Javi calls Yuzuru his skating wife)  

Javier has said the following:

“With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are teammates, at some point we have to be rivals. (…) When we are on the ice we are competing against each other but when the competition is done, we are friends again and we work together again.”

In fact, Yuzuru said this after having won:

“Without Javi I wouldn’t have gone to Canada, I wouldn’t have been able to endure the hardships of training either”


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(If you want to see more about this bromance http://time.com/5162460/olympics-2018-yuzuru-hanyu-javier-fernandez-bromance/ ))


BROMANCE: a story of an idea of a project that might be a video game one day, who knows, maybe. It’s a project I really hold at heart, and I realized I drew quite a lot for it. It’s still developing, like a little plant, and I hope one day it will be a nice tree bearing fruits (see what I did there).

So here’s a SUPER 2017 POST that summarizes everything that was revealed this year about the project! Of course, there’s more to come, I’m not leaving that project alone.

Hector Perez (on the left) and Nicholas Roy (on the right) met at a really young age. Their friendship was born from odd events… that will eventually be explained. But let’s just say they became fast best friends and were pretty much always together. Fun note: even if it doesn’t seem like it, Hector is quite older than Nicholas.

As they grew older, they stayed by each other’s side, and decided to go live together as room-mates. When together, they usually enjoy spending time in front of videogames….

(Until very late hours)

Watching movies (usually Mary Potter, which is Hector’s favourite series)…

Buying silly stuff on Mamazon.

Doing dumb shit.

Oh. And battling gods, monsters and weird stuff too. Normal bro stuff.

But when they can, they pretty much avoid it, thanks to their bromance being a bit contagious.

Actually, they are usually the ones to get attacked.

But more often than not for simpler reasons than it seems.

Sometimes, things end not too well…

And sometimes not well at all…

Hector is a wizard. Since his young years, he always was interested in the different paths of magic the world had to offer. His grandmother left him her “cooking book” at her death. Reading between the lines, Hector realized it actually was her grimoire, full of potions, spells and other fun stuff for him to learn.

Since then, he was able to develop his magic skills. He’s doesn’t think he’s that great yet, but people tell him it’s neat. Old Mexican powers, Cigarette Spells, Demonic Healing, Summoning, Cheap Commercial magic… Hector has a whole world to discover.

It can be hard to study magic, but it always ends up useful. And not only in battle!

Hector works a Dome Hepot in the Gardening section. He mostly works here to have an easier access to ingredients for his potions, slacking off most of the time (to the deep displeasure of his boss).

Nicholas is a knight. Well… a self proclaimed knight. He always was a sportive type, but stopped since a few years to work full time. He gladly takes the hits for Hector during battles (who then has to stitch Nicholas up).

He still tries to stay somewhat in shape to always be ready and active. Some could say he does that to impress his best friend…

But secretly, he’s jealous of Hector’s magic, and thinks it would be so rad to be able to impress him with his own. Sadly, he doesn’t really have the predispositions for it. Nonetheless, he still practices, in private, to maybe one day cast his first spell.

Nicholas works as a waiter in the restaurant called Infini-Tea. He really likes his job, where he can meet a lot of people… and strange shadowy ghosts in the mirrors filling the restaurant (the place being a mirror shop beforehand).

Also, fun fact, Nicholas has about 1000 exes. He falls in love quite easily, and loves a lot of people, often at the same time. He’s for open relationships, and has a bit too much love to give.

He has peculiar exes. For example, Captain Shark, a sailor with a tragic story of seas, sharks and death. He also seems to have a baby shark on his head for some reason?

Nicholas missed the many lovers he lost. His heart seems to never be at rest. He also seems to want to get closer to Hector… maybe to Bromance change into Romance at one point?

Hector doesn’t seem to be interested in that idea.

But who knows what will happen between them. (Note from author: I do. I freakin’ do)

Summoning demons.

(Who then stay on the surface and go work with Hector at Dome Hepot)

Going to conventions.

Enjoying (or not) winter.

Waiting for buses under the rain.

And pretty much trying to find a meaning to living.

Bromance. The story of two guys who are not sure about the future. And who battle monsters.