brolin week

  • *Bradley right after meeting Colin*
  • Bradley: 'Right, everyone, Okay, everyone loves Colin, he's so nice, he's so innocent. Ahhh, Colin, Ahh, We'll look after Colin ahhh. If I wasn't here, to give Colin Morgan a hard time.Lets just say, It's lucky that I'm here to give Colin Morgan a hard time because it's doing him a world of good.'
  • *Bradley now*
  • Bradley: 'He is pretty special' 'My self and Colin' 'I find inspiration with Colin' 'He is only tiny' 'I love this guy' 'Was and still am, beaming with pride for NTA 'Best Actor' Colin Morgan'

Brolin week 3 - Day 2 (Brolin + Music)

Bradley: …he sings quite a bit. Then when I go ‘Colin, let’s show so and so our songs’ he literally just couldn’t be more silent. He just sits there really… Is it stage fright? Is it just…?
Colin: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Bradley: See! Do you see? Now it’s… that’s an example. That’s a perfect example!