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Swiggity swox, I'm in your ask box. Share 10 things about yourself and then pass this on to your 10 most favorite followers! \(•◡•)/ ~ ❤

:D ❤! I love these things.

  1. A deer stole a waterbottle out of my bag while I was petting a kangaroo
  2. 95% of the crisps I eat are Salt & Vinegar flavour
  3. Colin Morgan’s spit has landed on my face
  4. I got attacked by one of the Giant Tortoises at college. He chased me around the desk.
  5. I have a Betta named Pendragon but I call him Penny so I can quote Desmond from Lost at him. He is a pretty red crowntail, with a few flecks of blue ❤
  6. dogs
  7. Some famous football person sat next to me on the train once and I still have no idea who they were. For the whole 30 mins people kept shuffling around the packed train to come up to them for photos and autographs and talking to them about the game. x___x
  8. One day I will take a picture of someone from the Merlin cast with my dog. I am determined. This will happen somehow. It is my pointless dream.
  9. My house was struck by lightning when I was 5 and it made the local paper
  10. I did a reverse image search on google for one of my drawings, and found that this Korean travel blog (?) had taken it, edited it and written on it so I google translated what I could and just… “The wolf spawns with the camel"
    ?????? I wish I could understand what’s actually written on the picture because I laughed for like 10 minutes


iamnotsebastianstan  asked:

Tag! Share ten facts about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers. :D xx

Oh my gosh. :D Okay, here it goes:

#1 - I held a Koala when I went to Australia, and now every time I remember that moment I end up thinking about that picture of Colin Morgan instead of my real memories.

#2 - I have a whole dog skeleton in a box in my room

#3 - My childhood bedroom looked like this 

#4 - My grandparents live in my attic. Well, newly converted attic.

#5 - I have very dexterous feet and long toes.

#6 - I painted all my two years worth of GCSE art coursework in the night before it had to be handed in and I got an A (extreme procrastinating, do not recommend)

#7 - I lied about my A, because the girl I sat next to and was friends with got a B, and she did all her coursework on time and worked really hard (and was a bloody good & passionate artist) so I told everyone I got a B too and now I feel bad about lying as well as getting an A and oh idk

#8 - I like avacado & marmite on toast

#9 - dogs

#10 - There’s is a 90% chance that at any given time I am thinking about something relating to Merlin

I might tag people later. ^^

well, this is my first follow forever !!!!!!!!! 

i just wanted to say you’re all amazing people and deserve the best. i love you guys !!!!! <3 

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I thought it was about time I made one of these ;)

All these blogs make my dash a more magical, funny, beautiful, asdfghjkl and epic place to be.  Whether its beautiful graphics, flawless tags, Merthur analysis that make me cry, copious amounts of Colin Morgan,  or they’re just wonderfully brilliant people, whatever the reason,  I love each and every blog and they make me feel at home :)  So I just want to say thanks to everyone here because seriously, I would not have been on Tumblr this long if none of you were here because you make it the experience that I love, and the reason I literally have no life!! ;)

I had 500 blogs to go through so this was really hard :(  And I’m sure I’ve missed out some great blogs but please know I love all you guys :)  


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I hope all the links work :p This took me hours lol so any mistakes are due to a tired fangirl!! 

 And theres way too many people to thank who have supported me with kind messages when I’ve needed them most so a huge thank you to you xx





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