Imagine the boys finding out you can play piano.

Soft, melancholy notes floated through the air as each delicate touch of your finger on a key formed a song that held emotions of your past. It had been forever since the last time you had the chance to play. It even surprised you that remember the song. The broken and dirtied piano left to rot away in this hell hole of a place still carried a beautiful sound, shockingly. Maybe that was sign that even broken things are still beautiful…or maybe you were just thinking too much into it as you usually do.

You weren’t aware of the pairs of eyes staring in your direction. The echoes off the abandoned walls vibrated down the halls and into the rooms that haven’t saw the light of day in ages. The eerie vibes of the present day faded away as the death of the sick came out to be remembered. The forgotten spirits wailed and the tormented settled.

“Y/n…” Dean’s voice broke the flow and then…silence filled the atmosphere once again. “Since when-”

“Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted before standing up and wiping off your hands.

“That was,” Sam started, “beautiful.”

Castiel nodded. “And very sad.”

“Oh-well-um.” You couldn’t find the strength to form the words thanks to the lump in your throat. You looked around the room. “Seemed fitting.”

Sam nodded. “That it is. What’s it called?”

“Cold, by Jorge Mendez.”

The three men just stared at you in awe before the eldest Winchester finally spoke up. “We have got to get you a piano for the bunker.”

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics
  • Gryffindor: Laughing with friends, Plaid shirts, Kicking stuff, Singing in the shower, Smiling so that your cheeks hurt, Jumping into a pool, Running through tall grass, Climbing trees, Tickling friends, Gazing into a fire, Drinking cider, Hugging a pet, Seeing old friends, Screaming, Driving nowhere, Building a sandcastle then crushing it, Snowball fights, Hot chocolate, Tapping your fingers, Waterfalls.
  • Ravenclaw: The perfect playlist, Getting full marks on a test, Stargazing, Pencils in colour order, Peeling the plastic off a DVD, The smell of books, Talking to yourself, Tearstained cheeks, Writing poetry, Freckles, Trying to reach something on the top shelf, Forehead kisses, Mirrors smashing, Sore hands after drawing, Filling a notebook, Giving advice, Swearing under your breath.
  • Hufflepuff: Tension easing from your back when you get into a hot bath, Stopping to smell the flowers, Swing sets, Bubblegum, Absentmindedly strumming a guitar, Sticking up for a friend, Giggling, Handholding, Fluffy socks, Crunchy autumn leaves, Plaited hair, Getting ice cream on your nose, Polaroid pictures, Clay-covered hands.
  • Slytherin: Empty perfume bottles, Heels on tiles, Tiptoeing, Fingerless gloves, Leather sofas, Moonlight reflecting off of a still lake, Stepping back to admire your work, Dancing for hours, Neon signs, Broken pianos, Abandoned houses, Monotone photography, Red umbrellas.

I made a post about Licht wearing Hyde’s scarf and I intended it to be fluffy but it turned out a little angsty instead.

“I’m going to kill that fucking hedgehog.” Licht mumbled to himself as he tried to adjust his sweater to cover his neck but it was utterly impossible. He blushed when he remembered the previous night and touched one of the hickeys Hyde gave him. If anyone saw them, Licht would die of embarrassment but he didn’t have any clothes that would cover them because he only packed his summer clothes. He thought about asking Kranz to buy him a scarf but then he spotted Hyde’s scarf on the ground.

“Well, this is your fault so the least you can do is lend me your scarf.” Licht picked up his scarf and wrapped it around his neck securely. It was surprisingly comfortable and soft. He remembered one time Mahiru told him how he liked to steal Kuro’s jacket and Licht didn’t understood why. Wearing Hyde’s scarf now, he could see the appeal. Hyde’s subtle scent clung to the fabric and Licht smiled to himself.

They needed to leave for his rehearsal soon and Licht turned to their bed to wake Hyde. He stopped when he saw the peaceful expression he had. They didn’t get much sleep last night and Licht decided to let him rest in a little more. The recital hall was on the first floor of the hotel so they didn’t have to worry about their distance limitation. 

Licht closed the curtains more tightly so the sun wouldn’t wake Hyde. He knew that Hyde could most likely panic if he woke up alone so Licht wrote him a note. As he placed it on the nightstand, he glanced at Hyde’s soft expression again. Licht ran his hand through Hyde’s hair lightly and his fingers brushed against the chain around his neck. He rarely took off his name tag and the few times he did, Hyde always made sure to keep it nearby. The only thing he treated similarly was his scarf.

“I’ll take your scarf as punishment but don’t think I’ll always go easy on you just because you’re cute.” Licht said softly to him even though Hyde couldn’t respond to him. He was certain that he wouldn’t have the courage to say something so affectionate if Hyde was awake. “Don’t sleep in too late.”

Licht made sure to close the door quietly behind him when he left the room. He adjusted the black scarf around him one last time before he went to meet Kranz. He planned to speak with the hotel owner that morning and told Licht to meet him downstairs. Licht slept in a little and he wouldn’t be late so he rushed down the hall. He didn’t want to hear Kranz lecture him so early in the morning.

He spotted Gil at the end of the hall and Licht stopped to talk to him. Licht couldn’t see his expression because of his whale costume but Gil was shocked to see Licht wearing the familiar black scarf. Before he could comment on it, Licht spoke first. “The stupid hedgehog is still sleeping but don’t bother waking him yet. He’ll disturb my rehearsal so let him laze around for a while. I left him a note telling him where I am but if he runs off before reading it, stop him from rampaging for me.”

“Okay.” Gil nodded, well aware of how Hyde would react if he woke up and found his Eve missing. Licht thanked him and started to run down the hall again but Gil stopped him. “Wait, isn’t that Hyde’s scarf?”

“Yeah, I’m borrowing it.” Licht blushed a little because he remembered the reason he had to steal it.

“He gave it to you?” Gil’s voice was a mixture of shock and amazement. Licht tilted his head in confusion a little. Hyde always wore the scarf but Licht didn’t think it was different from the other accessories he had. Gil patted his head and his voice was proud. “You really made him grow up. Take good care of that Servamp and his scarf. He trusted you with something important.”

“Sure,” Licht agreed even though he didn’t understand the significance behind Gil’s words. His phone rang and he swore softly when he saw that it was Kranz. “Shit, I’m late. Bye, Gil.”

Licht played a few scales on the hotel’s piano and listened to the notes carefully. Each piano was different so he needed to familiarize himself with it to bring out its full potential. Kranz left to speak with some of the staff and Licht was alone on stage but he preferred the quiet when he was practising. So, he made an annoyed sigh when the door flew open violently. Licht turned and saw that it was Hyde.

He had a panicked expression and he was breathing heavily so Licht knew that he must’ve ran all the way down from their hotel room. Licht stood and yelled at him. “What the hell, Shit Rat? Don’t make so much noise while I’m practising. Didn’t you read my note? Gil must’ve told you I was here so you don’t need to run around like some maniac.”

Hyde stride forward without a word and slammed his hands down on the piano on either side of him. The keys screamed angrily when he did but Licht wasn’t shaken. He was trapped between Hyde’s arms but Licht could never be afraid of him. The panic and desperation in his eyes did worry Licht though. They fought many times but he never saw Hyde so angry before. 

“You took my scarf without asking!”

“That’s what you’re angry about? You interrupted my practise and you could’ve broken the piano, Shit Rat. Don’t get pointlessly mad and act like a child.” Licht yelled back and Hyde’s eyes flashed for a moment. He tried to take the scarf back but Licht held onto it, not wanting to let Hyde win a fight. They were both acting petty and Licht didn’t know why Hyde would put so much importance on a simple scarf.

“Let it go, Lichtan!” Hyde demanded. He didn’t stop trying to take the scarf back even after Licht kicked him roughly. They both started screaming over each other. “Stop struggling or else you’ll rip it! Give it back to me, Lichtan!”

“Damnit, Shit Rat, I’m just borrowing it. You can go a day without wearing this stupid thing. Let go of me, Hyde! You’re hurting me! Why is it so important, anyways?”

“Ophelia gave it to me!”

Hyde felt Licht stiffened and he froze as well. Neither of them spoke for a moment and Hyde felt his throat go dry. He realized how strong his grip on Licht’s arm was and he immediately let go of him. He stepped away from him but Licht didn’t move. He rushed to apologize but the words caught in his chest when he saw his expression. Licht’s wide eyes became a storm of emotions. Surprise, regret, envy and sadness clashed until he closed his eyes.

Finally, Licht moved and slowly took off the scarf. He thrust it towards Hyde and pushed him away at the same time. “Take it. I was only using your scarf to cover the bite marks you left. But, don’t worry, that won’t happen again. Don’t bite me again and sleep on the couch for the rest of the trip. You should’ve told me earlier. I would’ve never touched it if I knew that it was so important to you.”

“Wait, Licht, I’m sorry for being rough! I reacted poorly.” Hyde cupped his cheeks to make Licht look up at him. He gasped when he roughly pushed his hands away. Licht kept his face lowered so he wouldn’t see his expression. “Licht, I love you.”

“… I need to go see Kranz and ask him if he has something to cover up your stupid bite marks. Don’t bother me until my tour is over because I need to focus on my performance.” Licht ordered before he turned away. Hyde wanted to run after him as he watched him leave but the hurt in Licht’s voice paralyzed him. He looked down at the scarf in his hands and it felt much heavier than usual.

Licht woke up early and peered out of his room to see Hyde asleep on the couch. It had been a couple days since their fight and Licht had been avoiding him. Once he was certain that Hyde was asleep, Licht opened the door fully. He heard him pacing in front of his room for most of the night so he knew that he must’ve been tired and sleeping deeply now.

In front of his door was a melon and Licht knew that Hyde was the one that left it there. Everyday since their fight, Hyde would leave small gifts for him as an apology but Licht refused to be swayed. He stepped over the melon and walked to the door. They were in Japan and they already made plans to spend the day with Mahiru and Neko-san. Licht decided to see them alone and woke up early so Hyde couldn’t follow him.

Licht placed his hand on the doorknob but he couldn’t stop himself from looking back to Hyde on the couch. He sighed heavily to himself and walked to the couch. Hyde’s expression was a little sad and Licht pulled the blanket over him more. Then he wrote a note that told him he was going to see Mahiru and placed it over Hyde’s face.

“Why do I love an idiot like you?” Licht whispered but didn’t stay to hear his answer.

He left the hotel and walked to Mahiru’s apartment alone. It was still early in the morning and hours before the time the Sloth Pair was expecting him but he was certain that Mahiru was too kind to turn him away. Playing with Neko-san would also be a good way to take his mind off Hyde. But, walking down the street alone, Hyde was all that filled his thoughts.

Licht remembered the expression Hyde had when he tried to take back the scarf from him. He could only remember one other time he saw Hyde lose his composure like that. It was when they were trapped by Tsubaki. He knew Hyde’s past and how important Ophelia was to him so he understood why he reacted the way he did. Losing someone you loved and having to move on was already difficult but they also parted tragically.

Even though he understood that, it still hurt him.

Licht knew how Hyde felt about Ophelia but he told himself that it was his past. He thought that he moved on from that time in his life. Seeing the way Hyde clung to the scarf Ophelia gave him, he couldn’t help but have a little doubt. Was he just a replacement or a distraction from her? Hyde did describe him as ‘a way to kill time’ before they became close but he thought that changed, especially after they started dating.

He had no illusions about what Hyde was before they met, a man driven mad with grief who was screaming for help. Now, he wondered if he still wanted something he lost. Licht didn’t know how he could compete against a ghost. Hyde showed him his past and he saw how much he loved Ophelia. He hated feeling jealous and petty but he couldn’t help how he felt.

It was perfectly reasonable for him to have keepsakes of that time. Maybe Hyde moved on but wanted to keep them for the memories, Licht tried to tell himself. But then he remembered how Hyde reacted to seeing him wear it and his heart tightened more. While Hyde was the first person he fell in love with, Licht was painfully aware that it wasn’t the same for Hyde.

“Licht, Mahiru’s house was a block ago.” Licht looked back and saw that Gil was standing behind him. He was so last in thought that he didn’t realize that he passed Mahiru’s home or that Gil was following him. “Hyde told me to watch over you and bring you back before you start feeling pain.”

“So, he decided not to join.” Licht said in an irritated voice but he was a little disappointed. He could feel Gil’s eyes on him so he lied. “I’m going to have to leave early because of our stupid distance limitation. I want to play with Neko-san.”

“You can play with him later but I want to speak with you right now.” Gil gestured to a bench and sat down as best as he could with his giant whale costume.

“I’m not going to talk to him again.” Licht said but he sat down next to him. Even though he was angrier with himself than Hyde, it was still difficult to face him. He knew that if they did speak to each other again, they would have to talk about their fight. That would undoubtedly lead to Ophelia and Licht didn’t want to hear Hyde say he loved her.

Licht already knew how much Hyde loved her but hearing it could break his heart.

“I wasn’t going to tell you to do anything. I know you won’t listen. I wanted to apologize to you for not saying anything when I saw you in the hall. I thought you already knew that she was the one that gave it to him.” Gil saw the sadness in Licht’s eyes and he couldn’t help but feel partly responsible.

“We both know that getting that demon to talk about his past is like pulling teeth.” Licht mumbled and Gil nodded. “He kept it all this time…”

“Once a contract ended, their item becomes black.” Gil explained. “She made it herself. Ophelia would make a personalized scarf for each guard to make them feel welcomed in the castle. She was a good princess and a better queen. Everyone loved her and even Hyde could barely bring himself to lecture her when she went out of line. She—”

“She was kind and selfless and wonderful. I already know that so why are you bothering telling me this?” Licht interrupted him and his heart tightened. “You never had to stop them from fighting like you do with us and you miss that, don’t you? Kranz already yell at me enough for that so you don’t need to say it. Hyde’s the one that always start our fights so go bother him.”

“I don’t mind it that much. It’s my job.” Gil wanted to comfort Licht. He watched the pair for the past three days and knew that they were both in pain. As Greed’s Subclass, it was his job to support them. “I served him for a long time so I know his vices very well. Hyde’s childish and emotional but you’re making him a better person everyday. He loves you.”

Licht sighed and leaned against Gil. “Hyde misses her. If she was still alive, he wouldn’t look twice at me. He looked at her like she was the sun. I saw it.”

“He did. But I see how he looks at you like you’re his salvation. Don’t compare yourself to her because you’re two completely different people to him. He loved her then. He loves you now.”

“Then why did he yell at me like that? It feels like he hasn’t moved on. Does he still love her?”

“That’s something you need to ask him yourself. I know you’re scared to ask him but you don’t need to be. You’ve never been one to run away. That’s Hyde and doing so ruined his chance for love last time.”

In the end, Licht didn’t go see Mahiru and he walked back to the hotel instead. Hyde wasn’t there and waiting for him in silence was chipping away at his resolve. He knew that they needed to talk but Licht’s nerves were starting to get the better of him. Licht hugged his legs and pressed his forehead to his knees. He didn’t know how their conversation would end and a hundred different scenarios played in his mind.

The best ending and the one Licht wanted, Hyde would hold him and reassure him. Worst case, Hyde would admit that he still had feelings for Ophelia. Licht didn’t know what they would do if that happened. He loved Hyde and he wanted to be with him. But knowing that Hyde was thinking of someone else whenever they were together would be painful.

Licht heard the door open and he looked up to see Hyde in the doorway. He looked shocked for a moment before he sheepishly held up a bag. “I thought you were going to play with Nii-san a little longer so I went out to buy us lunch. I hope you’re in the mood for Greek food. I also brought a melon if you want to skip straight to desert. I’ll cut it for us and—”

“Hyde, we need to talk.” He stiffened at the sound of his name. Licht rarely called him by the name he gave him so he knew that he was being serious. Thinking the worst, Hyde dropped the bags and ran to the couch. He fell to his knees in front of Licht and took his hands into his desperately.

“Please, Licht, don’t break up with me.” Hyde begged. “I know that I messed up and I was wrong. I was rough with you and I hurt you. I love you so that’s the last thing I want to do. I promised to protect you and I meant it. I’m so sorry, Licht. I’ll do anything to prove that to you. Just, please, don’t leave me. Licht, say something!”

“What do you want me to say? It wasn’t significant enough to tell me that your scarf was important because she made it for you. But it was important enough that you chased me down for it. That’s what hurt me.” Licht pulled his hands out of his and Hyde’s expression crumbled at the rejection. Seeing how sad he was, Licht wanted to hold him but he was hurting too. “Do you still love her? Do you ever wish I was her?”

“Oh God, Licht, of course not. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way.” Hyde stood and hugged him to his chest tightly. He was a little scared that Licht would push him away so he was relieved when he hugged him back. “She was important to me but you’re my world now. I love you so much. My scarf holds a lot of important memories to me and that’s what I got upset over. Memories, not feelings. I thought I lost it or someone stole it and got really scared.”

Hyde stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head. Licht leaned into his tender touch and closed his eyes. The pain gripping his heart eased a little but not by much. He wondered if, a thousand years from now, would he hold his name tag with as much importance. Hyde could feel that Licht was still a little stiff in his arms so he leaned away from him.

He took off his scarf and wrapped it around Licht. His eyes widened a little and quickly tried to untie the scarf. Hyde stopped him by placing his hand over his and held the scarf firmly in place. He kissed the corner of his eye and trailed his lips across his temple.

He whispered in his ear. “I love you, Licht. I didn’t realize before but you actually look pretty cute in my scarf. Anytime you want to wear it, take it. You don’t need to ask me or anything. Even if I’m wearing it, you can take it.”

“Are you sure?” Licht asked hesitantly and Hyde nodded without any uncertainty.

“Everything I am belongs to you and that includes my memories. I love you so much and I’ll give you anything. So, please, don’t leave me.” The devotion and love he had shone in his eyes and Licht took his hands.

“I can’t leave you. I love you.”

I don’t know what Lawless’s item was when he was with Ophelia and I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot of theories out there. I’m not entirely certain that it’s his scarf but it worked with this fanfic.

A Broken Heart’s Piano Riff

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Pureblood! Reader

Prompt: (Y/N) was promised to the Malfoy’s only son as soon as she was of age. He made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her and that only delved her further into self-pity. Will a few tears and an eye-opening music piece change the way they feel?

A/N: I couldn’t get this idea out of my brain for a month and a half now, and I’ve been requesting it anonymously a bunch but i’m not patient enough to wait for it lol so here it is

I shut down in a pool of my own melancholy thoughts at the end of the reign of summer. Sense my breath depart and my heart collapse on itself as its last shreds of innocence are ripped away from my embrace with such brutality that the arms which refused to let go are left slaughtered.

I shut down as anguish burns a hole in the pit of my stomach and claims the small space that’s left amongst a plaguing blackness, while tears have already carved canyons in my cheeks as proof.

I shut down, yet no one takes a second glance until the damage has been done.

My youth flies before my eyes as I watch with a clouded gaze– a distant look that’s filled with contradicting sourness over an underlying defeat and it hurts, burns, with every painfully slow second to test my nostolgia to the brink of an elders’ equivalent measure. Leaves marks on my crippled heart as time tries to wrap itself back around it in vain, only making it a more ardous task to let go.  

And I’m torn away to be reeled back into reality.

The reality with an obligation to do what I’m expected of and where everything is woven tightly into place– stitched together by people with likings that are beyond control.

It’s a degrading cycle, really. A corrupted maintanence where the future is not mine to indulge in and not mine to spend, with taunting freedom dangling just beyond the reach of desperate the fingertips of those who crave it.

I think of it as than a cruel testament to a life in shackles.

For the Malfoy’s youngest son reflects the exact torment with the toxic accents of unmasked disdain. Has his perfectly obediant demeanor stir a storm within, perforating through in small doses that the careful eye can trace. He barely meets my gaze, barely speaks two words in my direction, but it’s enough. Enough to make it hurt.  

There’s a reluctance as he bends down on one knee, tying down fate and letting the last wisps of ambivalence settle into silence. His hand is gentle, and for a moment there’s an illusion his empathy. But that could’ve been for either of us.

Draco’s fingers are shaky as he slips a silver coil around my finger. Lingers there for a moment as if it all only now begins to sink in and I am no longer my own person. We are unwillingly binded–

–but the emptiness in his eyes is something I cannot shake.

I deprive myself from upturned lips in a false reality where I’m promised to the boy I’ve always loved, when it’s all fake. Because he’s forced, demanded, obligated to do sobut yearns for something different.

I’m not enough, and I might never be.

The Malfoy’s stay over that evening, taking the day’s events into their chambers with smiles of satisfaction. With disregard for the overriding emotion of their children. The emotion is suffocating, in need of release as my nimble fingers dart across keys of ebony and ivory that sit in one of the many parlors downstairs.

I play a tune of morose proportions, staccato’s laced with “what if’s” that swell into the room. Press on the tiles with passion and drift away as each note welds together in a harmony that mirrors my pleas. The song I know by heart, as it’s merely a transcript of my own. It drowns out my surroundings, and I don’t quite realize that I have an audience.

And it’s in that moment that Draco gets sucked in. Studies me and listens and really looks at what’s right in front of him.

It’s a scene with a screaming message that to this day I still don’t understand.

It takes a week of tickling the keys before even that runs out of meaning and he watches as I stop at the peak of the movement, colliding pitches bouncing off the walls like something out of chaos. I’ve stopped, pressing my elbows down on the dull-colored spectrum in somewhat of a betraying manner.

Draco is confused until he realizes I’m weeping and time slows down, ticks with every passing heartbeat. It turns into something tangible just to watch, trading glances like playing cards between a broken girl–

–and the boy that has just the right fitting pieces.

And he knows he wasn’t walking towards me with an obligation. Knows that he feels an ache in his chest because he wasn’t forced to. I’m pulled into an embrace that is no longer stiff with unwillingness and dare to look up, instantly rewarded with peppering kisses and comforting whispers and a pray for the tears to cease.

Where unsaid words are exchanged that consist of “I’m here,” and “I want to try,” on top of a piano bench that captures it all.

Maybe it is all just a cruel testament to a life in shackles… but with (Y/N) curled up in Draco’s arms and his heart swelling with startling fondness…

He thinks that maybe they are an exception.


New video with Jon and Sansa. 💕

“I can’t listen to the rain
Not with your blood running through my veins
and yes you know you drive me insane with such a pretty face
but your heart of stone is breaking my bones honey
and you keep saying that I made it this way
but you keep your blood in my veins, my veins
even though our love is gone
and now we just live in the shadows of our ghosts
like broken pianos we are hollow
we are shattered hopes
we are no longer home…”

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Pictured here: Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) just a few months before his unfortunately early death by means of tuberculosis, which was not uncommon and often was the bearer of bad news in the century. In the middle, the earliest known photograph of Franz Liszt (1811-1886) in 1858, and lastly, a young Johannes Brahms (1833- 1897) in 1853. 

When observing the vessels that these fine talents and often eccentric personalities did once possess, it is evident that European men did fancy a particular hairstyle in the mid-1800s- and women, too- as many of Liszt’s devoted, characteristically female, admirers would attempt to collect locks of his hair and even pieces of his cloth; and he was proud of it too, as can be presumed by the way he was known to flip his hair while playing piano. The obsession over the Hungarian composer also extended to women making bracelets out of broken strings from his piano; one captivated woman snatched an old cigar stump Lizst had littered onto the street, kept it in a locket, and decorated it with diamonds that spelled his initials. There was a word for this, too- Lisztomania. 

Hans Zimmer

This incredibly wacky but still amazing piece by the one and only Hans Zimmer really sums up the character of Sherlock Holmes in every way, shape and form. It starts off with a slow and in a way creepy cimbalom performing the main theme, then bursts out into a dramatic brass blast and continues on with a constant but still very energetic main theme, incorporating many instruments such as a broken pub piano, banjo, squeaky violins, detuned uprights and (as mentioned before) a cimbalom. 

This in whole is a very unique but brilliantly composed piece, thanks to the best, Hans Zimmer, well done. You always seem to amaze!


Chris discovering his piano is broken - April 12

sfjessii  asked:

I can't decide between these two, so either, or... (would not say no to both, either, but I'm so greedy!! <3) “okay when I said I would help you with your photography assignment by being your model I diDN’T KNOW YOU’D WANT ME TO GO INTO AN ABANDONED BUILDING THATS APPARENTLY HAUNTED?” au AND/OR “watch where the hell you’re going with your extra extra large canvas, you nearly hit me- wait oh my god you’re so talented is that a jellyfish oil painting?” au

It took me a bit to come up of what I wanted to write, but here it is! I went with the first prompt but I might write something for the second one, too! :) 

Thanks for sending it! ♥♥

I apologize for the random mistakes you’ll probably find. It’s after midnight and I should be sleeping :D

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“You’re kidding.” Magnus looked at the man in the passenger seat of his car. “You have to be kidding. Magnus! This looks haunted in broad daylight! There’s no way you want to hold a photoshoot there!” 

Magnus’ sly smile was all the answer he gave as Alec continued to freak out.

“And please tell me how do you know this place doesn’t have any security and we can just go inside? It looks private. And fancy. And very very  haunted.” As if on cue a stronger gust of wind made some of the older windows rattle and Magnus chuckled as Alec shivered.

“Relax. This place belongs to my dad. Well, used to, anyways.” Magnus shrugged and turned off the engine when he determined to be close enough to the building so carrying all of his equipment wouldn’t be a hassle. 

“And what happened to him?”

“He’s in jail. Did a lot of bad stuff.” Magnus was surprised Alexander hadn’t made the connection himself, it wasn’t like he was hiding who his father was. Magnus even carried his name due to some legal matters and not having enough time to change it. 

Alec gasped and looked at Magnus, all fear replaced by a softer look. “I’m sorry, I didn’t…” He bit his lip before continuing to look like he was thinking about what to say. Magnus shrugged, saving Alec from that awkward speech. There was nothing he could say that would help, anyways.

“I don’t really care, we were never close.” Magnus shrugged again and rubbed his fingers together, resting his forearms on the steering wheel. When he managed to talk Alexander into helping him wit his photoshoot Magnus wasn’t sure if the subject would come up, but he was hoping it wouldn’t have.

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this…” Alec murmured and Magnus took the opportunity to change the subject.

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a mix for erik and christine. the bridge is crossed, so they stand and watch it burn. she aches and longs for him–the angel the ghost the monster the man. there are far too many broken keys on the piano, too many smashed bits of glass, too many hearts shattered far too many times so she shouldn’t she shouldn’t she shouldn’t she shouldn’t–but she can. and she does.

okay but can we just take a moment and appreciate this?

when we first saw bts’s short films, we only saw them in the realms of the hyyh/wings series.

but after reading the lyrics to bts’s new album, we can see that it’s so much more.

like in jungkook’s short film, he was crying for his “hyung”. we took it as him crying because somebody died and/or he was forcing himself to let go of his past and loved ones. 

his solo was a love letter to his members, about how they took in his 15 year old self and cared for and raised him. How they “made him”. How whenever he sees his hyungs cry, he wants to cry instead and whenever they’re sad, he wants to die.

in rap monster’s short film, we saw him in a wall of mirrors. we thought it was him reflecting on himself for not picking up taehyung’s call and being there for him.

his solo was the thoughts and emotions he has when he’s alone. It was a reflection of himself. It talked about how even though he’s loved by so many, he still feels lonely. How he’s trapped in himself and how he’s learned to become familiar with darkness.

in j hope’s short film, he took on a character with munchausen syndrome. His symbol is Eva, Demian’s mother. We took this as a continuation of his character in the I Need U and Run mv 

in his solo, he calls his own mother his “placebo” (which is the typical treatment for someone with munchausen syndrome) and tells her that now she can believe in him and trust him. That she doesn’t have to work hard anymore, that he is there for her.

In suga’s short film, we seem him automatically attracted to a broken down piano inside an abandoned building

in his solo, he calls the piano his first love and talks about his guilt for leaving it despite it always being there to comfort him throughout all of his struggles.

in taehyung’s short film, we see him locked in a cage singing the phrase “i’m sorry my sister”. we thought that he was saying this because his character failed to protect his sister from their abusive father.

In his solo, he not only says “I’m sorry my sister” but also “I’m sorry my brother”. In real life, Taehyung has a younger sister and a younger brother. He was talking to them through this song, and was begging for their forgiveness because he felt as if he failed to protect them from the things that life threw in their direction. Taehyung has been extremely busy this year with all of his schedules, it is possible that this song was the manifestation of his guilt for not spending more time with his family and being there to be an older brother to his siblings.

in jimin’s short film, we see this push and pull within his character. He looks at the camera smiling, but in the next frame he’s choking himself. We thought it was because he was forcing himself to pretend that he’s alright without j hope.

But in his solo, he’s asking his listeners to save him from his “lie” where he feels as if his true self is being swallowed up and forced to be something that it’s not. it’s possible that this is referencing the personality he has on camera and the personality he has off it, or maybe even referencing him being an international idol when he first started off as just a young boy.

in jin’s short film, we see him leaving the room and thus leaving all the symbols of the other six members. We see him burning 6 flower petals. we thought that this was his “awakening”, him forcing himself to wake up from the illusion of happiness he had with the boys throughout the hyyh series.

in his solo, he also speaks of six petals that he holds in his hands. this is still the same symbol that represents the members of bts. but, we also see him singing of how he can never fly like “those” flower petals and that he’s scared and hurt. Yet, despite this, he still wants to fight and run longer. This is referencing how he knows that he’s overshadowed by the other members of bts and he knows that he may never be able to shine like them. But he still wants to try his best and go all the way. Why? because those flowers are precious and beautiful to him and no matter the pain he may suffer, he still wants to fly and keep on going.

like the songs are not just to be seen in the context of the hyyh story, BTS took it and made it something extremely personal to them

it is here that their characters in hyyh are no longer just characters but true representations of themselves.

This is just a rough overview of each song, but literally no words can ever be enough for the emotions and thoughts that each member poured into their solo. Please go read the translations and learn more about the meaning behind their hard work.

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And another since my brain has been wanting a full-fledged AU fic of this: Cadenza is the quiet, shy teenager who is not even noticed by the other band kids, since he plays piano. He's got a frickin huge crush on the prima of the drama club, Garderobe. He constantly writes her melodies and arias in the margins of his class notes and, one day, she hears him playing them.



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If McKirk could play any instruments, what would they play? (I see Bones with a violin/fiddle because damn, you can put a lot of heart and soul into that and could go way Southern lol, also the dexterity)

Technically, I can’t really see either of them able to play any instruments. However, there is a part of me that can see Jim being able to play a little bit of guitar. Not a ton, but some. As for Len, I could see him taking piano lessons as a boy. There’s a baby grand piano in his childhood home so his mama made him take lessons. Years later, he’s forgotten how to play most songs but he remembers how to play a select few. One of which being his mama’s favorite, Fur Elise. It wasn’t her favorite when he was learning to play piano, but as the years went by and the piano wasn’t being played it was all too silent in the house. So, when Len moved home during the divorce, in an attempt to have a healthier coping mechanism, he decided he was going to relearn how to play. One day he plays Fur Elise and regardless of how sick and tired she was of it years before, she instantly decides that it’s her favorite because it’s her son playing it.

(Also, just listen to Fur Elise and picture Len sitting at the piano, broken up about the divorce, and playing it.)

Revenge Prank (Inhumans Drabble)

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Word count: 2.1K

AN: So… this is for making you all wait a week. Not long, but hopefully you all like it!

Summary: Yixing forgot something important, and his two mischievous twins want him to suffer just a little bit. Sometimes, though, things don’t turn out the way it’s planned!

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do you ever wake up from a nap and suddenly remember something you thought you forgot?

because i suddenly remembered the fact that for a circuitry project last year i salvaged a broken cat piano my professor had and made it light up when i touched it with a special glove. the thing didn’t play music. i literally just rigged it to light up. i saw it in a trash pile at my professor’s lab and went “I NEED IT” and took it for my project.

Lucifer Season 2 Round-out

Last April, a list began that would soon pervade into every moment of my life: “Lucifer Season 2 and Beyond - Wants and Desires”. It went through various iterations…

Original Post (pre-season) / Updated post (during season 2)

Before I go into my “Season 3” post (and questions!) I wanted to make a quick capsule of my top fulfilled desires of season 2. Please let me know what yours were, or if you have questions and desires yet to be addressed.

Desires Fulfilled / Questions Answered

Does Lucifer have any other brothers/siblings we should know of? While I was disappointed that Uriel had such a brief appearance, it was still very cool and developed the arc of the season a TON! Also, there’s that mention of…
Lucifer should have a sister…(2x05) AZRAEL! The Angel of Death is a she, and I have many questions and speculations about her role, power, manifestation, etc
Who is Lucifer’s mother? Angel, Demon, something else? You know, for a majority of the season I didn’t know whether I liked or hated the Divine Goddess mum as Charlotte Richards. She was a fun character, but very on the fence as to what she wanted and how badly at any given moment. Mostly what bothered me is her lack of seriousness, gravitas. I wanted to see the “Goddess” side of her all season. She was jailed for centuries not just for being powerful, but also vengeful, chaotic, bordering on malicious. And then I got all that in the very last episode, 2x18 “God, Bad, Crispy” and I loved it. All that resentment, brokenness, and desperation, coupled with destructive force so that I could take her seriously. And no sooner did I love her as a balanced character of humor and strength, she (as we know her) was gone! Wot?!
We’ve seen Lucifer’s lifestyle, how is Amenadiel liking his time on earth? Not at all - his poor wings! But I’m really quite glad he’s found solace in, of all places, the improv club.
Who are Chloe’s friends outside the force, will we meet some? Thank Dad for Maze, Linda, and Ella, and girls night #tribe.
Lucifer, Trixie, and Maze on a school’s day out field trip. Trixie and Maze trick-or-treating was 100% wonderful, and as a brilliant bookend so was Lucifer taking Trix to school and them having their own little “deceiving your parents” club.
Girls’ night - Mazikeen, Chloe, Linda. And not only that but a bar fight, which is also what I wanted to see more of (the females kicking butt, which I got from all the core ensemble save Trixie, who instead kicked butt with her words, as Maze said). It’s like the writers have Lucifer powers of desire deduction…
More delving into the themes of what it means to be vulnerable, when it’s good and not, and recovering from betrayal from all the characters’ perspectives. Well, divorce and single parenting are pretty dang vulnerable for Chloe I’d say….and you know drudging up the past and confronting her dad’s murder. And Dan and Lucifer at the comedy club, the openness there gave me new hope for their continued BroTP. Lucifer with Azrael’s blade while Amenadiel watched as his little bro was in pain DESTROYED ME. And even Trixie was vulnerable at that Starford private school, which was super insightful for Trixstar. And Maze and Lucifer throwing down and going to group therapy with Linda. The writers really knocked vulnerability, recovery, and moving forward out of the park.
Is Mazikeen going to make more progress in the friends’ department? First word: Roomies. Second word: wifey. I really, deeply enjoyed Maze bonding with Chloe and Linda (ride or die) this season, and her growing attachment to humans.
Now that Lucifer doesn’t have his Pentecostal coin to play with, does he get a new toy? I never thought seeing Lucifer with a cell phone would be that satisfying. 
We see Lucifer always wearing a ring and Amenadiel always wearing a necklace. Will they come into play? Of course! Although, please props department up your game. I hated that Sumerian text. It looked like a three ring binder spray painted bronze.
What stunts/ fight choreography are you guys thinking about for s2? Maze with a pool cue, a good amount of headbutting, slo-mo riots in a psychiatric ward, jumping off of a pier, some great driving sequences, a sniper/hostage situation, violence with a yoga mat, throw-down in a church (Father Frank’s church?), broken pianos. I can’t wait for more!
✔ Tom Ellis at the piano.“All Along the Watchtower” pleases me to no end.
✔ Scenery changes? I love the addition on the performance club and Chloe’s new apartment. 
✔ New potentially recurring characters? Heavens bless Ella in all her awkward moment, ice-breaking quirkiness. 
✔ Can Chloe effect other celestials adversely, or just Lucifer? Apparently yes she can. She disrupted Uriel’s pattern of destruction (2x05) I think, I could be wrong, but it came across that way…
✔ Seeing Lucifer with wings. YES! Bring on the eleventh hour cliffhanger.
✔  Lucifer’s fall? Maybe we saw a glimpse of it…depending on the context of the 2x18 cliffhanger

Things we got that we didn’t even know we wanted. SO GOOD:

  • Dan and Chloe are getting a divorce and in so doing becoming an even better team on the force and in life. They can razz each other more at work and be treated as equals, and she can joke with Dan “if you married Charlotte, that would make you Lucifer’s stepdad.”
  • Amenadiel wallowing about the loss of his wings, and the new BroTP Dandielion (Dan and Amenadiel at the comedy club)
  • “Cosmos are yummy” and “I like [the shape of] your head” one liners. You deserve all the praise Amenadude.
  • Ella’s tiny hands comment.”I’ve seen some pretty tiny manhands.” Cheeky.
  • Ella speaking French.
  • Lucifer and Maze with a taser. Superb new toy.
  • Lucifer being mortally embarrassed seeing his mom naked (how does it feel to be on the receiving side of nude awkwardness buddy), her interrupting his foreplay, and him having to drag her off his club stage because of her dancing. He’s essentially a teenager with her around.
  • Trixie’s defaced doll, and Lucifer’s sinnamon roll behavior getting her a new one.
  • Trixie holding Lucifer’s hand hostage as he takes her to school and bargains with her to drive the Corvette.
  • Chloe nearly beating someone to death with a yoga mat. “There’s a special place in hell for women…who manipulate other women.”
  • A reprisal of Chloe and Maze the tag team. Magnificent.
  • Lucifer denouncing cats. “Open box of excrement in your house? Cats,” Makes me wonder what pet Lucifer would have if he could. 
  • Uriel playing with patterns and probability! Sweet, now help me sail my ship! (2x05)
  • Lucifer as an action movie fan. Not surprising, since we already know he loves cheesy sci-fi from season 1 interaction with Chloe’s mom. But still another awesome nerdy layer.
  • Chloe teaming up on a case with her would-be-mother-in-law. Season 2 subtitle: #EveryoneHitsOnChloe
  • Lucifer in a psych ward. And of course, the Linda/Lucifer break out. Though it probably would’ve been equally fascinating as a break in.


  1. The stunt driving in the corvette and Chloe’s car, and the surrounding circumstances of both incidents. I love the fulfillment of “I’ll never let you drive” comes full circle when Lucifer speeds on to try and save Chloe’s life, and when Chloe has to ride shotgun on Lucifer’s terms, she loses all composure. 
  2. Most of 2x13 “A Good Day to Die” but especially the X-Ambassadors “Unsteady“ montage where every character shines!
  3. “God Johnson” - the whole episode from start to finish, because it revealed so much honesty, meta, and motivation about the Lucifer, Linda, and Mum. If I had to pick a favorite part, it would have to be when Lucifer is wheeling Linda down the corridor and she meets ‘God’ or the celestial parent trap. Linda and Lucifer get to act like fans in their own show, Dr. Martin reveals Lucifer’s hidden desire to see his family back together, and Mum realizes she loves her ex and much as she hates him.
  4. Maze and Chloe on a case as a married couple.
  5. The men #tribe and the women #tribe we clearly establish in the first half of the season through cocktails, bar fights, saunas, improv clubs, etc. It wasn’t obnoxious or super exclusive, it developed naturally and really served the characters.
  6. All of Trixie’s screen time was awesome, and the fact she seems to get more of it. Particularly “you don’t have to speak in code, I can handle adult stuff (she’s very perceptive)” and “wusses don’t get lollies” and her reaction to Lucifer stealing her sandwich.
  7. Lucifer’s final scene with Linda in the hospital, where she has the title line that once again gives Lucifer page turning insight, and he puts her glasses back on and I melt!
  8. Amenadiel being able to slow time for the first time since his powers waned, and using it to save Linda’s life. It made me teary, and brought me back to 2x13 when he helped Lucifer by standing his ground for Chloe. (MVP on the Unsteady montage)
  9. Ella standing up to Charlotte. Her saying “you hurt Dan, I’ll break your legs” at first came off funny, like ‘your East Coast is showing’ but with each episode I increasingly wonder if, instead of just being mellow and accepting and lighthearted, she knows more than she let’s on and there’s another side of her that we’ve not seen.
  10. The made up dinner scene / “you look beautiful” / the trajectory of Deckerstar. I admit there was a faith wobble. I thought that the show was revving up Lucifer and Chloe, perhaps not ‘too fast,’ but too suddenly. A lot was development happened over very few episodes in season 2 (by contrast to the entire season one slow burn) that I was dazed. What the hell was going on? Then they slammed on the brakes and reversed it when Luci skipped town and I thought are you trying to give me whiplash. But now those trials and that zig zag line is actually effective in making their relationship more complex and less doe-eyed, leading up to the capstone line by Chloe about moving forward. It gives the series a Chuck-like nostalgia in that this epiphany frees up a lot of constraint: it doesn’t matter the twists, turns, sputters, or screaming wheelies of the ship, in fact all the better, so long as their eyes are open and the aim is forward.


☒ The “Wobble” episode concept.(2x03 Sin-Eater) If I had to rate it’s strength as a compelling episode, it’s probably second to the bottom.

☒ Poor Uri, we did not know him well, but I wanted to! (2x05)

☒ The “Candy Morningstar“ episode (2x14). I like the resolution, however I thought overall it was a weak return from hiatus. It did not do a very good job of filling in gaps of Lucifer’s time in Vegas - but maybe that’s something flashbacks in season 3 will revisit.

Ella, her brother Ricardo, (2x13) and their Brooklyn roots. At first when I heard Ella came from a big family of brothers - 5? if I’m not making that up - I thought “what rich grounds for parallels” Lucifer comes from a big angelic family and Ella and Luci hit it off quite well where quirkiness goes she practically like a sister, she even got him to go to church, I can’t wait to see where this goes. But then we met one of her siblings, and it felt somewhere between a front and a one-off plot point to serve the events unfolding in the case. Generally, I feel even though I really like her character, she was not used to full potential in the second act of season after 2x8. Part of the hazard of adding two characters in one season. However, I have hope from 2x17 when Ella goes off to accept a call from her brother that she’s been ‘waiting for all day,’ but it’s never revealed why and the call takes place off screen that we’re going to revisit Ella’s family and backstory in a more detailed, impactful way come s3.

The Season Finale 2x18. Before you kill me - allow me to clarify. I LOVED THIS EPISODE, however it was so packed I wish that I could surgically take out some preceding season fluff and elaborate these critical details over 2-3 episodes so that they are more than nuggets. Especially because of three things: 1) The growing complexity of Amenadiel’s relationship with Dan and Mum!Charlotte. Face it: Amenadiel had an extended identity crisis this season. It was planned, and overdue, so it’s fine. But only in these last episodes did his friendship with Dan and anchor to humanity flourish, as though playing catch up to Maze, as well as his more complex, less idolizing perspective of his parents. I WANTED MORE 2) Mum!Charlotte’s relationship with Dan “you were my favorite human.” Writers - How can you drop a line like that and NOT go after it? Are you evil? Mum’s been around for millennia and in all that time humanity has been at best a perplexing annoyance, at worse a target for ire. And in the span of one or two months on Earth, the divine goddess has developed a favorite human attachment not just to manipulate as was her intention, but beyond her reasoning legit. That’s huge. At first it was so weird, and now that I WANT MORE you cut me off! 3) Mum!Charlotte was finally beginning to stand on her own as a character, only to be slightly Sparta’d into the void. Just a few episodes ago, her only significant interactions were he sons and Maze. Now she’s branched out to everyone with the exception of Trixie. (WHY ON EARTH DID WE MISS THAT OPPORTUNITY). Then just two episodes ago, she said “when I kissed [my husband] I knew it wasn’t him, and yet I wanted it to be” - BAM - and then when she discovered Lucifer’s real plan to parent trap her in heaven, and that he was too worried about the repercussions to humanity, she offered to gate crash heaven alone and spare her son - POW. And to top it off, she recognized her own latent identity crisis and accepted an alternative to go into uncharted territory, make a new life for herself without her ex and her children, to examine who she is as her own independent Goddess in a life and a universe of her own. To summarize: metric ton of progress for Mum in three episodes tops, mostly in the last one, and now she is gone to do the most interesting part of her journey off camera. AHHH!

The flaming sword. It got so much build up for so little actual use, apart from opening the void. Plus side: I thought the void concept / how the sword was used in conjunction with the theme of moving forward was EXTREMELY good, but at the same time my inner child wanted more swordplay with at least the three main celestials: Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Mum. You get a sword, you get a sword, you get a sword!

Excessive use of Devil Eyes. I’ll have to count and compare to see how this actually tallies up, but particularly in “God Johnson” and maybe 1-2 other times I don’t recall, I thought it was overkill. I get why Lucifer’s glow-eyes are a handy physicality feature to the story, but overall I think some cues were off for maximum impact. S1 Lucifer used his eyes and true form in 3 main contexts: 1) when it suited him to intimidate or frighten 2) when it suited him for for amusement 3) when he got really overwhelmed by his emotions - possibly because it takes concentration to maintain his image and extreme emotion can blink his focus. “God Johnson” by contrast seemed more like ‘we’re telegraphing the anger.’ Of course Luci is angry, hurt, resentful, and like a kid wants the last word with Dad. However, when you factor in his smarts/cunning, and how long he’s been planning his Dad conversation, it would follow that Lucifer is laser-focused, determined, and knows that Devil Eyes don’t hold any weight with Father. Therefore, I think there are more varied, smarter, scarier ways to show Lucifer’s anger that were underutilized this season, is voice and body language especially. Plus side: I truly enjoyed Lucifer’s form in 2x13 in hell, and 2x06 for his reveal to Linda. The lighting, 5/5 Morningstars. 

The pacing and balance of humor, smart storytelling, and the dramatic elements of the show felt off, probably also on account of two hiatuses. Reflecting over the whole season I’m not as annoyed as I was week-to-week. There were parts of the season where I waited eagerly for Monday only to find the comedy didn’t hit when I thought is this a comedic take on a police procedural or a parody of a comedy of a police procedural. Other times we got all the dramatic in one go and I thought Dang, where was this development when I needed it. But then I saw 2x18 and one scene made it better/sensical: Dan coaching Amenadiel at the improv club. In a strange, probably coincidental way, when Dan says “Amenadiel, that’s a little dark buddy” I felt like the writers were breaking the forth wall and saying “yes, I know, we take you on these weird tonal-emotional roller-coasters from pantomime slapstick to death and crippling guilt. We can and will make fun of ourselves now.” And I felt a burden lift as if replying “thank you for understanding that the struggle is real.

☒  Celestial telephone tag cliffhangers. I love both of them: clever, full circle, smartly written. At the same time, I love to hate them. Twice is good. If showrunners go for a third time, I’ll take my cue from Maze and headbutt someone.

☒ I like the idea of expanding the universe by playing with the concept of the void. I think that it takes a great note from the comics. However, I’m worried it’ll be an idea that doesn’t go anywhere. As the show stands, Lucifer is so grounded in our physical world that adding a couple characters to the cast is tricky. This kind of world building? By comparison, this is God-level tricky, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Unanswered Questions / Moving Forward

See my Season 3: Speculations, Questions, Desires post.

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The incubi and MC trying to deal with their child dying?

James: Work was suddenly his number one priority; sometimes it even seemed like James was valuing it more than you. You couldn’t blame him though, because his child had wound up looking so much like you. Sometimes it simply hurt him to smile at your face every morning.

Erik: The house seems to be filled with near deafening silence on a day to day basis. Where there had once been music accompanied by a child’s laughter, Erik could only leave imagined broken notes on a piano he refused to play again. He simply felt like there was no longer a point.

Sam: You almost never see him inside the house anymore as Sam is always finding an excuse to do something or another elsewhere. Whether it be in the yard, the surrounding forest, or in town, he’s almost never indoors. Heaven forbid he ever walk past the nursery too.

Matthew: Life after his child’s death just isn’t as bright as it had been before. Sure, Matthew still cracks jokes every now and again and you still hear his laugh, but nothing ever seems to be real for him anymore. It’s almost like he’s simply forcing the noises out to seem like he’s doing okay.

Damien: There are a lot of tears from the both of you, though Damien’s seem to last so much longer than yours ever do. He can’t get over the fact that he allowed the life of his child to slip between his fingers, blaming himself for their death every single day of his life.

I can't listen to the rain, not with the blood running through my veins.

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And yes you know you drive me insane with such a pretty face.

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But your heart of stone is breaking my bones, honey.  

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And you keep saying I made it this way, but you keep your blood in my veins … 

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my veins…

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Even though our love is gone.

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And now we live in the shadows of our ghosts. 

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Like broken pianos, we are hollowed.

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We are shattered hopes.

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And we are no longer home.

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