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Thank you all so much for making my dash a lovely place to be. ♥ &Thanks to all my lovely followers for sticking with me. It’s been a wonderful year & a bit. Happy New Year!   - Samantha




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It was brought to my attention that this post needed some slight alterations 


happy birthday, my lovely Kass! I’m so glad you got bored that one time and sent me a message on tumblr and with only silly pictures of lettuce pimped with words like ‘lettuce be friends’ was send your way and soon a jolly good friendship was born. and with you, you brought Zan and Roma, which is a story for another time. and i’m pretty sure when we are put in the same room it will be filled with passionate yelling and hysterical laughter. I also know how much you love 'how to train your dragon’ so here is my birthday gift to you, i hope you like it and that you have a wonderful day, ilu. ~ from your sassy northern viking  

iceicebradley  asked:

Hey ! When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you !

First of all, thank you sweetie! 

Let’s start with you then 

iceicebradley : Giulia ok so i don’t even know what to say except she’s a queen. She’s always ready to help, she’s always there for me, and we laugh a lot together. She’s sweet and fun, i literally can not spend a day without talking to her… She’s the Arthur to my Merlin and i wouldn’t change it for the word (see i didn’t steal your line for once).

gepardikinonkissa : Johanna’s a bae and i just adore her. She’s so funny and very creative and easy to talk to. And i just want to see her again because i miss her. She’s very caring and loving too. She deserves everything good in this world. Oh and i love how she sends me her crazy ideas for merthur creations in the middle of the night, it always makes me smile when i wake up and i couldn’t live without her.

ladyofthelake : Vicky is just the kindest person ever! I love fangirling over Colin with her, talking without making any sense just because he’s so gorgeous it’s hard for our eyes to handle it! So yeah she’s a cupcake. And she’s gorgeous? I mean ugh. She is the one who should be illegal.

romies-merthurian-pornation : Mermie is sooo funny, we always get carried away when we talk about our boys. She’s the one who makes me daydream about brolin all the time, and i love how we both crave for a brolin sex tape. She’s sweet and always there to make me feel better when i’m not in a good mood.

dollopheadsandclotpoles : Anushka, what can i tell you about her… Well she’s my precious muffin. You can talk with her about absolutely anything, she will always have interesting and/or funny things to answer. She’s very understanding too. Oh and have you seen how cute she is when she talks about Darren Criss?

mistresspendragon : My dear Anne is so passionate, it’s always nice and interesting to talk with her! She has a golden heart and is always full of stories to tell. I love hearing her experiences about Pierrefonds. She is also SUPER TALENTED i mean just go check her drawings already because they’re amazing!

pugspunny​ : Nour is one of my favorite people, she is so cute you want to wrap her in a blanket and keep her forever. The day i spent with her was perfect, back then i wished her bus would never come so we could stay together a bit more. I don’t know what to add except she’s a gem.

brolinbutts : Kass, well she and i aren’t talking much on tumblr but more through texts and she always makes me laugh, like literally all the time! I also love when she sends me pics of that character from the video game i forgot the name of, because she’s so into him it’s really cute. She’s very fun and nice and we care for the same things (httyd, merlin, karen gillan…) Idk i just love her, she’s fab deal with it.

Ok so the post said 5 and i’m like already at 8 so i guess i should stop now! I love you all and i’m so grateful i have such perfect friends ♥