We love a good bromance…as should we all. 


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Am I the only one excited to see Isaac trying to be Scott’s new bestfriend? No, listen to me. If he becomes Scott’s new bestfriend then that makes Scisaac canon. Then Stiles will be so angry and talk to Derek about it and then they will become besties. That makes Sterek canon. :3 Me gustaaaa! ^_^

“Here’s the end, so expected and yet so early.”

Today our stage ends. Around five years of a close friendship which has to develop into something bigger, something wonderful, but placeless.

Now it is easy to know why we were bound to each other. We have grown up in the hardest times of our lives and we did it together, as a crutch for a cripple. I have tried my best to encourage you to make your biggest bet, to find yourself wherever it takes you. 

It’s going to be hard to find myself discovering new places in the United States and arriving home not having you there to tell you how it’s been. As well as it’s going to be hard when something goes wrong and I am not able to ask you for advice. It will also be hard to find a friend capable of understand my needs and my ambitions. I’m not even going to try, I already have you. Whether you’re in the Netherlands for a year or for an entire life, I know I’ll still have you.

I want you to know how proud it makes me to have you by my side, frater.

So here we are, about to leave each other, about to leave it all. But listen, we are ready.

I want you to make hard choices, to get lost, to find yourself a thousand times if you need so. I will be there to catch you if you get lost. 

Trust your instincts. Do your business as a genius. Train as hard as you can everyday. Learn every lesson. And come back smarter and stronger.

I am looking forward to see how good you did it.



>Playing BFH as a Mechanic on Hotwire
>getting wrecked, but racking up points in a target sedan
>form epic bromance with driver, Fix his car when needed all that stuff
>Drive down a road we’ve been ignoring, repair him
>out of no where a cop car rams us, driver comoroses, “thank you” and “sorry” phrases
>guy in cop car RPGs us
>match ends, and so does the bromace.