Today I taught kids about what it’s like to be beautiful on the inside.
I cracked open a geode with a hammer and passed around fragments of broken rock to prove the point that you can be dusty and unassuming on the outside and spectacular on the inside. 

But in order to get those beautiful crystals on the inside you gotta break the outside. 
You have to take a hammer to that hard exterior and send it crumbling… that’s the only way you get to the pretty stuff inside. 
You have to be broken. Shattered. Vulnerable. 

I had a long posted about the importance of a tender heart and the value of shattering. 
But I think that’s all I need to say. 

There is beauty in your brokenness, my dear friend. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you get over heartbreak?

Hi friend! I have been thinking about this a lot today because I my heart wants to say two things: you only get through heartbreak with Jesus & I’m not sure if you ever will get totally through it.

There will be a time when your heart won’t be defined by this brokenness anymore, when the hurt won’t constantly echo in your heart. There will be a time when all of this will only be a sharp piercing randomly rising every now and then in the midst of the everyday, when your heart remembers the deep wounds that used to be. There will be a time when beauty takes over brokenness, these pieces of your heart becoming new and beautiful. There will be a time when joy fills your heart, and your heart is being molded into its purposed use even now. But there is still scar tissue, different now then the raw skin of your heart.

It will still hurt, the breaking of your heart. I think it always will. But at the same time, God is making something beautiful out of this. There is something glorious being created here: a story rising from the ashes, that tells of the immense power and the radical grace of our Savior.

So the answer to getting over heartbreak? Is to go to Jesus. Tell Him what hurts and how much it hurts. Then let go; let go of the parts that hurt and leave them at His feet. Give Him your heart and trust that your heart will eventually become something so much greater, so much more beautiful in His hands. He knows heartbreak, and how it hurts. His gentle, scarred hands can hold a fragile heart. He will make something new.