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All I know is that we're talking about injuries but I've never had any really major ones other than my 5 year old self thought it was a good idea to go surfing down the staircase... Ended up with a broken pinkie toe and a lot of bruises. - 🐦

Jesus h un

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✍ Tattoos… no
😷 Surgeries… yes, i’ve had 2
🏥 Broken bones… yup, i’ve broken my toe and my hand
🔫 Shot a gun… no
😕 Quit a job… yes
✈️ Flown on a plane… yup
🚙💨 Driven 100mph… yes
🚁 Rode in a helicopter… no
⛑ Gone zip lining… nope, but i’d like to!
🍼 Watched someone give birth… no
🏈 Been to an NFL game… nope, i don’t really like sports oops
🍁 Been to Canada… yup!!
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance… no
🏦 Visited Washington D.C… nope
🌞 Visited Florida… nope, but i’d like to though!
🗻 Visited Colorado… no, but i’d really love to go there bc it looks so pretty
🎉 Visited Mexico… no, i almost did tho
🎲 Visited Vegas… yup!
🍔 Eaten alone at a restaurant… i’ve eaten alone in food places but not a proper restaurant 
🎤 Sang karaoke… when alone lmao
🐶 Had a pet(s)… i’ve had a cat, dog, 4 birds and 2 buns
🎿 Been downhill skiing… no
🎼 Ability to read music… no
🚵 Rode a motorcycle… yes
🏇 Rode a horse… yup
🏥 Stayed in a hospital… yes
💉 Donated blood… no, but now that i haven’t been anaemic for years i’d like to
🏕 Slept outside… yes
🚗 Driven a stick shift… no
🚓 Rode in a Police Car… no
😇 Grandkids… nope
🚤 Driven a Boat… no
🐌 Eaten Escargot… oh hell no
👽 Seen a UFO… no
🚢 Been on a Cruise… no
⛽️ Run out of Gas… yes 
🍣 Eat Sushi… no
👻 Seen a Ghost… nope!

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Davey who dances ballet. Davey who lives ballet, breathes ballet. Davey who sometimes forgets to change out of his ballet shoes. Davey with broken toes from pointe. Davey who sometimes cries after class from the pain. Davey who dances in the streets for tips. Davey who collapses into Jack's bed, exhausted from dancing. Davey who puts up with the grueling work, with the hours of practice, with the pain and the exhaustion, because in the end, when the curtain rises, he knows it's worth it.

this is not something I ever considered before but I’m here for it !!

update on my broken toe if any of y'all give a fuck
i’m still too broke and still don’t have time to go to the doctor so i’m currently taping it to the toe next to it everyday before work w surgical tape
idk if that’s even helping it but it seems to be doing okie dokie so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I will never forget last year’s SkillsUSA opening ceremony for my state. 

Fuckin’… Jim Justice standing at the podium, trying to shill out his campaign for governor, talking about his big toe being broken, wearing crocs…. “I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME WE ARE THE SAME” Me sitting there thinking, “Yeah right, where the fuck is my Greenbrier River at then, Jim”.

The sun setting against the mountains, casting this godly, holy ray across Jim Justice’s back as he tries to shill out his pro-coal campaign to a bunch of teens and young adults who are pursuing things like engineering and culinary fields to get away from that shit. It was so surreal, did it even happen, god I don’t know. 

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I've had my heart broken so many toes today, I think ive finally emotionally prepared myself enough to finish the last two episodes of season three tonight

you can do it!!! i believe in you :) and we’re all here for you when you’re done and before you know it, s4 will start!

hello this is a nonfiction essay i wrote for class and i rly like it pls read and give me feedback maybe

Selling My Grandparents’ House

You’ll see the crab apples when you drive in, and you’ll probably notice more of them on the ground than hanging from the trees. They’re moldy, you say. No good for anything. But I’ll kick one and say they’re good for throwing at cars, like my father and his twin brother Jeff used to do when they were rebellious teenagers and smoked pot behind the Hardee’s. No one who drove down their street was safe; that is, until my dad launched a ripe crab apple squarely into the window of a cop car. He ran off, leaving poor Jeff, whose toe was broken, alone to fend for himself while the spinning red and blue lights woke up everyone in the neighborhood. My grandparents were not pleased.

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