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hello Michael, when I go to read your tutorials on game perspectives the only the latest chapter I can read is dithering. is the link broken is game perspectives not ready to be read yet?-Lonne

I’m about to upload it today! :)

You let melancholy pass you by, the way you let happiness pass you by, the way you watch fragments of days float in front of your eyes, a broken lens exposing distorted perspectives of your reflection walking through solid walls, going through the relentless mechanisms of existence.
Traces of time on your skin, an hour ago is a faint memory. It takes you exactly four minutes to get from your car to school in the morning, you choose to take the same seat everyday and you know what song will play when you stop at the next red light but it seems like you unlearn the names of things in your sleep, the back of your hand, light and the color black melt into a puddle, the familiar becomes unfamiliar like walking down the streets of a city that you’ve never been to.
—  Yara