Ludwig the virtuoso
  • Ludwig was annoyed at a Berlin audience for weeping over his performance. He complained to a friend, “That’s not what we artists wish. We want applause!”
  • Carl Czerny recorded how Beethoven mocked his audiences for breaking out into sobs and emotional displays after his improvisations. “You are fools! Who can live among such spoiled children?” 
  • In Beethoven’s twenties, the piano was still a delicate, all-wooden instrument. Ludwig once broke so many strings while performing a Mozart concerto that his friend Anton had to untangle broken strings from the piano as he played.
  • Friedrich Himmel, royal pianist of the court of Prussia, once improvised for Beethoven. After Friedrich had played for a moment, Ludwig snapped, “Well, when are you going to start?” He explained later, “I thought Himmel had just been preluding a bit.”
  • In 1797, Ludwig dedicated a four-hand piano sonata to Countess von Browne, who gave him a horse in thanks. He rented space for it at a stable and forgot about it until he was shocked and infuriated by a huge feed bill.
  • Ludwig lived across the street from his student Babette. He showed up for her morning piano lessons in a sleeping cap, dressing gown, and slippers. He dedicated several pieces of music to her, including the passionate Grande Sonata op. 7, nicknamed “The Beloved.”
  • An amateur pianist named Carl described Ludwig: “Whoever sees Beethoven for the first time and knows nothing about him would surely take him for a malicious, ill-natured and quarrelsome drunk who has no feeling for music.”

[Need more Beethoven? Read about how his house flooded when he was a child and what it was like to have lessons with Haydn.]

source : BEETHOVEN : anguish and triumph 

Imagine the boys finding out you can play piano.

Soft, melancholy notes floated through the air as each delicate touch of your finger on a key formed a song that held emotions of your past. It had been forever since the last time you had the chance to play. It even surprised you that remember the song. The broken and dirtied piano left to rot away in this hell hole of a place still carried a beautiful sound, shockingly. Maybe that was sign that even broken things are still beautiful…or maybe you were just thinking too much into it as you usually do.

You weren’t aware of the pairs of eyes staring in your direction. The echoes off the abandoned walls vibrated down the halls and into the rooms that haven’t saw the light of day in ages. The eerie vibes of the present day faded away as the death of the sick came out to be remembered. The forgotten spirits wailed and the tormented settled.

“Y/n…” Dean’s voice broke the flow and then…silence filled the atmosphere once again. “Since when-”

“Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted before standing up and wiping off your hands.

“That was,” Sam started, “beautiful.”

Castiel nodded. “And very sad.”

“Oh-well-um.” You couldn’t find the strength to form the words thanks to the lump in your throat. You looked around the room. “Seemed fitting.”

Sam nodded. “That it is. What’s it called?”

“Cold, by Jorge Mendez.”

The three men just stared at you in awe before the eldest Winchester finally spoke up. “We have got to get you a piano for the bunker.”

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics
  • Gryffindor: Laughing with friends, Plaid shirts, Kicking stuff, Singing in the shower, Smiling so that your cheeks hurt, Jumping into a pool, Running through tall grass, Climbing trees, Tickling friends, Gazing into a fire, Drinking cider, Hugging a pet, Seeing old friends, Screaming, Driving nowhere, Building a sandcastle then crushing it, Snowball fights, Hot chocolate, Tapping your fingers, Waterfalls.
  • Ravenclaw: The perfect playlist, Getting full marks on a test, Stargazing, Pencils in colour order, Peeling the plastic off a DVD, The smell of books, Talking to yourself, Tearstained cheeks, Writing poetry, Freckles, Trying to reach something on the top shelf, Forehead kisses, Mirrors smashing, Sore hands after drawing, Filling a notebook, Giving advice, Swearing under your breath.
  • Hufflepuff: Tension easing from your back when you get into a hot bath, Stopping to smell the flowers, Swing sets, Bubblegum, Absentmindedly strumming a guitar, Sticking up for a friend, Giggling, Handholding, Fluffy socks, Crunchy autumn leaves, Plaited hair, Getting ice cream on your nose, Polaroid pictures, Clay-covered hands.
  • Slytherin: Empty perfume bottles, Heels on tiles, Tiptoeing, Fingerless gloves, Leather sofas, Moonlight reflecting off of a still lake, Stepping back to admire your work, Dancing for hours, Neon signs, Broken pianos, Abandoned houses, Monotone photography, Red umbrellas.

Chris discovering his piano is broken - April 12

Hans Zimmer

This incredibly wacky but still amazing piece by the one and only Hans Zimmer really sums up the character of Sherlock Holmes in every way, shape and form. It starts off with a slow and in a way creepy cimbalom performing the main theme, then bursts out into a dramatic brass blast and continues on with a constant but still very energetic main theme, incorporating many instruments such as a broken pub piano, banjo, squeaky violins, detuned uprights and (as mentioned before) a cimbalom. 

This in whole is a very unique but brilliantly composed piece, thanks to the best, Hans Zimmer, well done. You always seem to amaze!

okay but can we just take a moment and appreciate this?

when we first saw bts’s short films, we only saw them in the realms of the hyyh/wings series.

but after reading the lyrics to bts’s new album, we can see that it’s so much more.

like in jungkook’s short film, he was crying for his “hyung”. we took it as him crying because somebody died and/or he was forcing himself to let go of his past and loved ones. 

his solo was a love letter to his members, about how they took in his 15 year old self and cared for and raised him. How they “made him”. How whenever he sees his hyungs cry, he wants to cry instead and whenever they’re sad, he wants to die.

in rap monster’s short film, we saw him in a wall of mirrors. we thought it was him reflecting on himself for not picking up taehyung’s call and being there for him.

his solo was the thoughts and emotions he has when he’s alone. It was a reflection of himself. It talked about how even though he’s loved by so many, he still feels lonely. How he’s trapped in himself and how he’s learned to become familiar with darkness.

in j hope’s short film, he took on a character with munchausen syndrome. His symbol is Eva, Demian’s mother. We took this as a continuation of his character in the I Need U and Run mv 

in his solo, he calls his own mother his “placebo” (which is the typical treatment for someone with munchausen syndrome) and tells her that now she can believe in him and trust him. That she doesn’t have to work hard anymore, that he is there for her.

In suga’s short film, we seem him automatically attracted to a broken down piano inside an abandoned building

in his solo, he calls the piano his first love and talks about his guilt for leaving it despite it always being there to comfort him throughout all of his struggles.

in taehyung’s short film, we see him locked in a cage singing the phrase “i’m sorry my sister”. we thought that he was saying this because his character failed to protect his sister from their abusive father.

In his solo, he not only says “I’m sorry my sister” but also “I’m sorry my brother”. In real life, Taehyung has a younger sister and a younger brother. He was talking to them through this song, and was begging for their forgiveness because he felt as if he failed to protect them from the things that life threw in their direction. Taehyung has been extremely busy this year with all of his schedules, it is possible that this song was the manifestation of his guilt for not spending more time with his family and being there to be an older brother to his siblings.

in jimin’s short film, we see this push and pull within his character. He looks at the camera smiling, but in the next frame he’s choking himself. We thought it was because he was forcing himself to pretend that he’s alright without j hope.

But in his solo, he’s asking his listeners to save him from his “lie” where he feels as if his true self is being swallowed up and forced to be something that it’s not. it’s possible that this is referencing the personality he has on camera and the personality he has off it, or maybe even referencing him being an international idol when he first started off as just a young boy.

in jin’s short film, we see him leaving the room and thus leaving all the symbols of the other six members. We see him burning 6 flower petals. we thought that this was his “awakening”, him forcing himself to wake up from the illusion of happiness he had with the boys throughout the hyyh series.

in his solo, he also speaks of six petals that he holds in his hands. this is still the same symbol that represents the members of bts. but, we also see him singing of how he can never fly like “those” flower petals and that he’s scared and hurt. Yet, despite this, he still wants to fight and run longer. This is referencing how he knows that he’s overshadowed by the other members of bts and he knows that he may never be able to shine like them. But he still wants to try his best and go all the way. Why? because those flowers are precious and beautiful to him and no matter the pain he may suffer, he still wants to fly and keep on going.

like the songs are not just to be seen in the context of the hyyh story, BTS took it and made it something extremely personal to them

it is here that their characters in hyyh are no longer just characters but true representations of themselves.

This is just a rough overview of each song, but literally no words can ever be enough for the emotions and thoughts that each member poured into their solo. Please go read the translations and learn more about the meaning behind their hard work.

Had an event at Reed College today. Got lost w/ a dude on a trail around a lake, had to walk almost a mile to get back to the building. Found this very strange place with graffiti all over and a piano inside. He played me a song and even tho he insisted the piano was broken I think it sounded pretty good. This poster was on the floor in the room along with several couches in a pile and a broken pinball machine. A girl roller bladed out of the building past us as we left. I may have lived a dream today.

Notes on The Wings Tour Trailer

1. Jungkook is shown swinging to and fro on a swing and disappears leaving flames behind. (Cue: Fire)

2. Yoongi appears lying down, surrounded by a broken down piano. (Cue: First Love) The background are trees (Cue: Arboretum: Lie, MAMA; RUN mv)

3. Jimin is also lying down on a grass field, his eyes blindfolded and his hands with untied black ribbons. His hand holds an apple. (Cue: BST, Lie)

4. Hoseok is lying down before the sculpture, Pietà by Michelangelo, among a pile of arrows that have missed their shot. (Cue: BST, he shot and arrow at Taehyung and it splattered paint over the layer that was protecting Taehyung) (Note: the sculpture depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion) - (Cue: MAMA)

5. Jin looks at his own reflection on a pool of water. (Cue: Awake, Jin touches a mirror and created ripples)

6. Jimin lifts off the ground and the blindfold comes off. The background is a colourfully painted background. (Cue: Begin - Jungkook paints, MAMA)

7. Taehyung appears in the same clothes as in BST.

8. Namjoon lies among broken, shattered mirrors.

9. Jungkook is close to putting his black-paint-coated fingers into his mouth. (Cue: BST, Jungkook put green wax into his mouth)

Do you remember during Ep 6 of Rookie King (Commercial break), Jungkook painted “BTS” with black paint?

10. Apple floated up from the water. Jimin dances in front of the colourful background. As his hand lowers from covering his eyes, black paint flows down the colourful background. 

11. Jin is found kissing his own reflection.

(Note: Could this be signifying that the statue he kissed in BST was actually himself?) 

12. Wings start growing from Taehyung’s back. As the Wings develop more and more, Jin’s face and hand starts cracking more and more like a porcelain. When Taehyung’s wings were fully developed, he gave a really creepy smile. As if he was happy to see Jin (in particularly) and the other BTS members fall apart. Jin’s hand broke off eventually. 

Also note that there are scenes where Taehyung seems to be trapped.

13. Yoongi stands in front of the Arboretum background and butterflies flutter nearby. Jungkook reveals a piece of art that resembles a butterfly. A butterfly immediately appears on Yoongi’s lips. (The art style actually reminds me of the Rorschach inkblot test, cue: Lie; Butterfly)

14, Namjoon appears slowly being covered by shadows. (This reminds me of Awake, at the beginning of the video where Jin also got covered by shadows when he was at the dining table.

15. Blue tears flow from Jimin’s eye. Colourful tears flow from Jungkook’s eye.(Cue: Begin, Jungkook’s painting also cried colourful tears)

16. Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Namjoon all flew up from their lying positions. Just like how Jungkook did in BST.

17. Taehyung stands alone on a stage (there are curtains), his wings fully developed.

Playlist Shuffle

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1) Mr Tembo - Everyday Robots, Damon Albarn

2) Horsell Common and the Heat Ray - Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds

3) Broken Piano - Tape Deck Heart, Frank Turner

4) Poltik - Coldplay

5)  Need - Pinegrove

6) Simple As This - Jake Bugg

7) Half Moon - HOME Odyssey, Midwest Collective

8) My Generation - the Who

9) The Desperate - Owen

10) Plain Sailing Weather - Tape Deck Heart, Frank Turner

11) Wings of a Dove - Madness 

12) History of a Cheating Heart - Everyday robots, Damon Albarn

13) My Sad Captains - Elbow

14) A Great Day for Freedom - Pink Floyd 

15) Always the Sun - The Stranglers

16) Need 2 - Pinegrove 

17) Elizabeth My Dear - The Stone Roses

18) Thumbnails - Morcheeba

19) Nobody Home - The Wall, Pink Floyd 

20) Baby Steps - Graduated Cylinders

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Broken and abandoned piano.
Abandoned church.
New York

Dan x Reader - Piano

a/n: this is a short imagine, just a little blurb because i haven’t posted anything recent / i have another imagine coming up btw

I glance over to see the time and clock reads 1:10AM. I’ve have been trying to sleep for at least 45 minutes and it would probably go to an hour soon. Ugh why can’t I just sleep? Can I just stop thinking and turn off my brain? If only it was that easy. Dan had been in bed around the same time as me, but he wasn’t trying to sleep. He was either scrolling on Tumblr or planning an idea for YouTube or something. The brightness was turned lowest just like his earphone volume, because he didn’t want to disturb me but I still just couldn’t sleep. Somehow I’m already disturbed by the thoughts that rage my mind. Dan looks down at my agitated face. 

“You’ve been tossing and turning for awhile now. What’s wrong?” He asks puzzled, taking one of his earphones out.
“I just can’t fall asleep, I don’t know why.“ I say annoyed.
“Do you have something on your mind you’d like to discuss?" Dan says slightly turning to look over at me.
"Nah Dan, I don’t think talking would really help my situation of trying to get my brain to shut up.” I answered sarcastically.
“Sorry.” I guess he took some offense to my answer.
“It’s fine.” I said trying to make him feel better because now I feel bad. I turn over on my side to him. 
“y/n?” Dan says quietly.
“Hm?” I say still fully awake.
“I have an idea.” Dan says beginning to get up.
“What is it?” I ask him slightly confused.
Dan walked over to his slightly broken brown piano and opened the cap slowly.
“I’m going to play you a song.” He said while turning on a light desk lamp to see the keys. 
“You might have to play me a couple of songs Howell.” I say raising my eyebrows slyly, much to Dan’s amusement.
“That’s alright.” Dan said, softly smiling back at me and then he began to play.
His tall silhouette sat on the stool. He was so graceful. It was beautiful to watch him play, let alone here the music that came out. His brown hair was slightly pushed back, as he bent his head slightly down following along with the melody. Dan’s long fingers flowed effortlessly on each of the keys. He concentrated, but at the same time seemed relaxed and confident in himself. He genuinely enjoyed what he was doing and it was truly a magnificent sight to watch. 
You fell asleep to the beautiful sounds of Dan Howell’s piano playing. 

she knows the pearly gates are no longer meant for her. maybe once, a lifetime ago, before her hands were stained the color of rust and broken promises - but now she would merely tarnish all that white into a murderous red. 

she thinks that when her breath finally stutters out in a string of coughs that sound like a broken piano, the war drums will still be beating in her ear. she thinks that she will grab the devil by the lapels of his black cape, and she will curse him for keeping his icy talons lodged into her back for so damn long.

she thinks she will go first. 

(she is wrong.)

she is wrong, and blood is pouring from a hole in his chest like a hurricane, a tiny pinprick of red that grows and grows and grows until it becomes him, until it is him. she cradles his face in her palms as bullets ricochet around them like a pinball machine, and she can’t see the freckles under the rust-colored dust. he spits apologies made of blood and guilt and sacrifice into the cold dirt, and she knows she will never paint again.

but when she does go - in the midst of another war, another battle, because they were never destined to be a people prone to peace - he is standing at the blackened gates with a crown of twisted iron, and he places a golden one atop her own head, and he tells her, 

‘welcome to your new kingdom, princess.’

—  the death of clarke griffin, inspired by x and x 
Newt x reader :: Nightmares

Request: @storyofmemory I love Missing You!!! 😍 Could you do an imagine where the reader comforts Newt after a nightmare? Totally needing more Newt x reader fluff in my life. ❤

Notes: Does anyone ever feel it’s difficult to sometimes write bad things happening to characters because you just want to protect them? D: This is why I need practice writing angst! I hope you like this one and that you have a good night and sweet dreams (unlike poor Newt)! I hope there’s enough fluff…I can always do more fluff. <3

Word count: 855

Originally posted by eddie-scamander

The cries of children echoing through a cavernous night. The horizon just a line of flickering, bright fires; flames reaching upwards, licking the starless sky. Underneath it all, the low rumble that sounded like millions of locusts taking flight at once. The low tinkling of a broken piano straining to produce sound against the drone. This was the setting of Newt Scamander’s nightmares. This ever-shifting field of desolation and war cries and death. Frankly, Hell.

His heart was so full of passion for magical creatures that it saved him while he was awake from the horrible darkness creeping just below the surface. By the light of day (or enchanted starlight of his case by night), he was able to transform all of the pain into pure compassion like some alchemic reaction turning dirt into gold. He turned his own hurt into something that benefitted every living creature he came into contact with.

He spread this compassion with more abandon than you had ever seen from a human being. Though he was quiet, it was because he was an observer. A watcher. A protector. A silent sentinel speaking out for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. A man who worked relentlessly to fulfill a task that many would say was impossible or pointless. This is exactly why watching him suffer at night felt as if your heart was being removed with a dull, plastic spoon.

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Pleasures of a Garden (M)

Originally posted by princeminmin

Jin x reader

Romance, Smut

Word count; 11k

Summary; Y/N is a reserved person who aids the Wings boys. However, one day she seeks the one who guides her new feelings and ways to develop stronger meanings.

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_I don´t mind the rain_|Part X|

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]

[Part one][Part two][Part three][Part four][Part five][Part six][Part seven] [Part eight][Part nine]

Warnings:One really fluffy & cheesy moment[the last one for a while so revel in it],Ponytail!Bucky and stuff happens at the end c: [oh,also unnecessary closeness of characters]

3.986 Words yes we are back to the normal length

[I hope you guys had enough fluff, because the first half of this is pretty calm but just read for yourself.. ]

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The first thing you felt was pain.

A headache.

You groaned in pain as you laid a hand over your face, hoping to shield the light from your sensitive eyes a bit.
Yawning, you opened your eyes slowly. Behind your fingers you could see a white, dirty ceiling. As you slowly sat up, you felt dizzy and a bit nauseous.
You rested on your weight on your elbows as you looked around carefully.
It took you about 10 seconds before you realized where you were.
You laid on an old couch with a blanket over you.
Around you stood nearly no furniture, besides a small table and some boxes. Everything was full of dust and a few cobwebs.
To your right were some stairs that led up, probably to the attic of the small house.
Turning your neck a bit, you saw what once probably was a place for a small kitchen. You could see the pipes that went into the wall, rusted and broken.
Two small cabinets still hung on the wall, while one laid on the ground, broken.
A few cables were even laying on the ground. Above you was a simple light bulb that just hung from the ceiling. The wooden door a few meters from you was the frontdoor, and the other two doors would lead to the cellar and the bathroom. 
You could see the single dust particals flying through the air  as the sun shone through the window above you.
Moving the blanket a bit, you realized it was a curtain.
A bit confused, you looked around again.
You were still half asleep and nothing made sense, until you saw someone step through one of the doors, a glass of water in their hands.
“Bucky..?” You murmured as you rubbed your eyes a bit, “ How did you find-..?”
“Oh, you are finally awake. I was worried, you know? Don´t just collapse on me like that.”

He sat down on a box next to the small sofa you were on and held out the glass to you, before speaking again.
“I just followed your advice and walked to the crane. It took me some time to find the right house, but I saw your last name on the old mailbox outside, so I guessed I was right.”
Sitting up carefully, you took the glass from his hands and gulped down the water. Only now you felt how dry your throat really was. You looked at Bucky, seeing that he was just looking at you.
Lowering the glass, you held it in your hands before you said:
“I am sorry..I don´t know what happened. I got dizzy and nauseous all of a sudden. I wanted to tell you, but my voice was gone. After that everything went black. I don´t know what happened there…”
“Well, I am just glad you are ok again..How do you feel now?”
“My head hurts and I am still a bit dizzy, but it is ok..”
You looked at the empty glass in your hand, it had some flowers on it. Green,blue and white. You remembered that your aunt used to love these glasses…
“I found a working sink in the cellar as I was looking around the house, while you slept. The water was clean after it was running for a bit. I can get you more, if you want.”
Looking up from the small glass, you just shook your head a bit.
“Did you drink something as well? You need to drink too, you know?”
Bucky nodded at you,“ Sorry for the curtain. I could not find a blanket, so I improvised.”
You smiled a bit at his words.
“Dont worry, it is fine. Quite comfy actually.”

Seeing the corners of his lips go up for a moment made you smile even more. You looked to the window again, asking:“ How long was I out?”
“A day.”
“A d-!? A whole day?! You should have woken me up! What if someone followed us?! We can’t stay here for so long-”
“Hey, Hey. [y/n]. Calm down, ok? No one followed us here. And you said yourself that we could lay low here for a day or two.”
“True…But still…”
Oh you felt horrible.
What if something would´ve happened, just because you were sleeping for so long?
“I couldn´t think of any place much safer than this, so let us just stay here for a while, ok? Like you said: We need and deserve a break once in a while.”
“I said you deserve a break.”
“But you do too.”
Buckys tone was genuine and serious, and it made you look at him. You frowned a bit before turning a way with a sigh.
“But what have I done besides being a burden to you? Huh? You would have been out of that town so much earlier, you wouldn’t have needed to jump off a bridge, you never would have gone to that hospital and-”
“And I would have died a few hours ago.”

You had shut up immediately.
With a small gasp you looked up and stared at Bucky, who was looking at you with a soft expression.
“You..You what..?”
“At the car. I would not have seen the bag, or the bomb for that matter. I was so fixed on that person, I did not even think about checking the car first. Without you, I would have died right there.”
“Without me-You would not even be in this town, Bucky!” You said, your voice a bit louder now.“ I dragged us right into this town! You can’t tell me that you would have gone on that exact train if I didn’t suggest it !”
“[y/n]."Bucky began again, his voice still calm, while you could rip out your hair right now.

” Without you I wouldn’t even know what I, or we, are up against now.
That nurse,Kat, the one I talked about earlier. She told me about everything. Without you I would´ve never met her, and so I would never had a chance to estimate what is happening.  
Also, who knows how many traps we avoided just because we walked through your weird short-cut? A few days ago, I hoped I would not regret my decision to help you.
And believe me when I say, I don’t regret it one bit.“

Your mouth was agape and your eyes wide.Feeling your eyes itch, you blinked a few times.
With a gulp, you slowly asked:
"You don´t…You don´t regret dragging me along..? After all what happened?”
You smiled a bit and let out a single sigh, muttering a small :
“Thank you.”
For a few seconds you just looked at each other., before you said:
“Well, what did you find while sneaking around the house?”
“…Not much.”
You groaned at his words and stood up.
“Well, if you don´t talk, I will look myself.”
The glass you still had in your hand ended up on a box that stood on the ground.
Bucky followed you, wondering what you wanted to see.
With a few light groans and a curse you made it up the stairs. Bucky was directly behind you, and now you both stood in front of a dark brown wooden door.
“Have you been in here?”
“Yes. But I didn´t find anything interesting or useful..”
You pursed your lips at Buckys answer and opened the door slowly.
Inside was the messy attic.
Reaching around the corner, you found the light switch. You tried to turn the light on, but nothing happened.
The only source of light were the two windows to your right. The sun shone through the thin fabric that was thrown over the windows.
You walked over to the windows and with one pull the fabric laid on the ground and the sun illuminated the whole room.

Both you and Bucky coughed as the dust flew around you.
He looked around a bit, seeing all the boxes and shelfs.  Walking over to a shelf, he looked through the old books.
You had your eyes on something else entirely.
On the other side of the room, next to an old mirror, you saw that there was standing something, hidden under a big piece of fabric.
Your eyes widened as you remember what this could be.
As you walked over to the mysterious object, you were careful to not step on anything that was laying on the ground.
You stepped around the boxes and a few old chairs, while Bucky was looking through an old book. Not as old as him, but still old.
With a smile you grabbed the white fabric and pulled it off.
Coughing, you turned away a bit.
After a few seconds you turned to look at the thing you found.
The old, nearly broken piano stood in front of you.
´I thought she had taken it with her as she moved away?´
You were sure that your aunt had taken this with her after her husband died, but seemingly, she didn’t.

“Hey, what did you find?” You heard Bucky ask as he walked over to you.
“Something I thought was gone.”
He was next to you now and looked at the instrument that stood in front of you.
With a small smile on your face, and a million memories playing in your head you sat down on the small box that stood infront of it.
Your cold fingers brushed over the keys and you laughed quietly.
“I remember when we brought this up here. It was so hard to get this thing up the stairs with only 2 people and a little kid running around also… My uncle loved to play old songs on this for me and my aunt..”
“Can you play?”
Buckys voice caught you of guard, as you noticed how close he was.
You turned your head to the side, seeing him lean over your shoulder a bit.
“Uhm..A bit. Nothing impressive like many people, but I think I can still play one song.”
“Show me.” He said “ We have a bit of time, don´t we ?”
With a small sigh, you looked back at the piano in front of you.
Carefully you played a few notes, but some were still wrong. You tried again and again until you got it right after all those years.
Bucky kept looking at your hands with growing interest, seeing how they dances over the black and white keys.
His eyes shifted to your concentrated face, and he noticed that you where biting your lip while playing the song.
The melody brought back many memories,

You had to be careful that you didn´t get emotional. It was your uncles favourite song, and he showed you how to play some parts of it.

He probably showed you how to play the whole song, but you couldn’t remember everything. You put in some things that you made up on the spot, but Bucky did not seem to notice.

After a while you started playing with both hands again. It took a bit until you got the feeling for it again, but soon everything sounded amazing.
A bit dust flew up whenever you pressed down a key. It was also hard to concentrate with Buckys breath on your neck and a bit of his hair brushing against your cheek.
The song was finished after a few minutes and you just leaned back a bit, to stretch your muscles.
What you didn’t remember was that someone was standing behind you.
Your head leaned against Buckys chest for short moment, before you sat back up again.
“Ah! Sorry, I forgot you were standing there !”
You turned to look at him, but he was only looking at you without saying a word.
He was just looking at your face, as if he was searching for something specific.
After a few seconds you started staring at his eyes again.
Not long after that, you blinked twice and snapped out of your trance like state.
“Come on, grab a box and sit down! I will show you how to play a bit!” You said grinning while sliding your box a bit to the left.
Bucky immediately nodded and accepted your offer.
He reached to the side and shoved a box next to you.

As he sat down, you noticed how close the two of you were.
Your right arm brushed against his left one as you moved your hands from your lap to the keys again.
Bucky laid his right hand on the edge of the piano and his left one was just laying on his lap.
“You are right-handed,right?”
“Ok, just like this.”
You stated and played the first 5 notes, and then looked at Bucky.
He looked at you for a second before he started to play, and to your surprise he did it right.
This went on for a few minutes, until you noticed something.
“Bucky, wait. Move your hand a bit smoother.”
You grabbed his right hand while he just kept on looking at you, completely bewildered by what you were doing.
Laying your hand over his, you started playing again.
Your uncle always teached you like this, it was the easiest way in your opinion. And it made the whole thing a bit more personal, was always the argument your uncle liked to use.
Without talking again, you played the whole song one more time.

“I think I know that song…”
You looked at Bucky, with raised eyebrows and asked:
“Really? Never thought this would be your type of music…”
“I don´t know” He shrugged “ I think I heard it somewhere before, I know that melody.”
You wondered how he knew such an old song, but just brushed it off after a few seconds.
´Probably Youtube.´

After your little music lesson, you started to look through the boxes and found some pretty interesting stuff.
The both of you were mainly looking for old clothes, so you could finally change.
You found a box full with old stuff, nearly an hour after you started searching.Outside of the window, you could see that the sun was already setting.
“Bucky, look! I found something!”
He looked up from the box he was currently opening and walked over to you.
The box you had found was full of clothes that belonged to your uncle.
Most were simple things, nothing special.
“Good, let´s change.”

The both of you grabbed a few clothes and turned your backs to each other.
You had grabbed a plaid shirt in black and grey. It was way too big for you, but you should have known that, given your uncles figure over the last years…You must have gotten one of his newer shirts.
Buttoning the shirt up, you hummed the song from earlier quietly.
The Jeans you grabbed were a surprisingly good fit,so they must´ve been a bit older.
You kneeled down and pulled on your shoes again. As you stood up, you saw a jacket hanging over a chair to your left. You grabbed it and recognized it as your uncles black denim jacket.
With a nostalgic feeling, you pulled it on, feeling immediately how big the jacket was.
Turning around you saw that Bucky was just pulling a shirt over his head.
For a short moment, you could see the bandage before they disappeared underneath the dark blue T-shirt.
Bucky turned to you, and you could see that he also got one of the older shirts, because if it would have been a new one it would have been baggy, like yours.
The black jeans he had were replaced with dark grey ones.

“I need a jacket.”
“Why-Oh,yea…Metal Arm.”
Bucky looked around and you decided to look through the box again.
You found an old grey hoodie and also something else you wanted to give him,so you turned to Bucky again.
But to your surprise, he had already a Jacket. He was looking down at the brown leather jacket he had on.
“That Jacket is so old, it belonged to my grandpa once!” You smiled “ Why don’t you take this one?”
He looked at you for a bit before shaking his head.
“No it is ok, I like this one..”

“Ok,then at least take this,please?”
Bucky looked at your out-stretched hand and saw..
“A hair tie?”
“Yes. I see how you always struggle to keep your hair out of your face. So just put it in a small ponytail.”

With a sigh he grabbed the dark green hair tie, and after a small bit of struggle, he had his hair in a small ponytail.
A few bangs were still hanging in his face, but all together it was way better now. You grinned:
“See? It looks good, too.”

You started to walk towards the window, wanting to open it, as you saw something
Someone was walking outside, away from the door,fast.
It was nearly jogging. You could not see the persons face, but you could feel your heart drop.
Without a word to Bucky, you just walked to the door of the attic and down the stairs again.
You ignored Buckys voice and opened the front door.
Nobody was in sight, and you could only hear the sound of the water and a few birds.
The only thing you saw was something laying on the ground in front of you.
A phone.
Your phone.

´What the hell?´

You looked around for a bit and heard Buckys footsteps as he rushed down the stairs.
Without a second thought you grabbed the phone and hid it in your pocket.
“[y/n]? Are you ok !? What is it?”
You turned to him with a small smile, and shrugged.
“I don´t know… I guess I am just getting paranoid now..I saw someone walking down the road and panicked a bit..”
Bucky looked at you and you feared he would call your bluff, but he just sighed.
“Dont do that again, You scared me..”
“I wont.”
He nodded before turning away and walking to the sofa, sitting down.
With one last look you closed the door and walked over to Bucky.
Before you could sit down, and nag him about his sad piano skills, a window behind you shattered.
Both you and Bucky looked to the now shattered window, only to see fire.
Shocked, you turned to Bucky again, who was now standing.

“They found us.”
“W-Was that a-?!”
“Yes, a mo-”
Before he could finish his sentence, another bottle was thrown through a window. This time it was the window directly next to you.
With a gasp, you both ducked.
The bottle landed and shattered directly next to you.
You both rolled out of the way, but you still were a bit too slow as you felt the fire on your clothed arm.
With wide eyes you stared at the small flame on your right arm.
It took you a second to progress that you were burning, and you stood up.
As fast as you could you pulled off your jacket,throwing it on the ground. You looked at the curtains on the walls in horror as you saw the flames climp up the fabric and to the ceiling.
Bucky was next to you a second later,asking you:

“Are you alright?!”
“Yes! I think…”
You trailed of at the end of your sentence, but Bucky didn´t seem to care right now.
“We need to get away!”
“We can’t just walk out of the front door!?”
“I know!” He said, as the two of you started to walk towards the stairs.
“What do you want upstairs?!”
“Just come!”
Without any more complaining you ran after him, ignoring the pain in your leg.
As you were in front of the door upstairs again, you heard another window shatter.
You winced as you heard the glass shatter.

Walking into the attic, you closed the door behind you.
Bucky was already walking to one of the windows.
With a punch of his left hand, the window shattered and he looked outside.
He turned back to you and waved you over to him.
“Can you make that jump?”
You looked outside and realized what he meant.
Outside of the window was the roof, you would have to walk over it for a bit and then jump to the small neighbor house.

“I..I think?”
“Good.” Bucky said while looking around. “Go.I will come after you-”
Just as he finished his sentence, you heard someone come up the stairs.
With that, Bucky turned around and ran to the door again. He looked around before he pulled a shelf in front of the door, and then stacked some boxes in front of the shelf.
Meanwhile, you were climbing out of the window,careful not to cut your hands on the broken glass.
You carefully stepped onto the roof tiles while holding onto the window frame.
The first  steps you made were slow, but got faster as you heard someone shout and talk inside the house.
A few seconds later you saw Bucky a the window.You stopped and watched him while he grabbed something of the ground.
´Was that..A crowbar ?! Is he planning to fight-?!´

He turned to the window as he heard your voice:
“[y/n]! Go!”
“No, not without you!”
Buckys breath hitched at these words, and he just stared at you.
“Bucky!” You called again “Come on! We have to go!”
He continued to look at you, but after a few moments he climbed through the window and walked over to you.
“You are so stubborn.” He said to you as he walked next to you and held the crowbar out to you"Hold this.“
You ignored his comment, grabbed the crowbar and continued to walk over the roof.
Reaching the edge. the both of you felt your heart skip a beat.
Directly under you stood a person, gun in hand.
Before you could react, Bucky had grabbed you around your stomach and jumped to the side.
As you landed on the grass, Bucky let you go and your feet touched the ground again.
Bucky just checked if you were ok, and then ran off.
You were just standing there for a moment, wondering how he made that jump without breaking his legs.

´thiS GUY.´

Bucky ran around the corner of the house, and saw the single person who just aimed the gun at the both of you.
The man noticed Bucky as soon as he walked around the corner, and he pulled the trigger multiple times.
Bucky held up his left hand and deflected the bullets with ease.
The man stared at him  as he got closer. Bucky kicked the man in the gut, making him fall backwards. As the bounty hunter was falling,Bucky grabbed the gun from his hand.
He threw the gun behind him and then, he grabbed the man and threw him against the house wall, knocking him out instantly.
Bucky heard a short yelp behind him and turned around.
Standing there over a now unconscious body, with crowbar in hand, was you.
Your breathing was a bit heavy and you just nodded at him.
"Saved your ass again.”
Bucky raised an eyebrow and looked at the man who was laying in front of you.
You were right, you saved him again.
In the mans hand was a gun, which probably was pointed at Bucky before you hit him over the head with the crowbar.
“Thanks,” Bucky began" But we need to go now, are you ready ?“
With a frown you looked behind you, seeing the flames inside the house.
You looked back at Bucky and nodded. As you walked over to him, he waited for you.
And then the two of you were walking along the docs, not knowing what you were going to do now.

And you both also did not know, that for one person, everything was going as planned.

And~ That´s it :D I hope you like it and thanks for reading :D

and wow wtf “part x” sounds so mysterious i love it

MBTI as shit I have done being drunk

ENTP - Entered in a hotel (about 7 am) and tried to convince receptionists that we were staying at that hotel in order to have breakfast. - With ESFP

ENTJ - Sent an audio message to the “tomorrows myself” joking and saying things like “How does it feel the hangover muahahaha!”. 

ENFP - Went to one of the fanciest discos in the city where everybody was so elegant and danced on a totally goofy way. Everybody was like OMG. - With ESFP, ENFP and ESFJ (who was quite embarrassed).

ESTP - Spaghetti fight. - At ENTJs house with ESTJ, ESFP, ISTJ and ISTP

ESFJ - Start telling to everybody that I love them (actually this happens pretty often).

INTP - My friends showed me a 10 minute video (which I didn’t remember) of me speaking about my theories about the third world war. Messages for future generations included.

ESTJ - Convinced to a road sweeper to let me his leaf blower and felt like a boss with it. - With ESFP

INFP - Bored a total stranger at a bar speaking her about art. - With ENFP

ENFJ - Spent the whole night trying to get a girlfriend to a friend. - To ISTP

INFJ - Ended playing an old, broken piano on a really weird grunge LGTB disco. - With ESFP

ESFP - Told to everybody that my ESFP friend and I were twins and it was our birthday to get a dedicated song by the DJ (didn’t get it).

ISFP - Went to the street and tried to get some money by playing the ukelele and singing (didn’t get absolutely anything). - With ESFP

ISTP - Randomly decided and did go to the beach and swim with underwear in the sea in the middle of the night. -  With ESTJ, ESFP, ISTJ and ISTP

INTJ - There was a speech before a concert and we started repeating everything on different language’s accents, passionately. - With ENFJ

ISTJ - Literally got asleep on the table while everybody else was talking and woke up on the sofa. - With ENFP, ESFP, ESFJ and other people around.

ISFJ - Take care of someone who’s too drunk (this also happens quite often, unfortunately).

and so he says, has said before, and will say again, “Can you ever forgive me?”

it sits like yellow pound cake, like bags of powdered sugar and ten thousand flakes of stardust. sits like the way he thinks he sits across from you, like the way he thinks he sees you.
pretty little words in pretty big weight. placed on pillows, on praise, on poison.

it sits like the way you sit across from each other, parallel. heartbeats moving on the same frequencies, heads in different clouds. his are white, yours are storm.
sits on your shoulders like a tuesday. like broken piano keys and stale clocks, like the pools of blood you mop up after he speaks.

and you want to sit in the same wavelength as him a little longer, to bathe in the sugar and the stars, to watch his white clouds rain red tears. so you let him and his words sit with you.

and so he says, has said before, and will say again.

—  you say he never learns and neither do you