You are my darkest corner.
You are the part of me that I hate, that I fucking loathe the most.
Everything you ever touched turned to darkness that stuck to my finger tips and melted like a wax slowly setting cast on every part of me that people could see.
You are my darkest corner.
Even when you left, sometimes I still feel the lights flicker.
I tell people that you are not my darkest corner and that you did not switch the lights off and that nothing you did has ever hurt me.
And yet…
You are my darkest corner.
I wanted you to be well and be fixed and to be everything you wanted.
I wanted you to find the light so I became it.
And when I couldn’t find my own light, you became…
My darkest corner.
And when I scrambled and I cried and I told you that I needed you to light a match then you said no.
You said that I didn’t need it because I had always been your light.
But I didn’t want to be your light, I just wanted to save you from the dark.
And you took, and you took, and the light drained away and I was only a lighthouse with a broken bulb, it still looked the same in daylight but when night fell then everyone was alone.
You are my darkest corner.
You always will be.
Because even if someone else appears and they switch on that light and they fix the thing you broke then there will always be a tiny of me that knows, that remembers, the darkness, the day the light went out.
And I know,
And you know,
That you are my darkest corner.
And maybe you are proud.
Maybe you are happy.
Maybe all you ever wanted was the light so you could walk away.
You are my darkest corner.
—  my darkest corner // em

When being broken just draws you closer to HIM.

Video by © FlickxSalsa @

Music by © All Sons and Daughters

Broken (poem written by me)

So I hear that you are broken

You are crushed in spirit

Your goodness is where you put your hope in

But now no one wants to hear it

You feel like you are the only one

Wondering aimlessly in your despair

Alone, hopeless, waiting for death to come

For death is only fair

I know where you are

For I was there too

Know that grace is not far

It can be freely given to you

For God sent His only Son

To die on that Tree

And He said “It is done”

He did it for you and me

So trust in Christ

For He is mighty to save

He has already paid the price

Because of His life He gave

You, my friend, are not alone

For He, and I, are by your side

We will one day be home

There is no reason to hide

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10

fvksamuel asked:

⁇ # ✉

⁇ — a drunk text


[ 3:49 AM ]

Do u rmbr that swing set u and i broke whn we were 6?

[ 3:50 AM ]

I found it and ti is still brokenn

[ 3:51 AM – not delivered ]

Kind of like us, ya kno? 

# — a random text


[ 10:50 PM ]

hey man, do you have any old english notes? i’m kind of struggling.

✉ — a text that wasn’t sent


[ 12:29 AM ]

i’m sorry i didn’t fight for our friendship

alaskgrace asked:

✉ , ☎ , ø , $ , ♀ for both jace and ben :~)

✉ — a text that wasn’t sent

TEXT SENT TO: do not text

[ 3:49 AM -- not delivered ]

i need to tell you something..

☎ — a rushed text


[ 10:50 PM ]

hey if alaska asks i was with you tonight 

[ 10:50 PM ]

oh fuck  

ø — a late night text


[ 3:59 AM ]

i’m just out – don’t worry about where i am

$ — an accidental text (meant for grayson but it never sent to him)

TEXT SENT TO: do not text

[ 12:53 AM ]

yeah i think i’m going to ask sophia to hc 

♀ — a heartbreaking text

TEXT SENT TO: do not text

[ 7:04 PM ]

there were more than two…