The Brokpa houses have a basement that they use as a winter house. This place is used to warm up and rest during the hostile winter months. The Brokpa are a small community of Dard people residing in Jammu and Kashmir region. The Brokpa claim to descend from Alexander the Great's army, not uncommon for nearby mountainuous tribes to assert. Like the people of Gilgit, they speak a variant of Shina language, Brokskat, unintelligible with other Shina dialects. They are said to have originally come from Chilas and settled in the area generations ago. They are predominantly Vajrayana Buddhists with a blend of folk animaism and minority follow Shia Islam.

Brokpa Woman
Dah-Hanu, Ladakh, India

This woman made quite an impression on me.  She has one of those faces that burns it’s image into your mind long after it is gone.  I heard she has since passed away, but at the time I photographed her, she was the eldest woman of her village.