broly ssj

I love how FGO progresses so bombastically, like, at first, you are fighting Bad King Arthur and Bad Jeanne d’Arc, which, considering everything else the Fate franchise has, is pretty tame, subdued, and a fitting Early Game, then you go on to fight Thomas Edison, who is a rainbow laser lion man, and Not Bad But Dedicated To His Designated Role This Time Around Cu Chulainn and Medb in the American Revolution with support from Florence “Panty Melter” Nightingale and Gero-fucking-nimo, which is wild all by itself and memorable, and then you have the end game, in which you literally punch Primordial Goddess Tiamat square in the face after The Hassanest Hassan deletes her system32, making her vulnerable and susceptible to your face punches, and go directly from that to fighting The Entire Ars Goetia hiding under a trench coat, who then turns into SSJ Broly and you fight that too, which is exactly what every game should end like.