We love a good bromance…as should we all. 


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man I miss Tay. I miss hams and lil C too. I miss the low key living room chills. but I am also really glad that we are all spending some time away from each other. Its good to breathe and grow in different directions. we don’t adore each other all of the time but I know that they are turning into such great people. I’m really lucky that they let me tag along and catch candids along the way. idk its super cool to me…

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Ontae: taebaby loves his hyung & it shows. He loves it when onew calls him mature or a good singer…...Jongyu: they make fun of eachother the most but understand where they both lack and so help eachother…...Onho: the ultimate brotp, the bromace is there for all to see. Minho begs for attention & gets it too…....Onkey: they really do get eachother, they only look & know how the other is coping. This makes u realize why they are call them married couple both in japans & Korea.

Now it makes sense hahaha what about the other couples then? (sorry I find this interesting hahah)