Coffee Shop AU [Harry Potter/Tom Riddle]

Based on:

[From and the AU idea from ’s post.]

Pairing: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle
Warning: AU/No Magic.

The sun streamed through the windows, catching on the small crystal figurines that hung around the small coffee shop. He had always thought they gave the shop a more mystic feel, making it unique versus the other shops on the block. It certainly brought in the more unique individuals, especially the young college students.

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brolininthetardis replied to your post: I was driving home from the grocery store,

uhm, this is PRETTY MUCH the story of how i got my best friend into merlin and what we do in her car now whenever that song comes on because she put it on a CD


i make my brother do all the hand motions etc whenever he’s driving with me even though he doesn’t watch :|

This is my ‘Merlin waiting for Arthur’ song and be warned it hurts your soul a bit.

(mp3 download link here)


Don’t wait now don’t take long I can’t find you

I am lost with my destiny of you

I counted days but now I’m counting years

Not losing hope but losing fears

And he was right; we lived long in their minds

But you’ll live longer in mine

And he was right; we were two sides of the same coin

But was he right this time?

Oh oh please come back like you promised me

I’m dying everyday inside

But oh oh, it’s not the waiting that’s the death of me

It’s that I miss your smile

It’s that I miss your smile

Don’t wait now don’t take long I can’t find you

I am lost with my destiny of you

Oh rise up, return my friend

We need our king to start again,

I need my king to start again

I miss your everything

You’re not quite memories

You’re my love, the stuff of legends.

Bradley opening the backstage door with a flourish and calling out, “Make way for the star! Mr. NTA himself! Make way!” and Colin’s blushing and rolling his eyes and pushing his forehead into Bradley’s back, trying to disappear from the cameras and the attention, but Bradley won’t have it. And he slings an arm across Colin’s shoulders and keeps Colin pinned to his side all night, a proud and idiotic boyfriend
You can download my 'Merlin waiting for Arthur' ('The Stuff of Legends') song from here as an .mp3 thanks to popular demand


(my other music is also available from here if you’re interested)

Oh yeah and the sound quality is far better than in the video


All of these people are absolutely amazing; both in blog quality and personality as well. The majority of people here I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with and they have absolutely made my year. 

All of them are amazing, and you won’t go wrong in following them.

luciferbox ∥ theyellowbrickroadtocamelot ∥ laviedemerthur ∥ sweetlynumb ∥ gingersincardiff ∥ yasminty ∥ doubleohadorable ∥ takeme-toglasgow ∥ forallmyheart ∥ colinsexual ∥ aithusathemerlinbaby ∥ kalins ∥ lillithblack ∥ morganobsessed ∥ pendragonemrys ∥ nuzzleyoursorcerer ∥ samecoin ∥ warp69 ∥ brolininthetardis ∥ stillnotgingerr ∥ embraceyourpastyirishboy goawaybradleyjames

To all of my friends, thank you so much for putting up with all my crazy and stuff. You’ve made tumblr, my fandoms, my life, just the best ever. I love you all so much!

I hope your holidays are filled with joy and stupidly hot men! :D 

i just got emailed this by tumblr c’:

(i know this is referring to the merthurfuckers blog but it was pretty much the same time)

i just. ugh guyssss. :3 i know we’ve known each other for a couple of months longer than 2 years but i just can’t believe it’s been that long. i don’t talk to you guys half as much as i mean to, and i miss you all so much. idk guys i just love you.