Worth the Pain

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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br*n doing camisado without ryan just feels a little ??????? direspectful like its clearly rlly personal its abt his fuckign dad dying and rat man urine has no business ????? simging it without him??????? idk maybe i'm just being an angry stan

I didnt wanna be that person. But thats shit i thought of too. Ngl to yall. Im kinda mad-ish. Like, i remember everyone bein like, okay cool hes not doing anything out of fever bc it was about ryans dad and everything. But like, what happened now gurl… what changed? Seemes like exploitation to me. Is there a willing audience for fever era nostalgia? Yes. Will that audience be pissed bc the band is gone? Yes. How do we appease them? By doing a gimmickey homage to broken guitars and photographs from back in the day ! Yeah, the fans will dig that shit!! . It’s true i did. And while i was diggin it all up, i thought to myself, damn, they are sooo doing this for money and to make it look like brendons not forgetting his past and make him look softer in our eyes. Makes sense. Great career move or whatever, but can it be a dick move as well? Yes. Do i consider it to be? Yes IT’S A SONG ABOUT RYAN ROSS DEAD AND ABUSIVE FATHER WHAT THE FUCK

Obscure Music genres and Aesthetics I Associate them with...

1. Dream Pop - summer love, short but memorable; floating on a cloud filled with iridescent bubbles and laughter; holding hands with someone you really like for the first time; pink and orange sunsets; midday naps with the window open and a gentle breeze making the curtains flutter about

2. Surf Pop - the ocean is home; summertime parties; a trip to the beach in a VW van with good friends; colorful surfboards and Hawaiian shirts; braided ankle bracelets; clear water, warm sand, and broken seashells; playing guitar around a bonfire while the sun sets

3. Cloud Rap - urban magick and mystery; hoodies and snapbacks; staring out the window during class, making shapes out of clouds; book shelf full of used journals with overflowing ideas; boots and jeans with holes in them; sitting on the roof of a building and just watching the city lights change throughout the day

4. Synthwave/Retrowave - Jem and the Holograms hair and make up; it’s the future…. but in the 80s; futuristic dance club with neon lights; flying vehicles and chrome EVERYTHING; motorcycle gangs with bloody knuckles and kick ass spirits; R O B O T L O V E; leather jackets and chokers with spikes

5. Witch House - strangeness and charm; undercuts with combat boots and dark eye shadow; androgynous people dancing with the spirits of an old house in the suburbs; sigils and Christmas lights all along the walls; animal skulls, candles, and offerings spread all over the tables, window sills, and dressers

6. Seapunk - BRIGHT colors; like vaporwave but with more dolphins; aquamarine and neon pink; palm trees and beach balls; holographic bikinis; mermaid tails and shirts with glittering purple seashells on the chest; neon make up; geometric patterns and 90s graphics

Just then the side door opened and Ivan breezed in, panting for breath as though he had just run a marathon.

“Hi there, fellas. Look, I’ve brought Paul along.”

The next figure to step through the doorway was Paul McCartney carrying his guitar. I think I was the only person in the group to look up as Paul walked over. John, by this time, had gathered another chair for himself and had his feet up, intent on replacing the broken string on his guitar. I knew Paul from the Institute and he recognised me.

“Hiya, Paul, glad you could make it,” I said.

Paul’s face relaxed a little as he saw a face he knew.

“Hiya, Len.”

There was no response from John; he didn’t even look up. After Ivan had introduced Paul to the other members of the group, he then approached John, who was still engrossed in tuning up the guitar string he had just put on. He looked up as if to say: “What are you bothering me for now?” It was an impatient sort of look.

“John, this is Paul. Paul McCartney, you know. I told you that I would bring him along.”

John took his feet off the chair and said simply, “Hi Paul,” then carried on tuning his guitar.

There was no shaking of hands, and he didn’t stand up to greet him. Paul just stood there.

“Hello John,” he said in his polite manner. “Do you need any help with that?”

John pulled up the now vacant chair. “Yeah, okay. Sit down.”

Paul sat down, took John’s guitar and handed him the guitar that he had brought along. Paul’s guitar was left-handed and so his guitar was strung the opposite way to that of a right-handed guitarist, but that didn’t matter when it came to the simple tuning of a guitar.

“Hey,” exclaimed John as he inspected Paul’s guitar. “It’s strung the other way round.”

“Yes, I play left-handed.”

Paul then took a pitch pipe guitar tuner out of his pocket, playing the first in an open manner and at the same time blowing into his tuner.

“There, that’s better. I’ll just check that the other strings are in tune.”

The rest of us looked on admiringly as Paul showed his dexterity with the guitar.

“Hey fellas,” said John, looking at us, “he’s good – we’ll have to have him in the group.”

As I explained previously, this was our joking response to anyone that ever showed musical talent, rather than a serious or literal proposition. He was not as yet officially inviting Paul into the group. Ivan looked on happily with an expression which seemed to say: “There, you see, I told you he was good, didn’t I?”

“Thanks Paul, it would have taken me ages to do that,” said John sincerely.

—  Len Garry, John, Paul and Me: Before The Beatles. (1997)

[Letter from Richey Edwards to Alistair Fitchett, transcription below]

Sat 12 Jan

“Cut word lines – Cut music lines – Smash the Control Images – Smash the Control Machine – Burn the books – Kill the priests – Kill! Kill! Kill!” - William Burroughs

Dear Alistair,

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😊The Guitar (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Please do an imagine where gray breaks the guitar that your dead mother gave you after a fight and the ending is up to you :)

Warnings: None

A/N: Yeah remember when I said I wouldn’t post anything until I finished Drug Lord E? Well I hate myself and decided to work on this! Okay so I kinda did a drabble that is basically the exact same, but different ending and more about the guitar!

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“I can’t believe this Grayson!” I shouted as I was throwing things around the room. I was beyond irritated with him. He had forgotten our anniversary dinner tonight and I couldn’t get over it. He stayed out with Ethan and some friends tonight and showed up back at our house at 11:30. “Like what the hell Grayson?” I stormed into another room as Grayson followed behind me.

“Y/N I don’t understand what the big deal is! I told you I was going to go out with the guys and you said it was okay!” Grayson shouted at me.

“Yes it was okay to stay out with your friends until 8. I told you I would have dinner ready by 8:30 and I sat here for two and a half hours wondering where the hell you were! It’s like you don’t even care to be in a relationship with me! I asked you to be here by 8:30 so we could have some dinner and watch a movie and cuddle, but now it’s like all you want to do is be out with your friends.” I angrily packed up the dinner I made which was now cold lasagna and cold green beans.

“Yeah maybe because they don’t have a girlfriend trying to suffocate them!” I stopped packing up the food and I looked up at Grayson. He looked to me with instant regret. “Y/N…”

“No. I’m done.” I snapped as I threw the togo box on the floor in a spit of anger. Grayson grabs my guitar before he slammed it against the ground in a fit of rage. I stood there shocked. I’ve never seen this side of Grayson. The look on his face was shock as the body of the guitar was holding onto the neck by some strings. “Grayson! My mom gave me that guitar as a gift before she passed away!” I snapped at him as I was starting to choke up.

“Y/N!” I grabbed my coat, but Grayson was faster than me. He stopped me as tears began to pour out of my eyes. Grayson grabbed me and pulled me back. “I didn’t mean what I said. I love having you. I’m so happy I have you in my life. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Grayson held me into his chest as I just cried. I could hear him sniffling. “Ethan doesn’t have that person to wake up to in the morning, but I do. Aaron doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, but I do. I do love you Y/N. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it at all. I don’t think you’re suffocating me. I think you care about me. I promise tomorrow I’ll make this anniversary up to you.” Grayson said as he kissed the top of my head.

“Grayson stop!” I shouted at him, which he was obviously confused. I wiped my tears. “Since I’m suffocating you, why don’t you just leave then? Leave while you can!” I exclaimed as I walked over to my broken guitar on the ground. “I mean you even broke the guitar my dead mother gave me. This gives me a reason to suffocate you.” I snapped as I picked up the pieces of my guitar. More tears began to fill my eyes as I cried some more. I tried to hide my face from Grayson.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean it. What do I have to do to prove to you I’m sorry?” He asked me. I just looked up at him and cocked my head.

“Be on time. Not break my things. For once, just think about me.” I stood up and threw the broken guitar pieces down on the floor. “It’s not like my mom can give me another guitar.” I walked upstairs to my room. I crawled in bed as I cried to myself. Was I really that suffocating to Grayson? Did he really think I was suffocating him? I let him do whatever he wants and that’s suffocating? I heard the door creak open which caused me to groan. “Go away Grayson.” But he didn’t. I turned over to snap at him, but I saw what he was holding. He was holding the old red fender guitar that my mom gave me. He had taped it all together and even put some bandaids on it. He looked up at me as I could see tear streaks running down his face.

“Tomorrow whenever you wake up, we can go to a shop and fix the guitar. If they can’t fix it I’ll buy you a completely new one. Or new strings. Just anything.” Grayson wiped his face as he was crying hard now. I got up from the bed and I walked over him. I took the guitar and I sat the pieces being held together by some scotch tape and bandages behind Grayson against the wall as I pulled him into a hug.

“Grayson please don’t cry. I shouldn’t have overreacted.” I apologized while holding him.

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“You didn’t overreact. I did and I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have such a terrible boyfriend.” He muffled into my shirt as he slowly rocked us side to side. “I love you so much Y/N. I’m sorry I overreacted. I’m so sorry about tonight. I’m just sorry.” Grayson mumbled as he rubbed my back.

“I love you too Gray. Let’s just sleep and forget about this night. Tomorrow we can go out for pancakes and then go look at some guitar shops okay? Grayson please stop crying. I love you okay?” I pressed my lips gently to him as I wiped his tears away. He nodded as I walked us over to the bed. I snuggled into him as he inhaled the scent of my hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He mumbled into my back while leaving a soft kiss. I tangle my fingers with his and leave a kiss on the back of his hand. I rolled over so I would be on his chest.

“I love you too Gray.”

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Teardrops on My Guitar

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Requested by anonymous: can u do an imagine where’s accidentally break his guitar and he gets mad and kicks u out but then realized that he overreacted?? I love ur writing btw it makes my day


Shawn had been working all day and had been cooped up in the studio with Andrew and Geoff.

Shawn decided he could take a break and take you out for lunch, needing some one-on-one time with you, plus a break.

Shawn pushes his shades back up his nose, looking to the side before taking a sip of his water.

You bite your lip, not wanting to tell him that you noticed something was off - but something needed to be said.

“What’s wrong, love?” You ask, reaching out to touch his face, but he shrugged you off.

Something was obviously wrong if he was not wanting to be touched by you.

“Just having a hard time with this one song and it’s pissing me off.” He mutters.

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Indian (4/4)


“Could You Help Me?” (4/4)

Haunted House (4/4)

YouTube Opening Act (Ashton Irwin) 

The Set (Michael Clifford)

Project Buddies (Michael Clifford)

“I’m Like you I’m Human” (Michael Clifford)

“Treat Her Right” (Luke Hemmings)

Ansel Elgort (Ashton Irwin)

Zayn Malik (Luke Hemmings)

Tripping on National Television (Calum Hood)

Slipknot (Luke Hemmings)

Exam Studies (Luke Hemmings)

Mrs Hood? (Calum Hood)

Dark Past (Luke Hemmings)

Victoria Secret Runway (Ashton Irwin)

Smallzy Interview (Luke Hemmings)

People Magazine Awards (Luke Hemmings)

I Couldn’t Help myself (Michael Clifford)

Nose Kisses (Calum Hood)

Family Problems (Ashton Irwin)

Sorting Differences (Luke Hemmings)

The Three Dates (Luke Hemmings)

Photoshop (Luke Hemmings)

The Movie Star (Luke Hemmings)

The Elevator (Calum Hood)

Roommate’s Best Friend (Ashton Irwin)

Hip Hop (4/4)

“Sing To Me” (Ashton Irwin)

The Meet and Greet (Ashton Irwin)

Cuddling (Michael Clifford)

Abused (Luke Hemmings)

Runaway - Part One - (Luke Hemmings)

Cleaning and Dancing (Luke Hemmings)

Spain (Calum Hood)

Ex Girlfriend (Luke Hemmings)

“I’ll Save You, I’m Dr Fluke Remember?” (Luke Hemmings)

Scottish Accent (4/4)

Drunk Driver (4/4)

Diet Pills (Luke Hemmings)

Purging (Luke Hemmings)

Gender Fluid (4/4)

Switzerland (Michael Clifford)

Razor Blades (Luke Hemmings)

Paparazzi (Luke Hemmings)

Confessing to Dad (Luke Hemmings)

Shop Assistant (Michael Clifford)

Prom? (Calum Hood)

Pregnant (Luke Hemmings)

Runaway - Part Two - (Luke Hemmings)

Michael’s Sister (Ashton Irwin)

Fire and Sirens (Luke Hemmings)

YouTube Covers (Luke Hemmings)

Management and Calum’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

Brother and Sister (Michael Clifford)

Guitars (Michael Clifford)

Men’s Shirts (Luke Hemmings)

Finland (Ashton Irwin)

Fireplace (Luke Hemmings)

Drunk (Ashton Irwin)

Winner Gets You (4/4)

Hyperhidrosis (Calum Hood)

Non Water-Proof Foundation (Luke Hemmings)

Latin (Ashton Irwin)

Competing - Part One - (Cake)

Abandoned (Luke Hemmings)

Groupie (Luke Hemmings)

Suck in Panties (Luke Hemmings)

Insecurities (Luke Hemmings)

Competing - Part Two - (Cake)

Jealousy (Calum Hood)

Tears and Wedding Planning (Michael Clifford)

“I Was The Guy” (Michael Clifford)

Happily Drunk (Michael Clifford)

Hickeys (Luke Hemmings) - SORTA SMUT -

Management (Luke Hemmings)

Late Night Chats (Michael Clifford)

Leather Jacket (Calum Hood)

Road Trips (Ashton Irwin)

Tattoo Artist (Luke Hemmings)

Massage (Luke Hemmings)

Party Arguments (Michael Clifford)

Coachella (Luke Hemmings)

“Sit on my lap?” (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -

Body Shots (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT - 

Merman (Luke Hemmings) 

Broken Guitar (Luke Hemmings)

Tour Puppy (Luke Hemmings)

Paps and Self Hate (Calum Hood)

Feelings (Calum Hood)

Kidnapped (Calum Hood)

Couple Costumes (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Trick or Treat (Michael Clifford) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Sexy Costume (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

The Pineapple Costume (Malum) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Pumpkin Carving (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Selena Gomez (Luke Hemmings)

Stomach Pains (Michael Clifford)

Superstar - Part one - (Luke Hemmings)

Master Sergeant (Calum Hood)

NASA - Part One - (Calum Hood)

Christmas Jingles (Calum Hood) - CHRISTMAS EDITION -

Unexpected Feelings (Ashton Irwin)

Business Assignments (Michael Clifford)

Superstar - Part Two - (Luke Hemmings)

NASA - Part Two - (Calum Hood)

Plane Rides (Luke Hemmings)

Prince (Ashton Irwin)

Unexpected Feelings - Part Two - (Ashton Irwin)

Breaking Down (Michael Clifford)

Zombie Apocalypse (4/4)

Café (Malum)

Playlist Live (Michael Clifford)

Super Bowl (Calum Hood)

Library (Ashton Irwin)

Robbed (Michael Clifford)

Roommates (4/4)

Teen Choice Awards (Luke Hemmings)

“Are you okay? (Ashton Irwin)

Weren’t Meant to be (Calum Hood)

Waiter, help! (Ashton Irwin)

Stripper (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -


Stay by Mayday Parade (Luke Hemmings)

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Ray (Michael Clifford)

First Date by Blink 182 (Michael Clifford)

Talking Body by Tove Lo (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -

Dark Enough by Amanda Lopiccolo (Michael Clifford) 

Invisible by Hunter Hayes (Calum Hood) 

Strings by Shawn Mendes (Ashton Irwin) 

One Last Time by Ariana Grande (Calum Hood)

Outer Space by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Ashton Irwin)

Falling Away by Our Last Night (Ashton Irwin)

Ashlands Song by Peter Hollens (Luke Hemmings)

San Francisco by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Calum Hood)

I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once by Modern Baseball (Ashton Irwin)

Crash by You Me At Six (Michael Clifford)

Everywhere by Tonight Alive (Luke Hemmings)


High School Musical (4/4)

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainer (4/4)

Title by Meghan Trainer (4/4)

The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez (4/4)

Somebody Like You by Adele (4/4)

Love Me Harder  by Ariana Grande (Lashton) (Malum)

The Memory by Mayday Parade (4/4)

Close as Strangers by 5SOS (4/4)

Last Night by Good Charlotte (4/4)

Lies by McFly (4/4)

Jet Lag by Simple Plan (4/4)

End of All Things by Panic! At The Disco (4/4)

Sign Language by Kenetics and One Love ft. Wynter Gordon (4/4)


Confesses Love (4/4)

Broken Ribs (4/4)

Tomboy (4/4)

Newly-weds (4/4)

Fire Fighter (4/4)

Pet Buying (4/4)

Older Brothers (4/4)

French (4/4)

Eating Disorders (4/4)

Barrel Racer (4/4)

Cancer Survivor (4/4)

Soldiers (4/4)

Anxiety Attack (4/4)

Christmas Gifts (4/4) - CHRISTMAS EDITION -

Victoria Secret Model (4/4)

Asexual (4/4)

Strange Habits (4/4)

Fibromyalgia  (Lashton)

Studio Naps (Lashton)

Ticklish (4/4)

Swedish (Lashton)

Social Anxiety (Muke)

Purity Ring (Malum)


Three Cheers for Five Years by Mayday Parade (Luke)

Tonight by With Confidence (4/4)

I Swear This Time I Mean It by Mayday Parade (Luke) -TRIGGERING -

Save Your Heart by Mayday Parade (Luke)- TRIGGERING -

They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction (Calum)

Fallin’ For You by Colbie Calliat (Michael)

Colours (Ashton Irwin)


Visiting on Tour (Ashton Irwin)

Days Off (Michael Clifford)

Calum’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

Cheating (LukeHemmings)

YouTube Girlfriend  (Calum Hood)

Internet Famous Girlfriend (Michael Clifford)

Niall’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

YouTube Famous Girlfriend (Ashton Irwin)

Best Friend Tag (Ashton Irwin)

Michael Myers (4/4) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Halloween Party (4/4) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Twitter conversations (LukeHemmings)

Good Girl Turns Bad (Calum Hood)

Relationship (LukeHemmings)

Pen Pals (Michael Clifford)

Meeting in the Street (4/4)

Moving Away (Ashton Irwin)

Confessing (Luke Hemmings)

Cheating and Admitting (Luke Hemmings)

Victoria Secret Girlfriend (Calum Hood)

Not Moving On (Calum Hood)

Vlogger Girlfriend (Luke Hemmings)

Not Admitting (Ashton Irwin) 

“I’m gay" (4/4)

Hasn’t Been the Same (Michael Clifford)

College Party (Luke Hemmings)

Show Off (Calum Hood) 

Short Jokes (4/4)

Height Teasing (Ashton Irwin)

Serial Killer (Luke Hemmings)

Best Friends (Michael Clifford)

Tour Managers’s Daughter - Part One - (Calum Hood)

Tour Manager’s Daughter - Part Two - (Calum Hood)


Dark Skinned and Insecure (Luke Hemmings)

Drunk Texts (Michael Clifford)


1st place winner: Au meme, Text au, Imagine
2nd place winner:
Imagine, Text au
3rd place winner:
Text au


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Can I get a Drabble number 8 please thanks


8-Go To Hell

“No Grayson! Go to hell!” I shouted at him, which he was obviously confused. I wiped my tears. “Since I’m suffocating you, why don’t you just leave then? Leave while you can!” I exclaimed as I walked over to my broken guitar on the ground. “And you even broke the guitar my mother gave me. What the hell?” I snapped as I picked up the pieces of my guitar.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean it. What do I have to do to prove to you I’m sorry?” He asked me. I just looked up at him and cocked my head.

“Be on time.” I stood up and threw the broken guitar pieces down on the floor. I walked upstairs to my room. I crawled in bed as I cried to myself. Was I really that suffocating to Grayson? Did he really think I was suffocating him? I let him do whatever he wants and that’s suffocating? I heard the door creak open which caused me to groan. “Go away Grayson.” But he didn’t. He crawled in bed next to me. He held me against him. I felt him crying in my shoulder. I started crying too.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I can’t believe I said that.” He cried into me. I turned over and pulled him into a kiss. He kissed me back without any hesitation. I pulled back and stared into his eyes.

“I forgive you. I love you. I don’t mean to suffocate you. I really don’t.” I apologized, but he just gives me another kiss and rests his head against mine.

“Don’t apologize for anything. I love you. All of you” He says kissing me again.

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the young ones aesthetics

im a garbage can why not

rick: jars full of political buttons, organized entropy, foggy nights filled with the anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly what youre doing but knowing its gonna be incredible. baby blue silk, plum lipstick, your first time in a riot, springtime and content carelessness 

vyvyan: doc martens that have probably been around longer than you have, handmade patches on your tattering denims, moshing too aggressively, making out against the walls during a punk concert, medical stitches, nearly empty bottles of hair gel, songs and memories that never fail to keep you up at night

mike: ray bans, business casual, sock garters, back alley deals, a simmering quietness that you will ever be bothered to mention, whether you dont care or are too scared, who knows. “the cool dad” without kids, responsibility without being hellishly so, every man’s man

neil: something soft. heart on your sleeve- you know better, but cynicality isnt your forté. flares, peaceful rebellions that no one acknowledges but yourself, acoustic guitars with broken strings still stuck in the headstocks, rare, yet genuine smiles, crucifixes and demons kept far down in your subconscious

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Seungchul

Request: A fluffy situation where you read angsty fanfiction about him, making you cry, and he find you crying and he completely freaks out.
Requested by: seongchols
Word Count: 1,743
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

Heyy I finally got something written! It’s been forever since I wrote so I hope I’m not too rusty. Admin wonwooed helped out a lot for this drabble, thank you! 
-admin jihoonic

Featuring a little sneak peek at one of our upcoming works! Thank you so much for requesting, feel free to request for another :D
-admin wonwooed

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“No, no, no… Seungchul, oh my god,” she breathes out at the man lying next to her. “Seungchul, please open your eyes.”

It takes exactly three nerve-wracking seconds before his eyelids twitch and crack open, and his faded brown eyes register the female cradling his head in her lap. Even when he’s bleeding to death before her, he manages to let out a huff of laughter. “Is it bad?”

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Heartbeat - Soulmate Michael AU

Soulmate AU in which both soulmates have matching heartbeats.

Michael’s heart was beating faster as he walked down the halls. And no matter how hard he tried to calm his heart down, he knew it would be no good. His heart was beating so fast because his soulmate’s heart was racing. He didn’t quite understand it at first, telling his parents as a young child that his heart was pounding chest like as if he was running a marathon, when he had just been sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and it was then that his parents explained everything to him.

They told little eight year old Michael that somewhere out there, someone is connected to him so strongly that they share the same heartbeat; the person that is connected to his heart is his soulmate. The small blond was so happy; amazed that somewhere out there was someone who was destined to be his soulmate. To the small blond, soulmates to him meant a lifelong best friend that was something that he had wanted ever since he was five, since him being a bit loud and odd…it was difficult for him to make friends, since it seemed that all his classmates would actively avoid the hyper little boy.

He remembered trying to go up to everyone, boys and girls, seeing if they had the same heartbeat, little optimistic Michael tried so hard to find his soulmate at school, and because of that, he was made fun of and even more shunned by his peers. They would say to his face that no one would ever want to be his soulmate that they felt sorry for whoever shared his heartbeat, something that made small Michael cry when he got home, making him feel more alone then he normally did.  And soon that small happy heart of tiny Michael hardened just a bit; he no longer really cared about finding his soulmate. His mind tainted with what they told him, that thinking that it would be so much better for his soulmate to never find him, because maybe those kids were right…no one deserves a soulmate like him, whoever his soulmate was…they deserved so much better than him.  

He graduated high school, attending his local music school to become a sound engineer, but that still didn’t make him sociable. All throughout high school, he was still pushed away, no one wanting to be friends with the ‘weird’ kid, calling him an attention seeker whenever he dyed his hair crazy colors and even more when he started inking his skin with tattoos, covering most of his body with art as well as piercings. People would at times tell him everything that was wrong with him, that he decided that those labels that were thrown at him…did define him.

And they still do, at least he to him it does.

His heart was still racing, and judging by the rhythm is was a mix of anxiousness and excitement. He remembered that as a kid he memorized the rhythms of his soulmate, he knew when his soulmate was upset, happy, angry, scared, and just by the beating of his heartbeat. It strangely comforted Michael growing up, thinking that somewhere was meant for him; it made him feel not as alone as he thought he was.

But after having people knock down his self-confidence…he came up with one conclusion…he didn’t deserve his soulmate. While other people were trying to find their soulmate, he was doing everything he could to avoid it, because in his mind…anyone would be better than him. He didn’t want his soulmate to settle for him, he didn’t want his soulmate to be disappointed in him, because he was sure that the moment they met him…they would be.

He neared his local coffee shop, and felt a change in his heart the moment he stepped inside, a sudden stop then sent launching into speed, his soulmate was nervous with a mix of something else. And he knew exactly what that feeling was, since he experienced it a few times before, love. A few years ago, he would have been upset not liking the idea that his soulmate was loving someone else, but now it relived him, thinking that his soulmate finally could find someone that he knew would be a million times better than him.

“Hi how can I help you!” an eager voice said from the counter.

Michael looked at his server, seeing a nice barista at the counter, but that wasn’t what he noticed. What he did notice was that from the moment that he entered the small coffee shop, his heartbeat…his soulmate’s heartbeat increased as well. “Uh…a cup of caramel coffee,” he said with a small smile.

“Coming right up, Michael right?” he responded, hoping it wasn’t too weird that he knew his name.

“Yea, how did you know that, I can’t be coming here too often?” amazed that someone actually remembered him.

“No, me and my friend were at your store a few times for the guitar lessons, you were one of the instructors”, he said shyly.

Michael slightly tilted his head, trying to remember. You would think that he would, but so far nothing, when he really thought about it, maybe he was really thinking about something that it really distracted himself from even paying attention, “oh yea, sorry I didn’t remember, there just so many of you” he mentioned.

Michael felt his heart become heavy, almost like it was in pain, “that fine, still so anything else you would like?”

“No that’s it,” he answered as he pulled out his card and paid for it, “hey but next time you come down for music lessons, make sure you and your friend say hi.”

As he walked out with his cup of coffee, he couldn’t stop his heart from racing, it literally felt like it was a hummingbirds wings beating against his chest form the moment that he stepped inside. He wondered what his soulmate was doing that was making his own heart act like this, but he knew that judging by feeling, whoever his soulmate was…they were near or with someone they loved, and he knew that that was a good thing, because at least this way, they wouldn’t end up with him. But had Michael paid more attention and looked towards the side to the barista that was preparing his drink, he would have noticed that she was clutching her chest, in hopes of slowing down her own heart. 


Michael was getting his ready for the next guitar class, this time making sure to remember the boy and hopefully not seem so rude like how he thought himself to be for not remembering. The class was starting soon, and he needed to make sure that everything was set up. He had just finished tuning his guitar and forgot something in the back room, quickly getting up not noticing someone was already for his class, not because he was too busy…but rather because of his heart beat, since he was thinking about how fast it was beating because of his soulmate.  

There was a sudden snap, and a slight yelp instantly making Michael worry, bringing him back from the distraction of his soulmate’s pounding heart. He instantly turned seeing a frame of a girl around his age holding onto the guitar for dear life, but his eyes also landed on the broken string on the guitar.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t…I wasn’t paying attention,” he apologized, setting his own guitar down looking down on the girl’s hands to make sure that her hands hadn’t been hurt by the snapped string, having a few scars on his own from past experiences, and was relieved that there were none.

“No its fine, I guess it’s my fault for being in the way,” you said trying not to make it seem like a deal, “though I guess it’s a good thing that I’m in a music store, better go buy a new set of strings before class starts,” you said nervously, hoping you weren’t making a fool of yourself.

“Here, let’s get you a replacement string,” he said gesturing you to follow him, the pounding in his heart not dying down one bit, “actually a whole set on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you softly voiced following him into what you assumed was the back room.

“No I mean, if I didn’t bump into you, your guitar string wouldn’t have snapped,” Michael said as he rummaged through a few drawers searching for the right string for your guitar. His heart never once slowed down, in fact it seemed that it became faster since he bumped into you, “here, found the perfect string.” Michael turned seeing you with a flustered look looking at anywhere but him, almost as if you were worried to look at him for too long. “Here let me see your guitar,” holding out his hand for your guitar.

You quickly nodded handing your guitar to him, your hands brushing against his, making your quickly fluster again, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it, although Michael didn’t really leave things unnoticed. He quickly set up the string, his own heart still matching the quickened beat of his soulmate. he looked over to you, seeing you looking away from him, although he didn’t mind being ignored, there was something about seeing you actively ignore him that bothered him for some unknown reason.

“Names Michael, and what’s yours?” he said as he made sure that the string fit perfectly in the guitar before starting to tighten and tune it accordingly.

You were shocked, your heart skipped a beat, you looked up to the red haired male, seeing his arms covered with tattoos peaking from even the collar of his shirt, yet despite his rough exterior, there was something gentle about him, “(Y/N),” you said with as loudly as you could, even though it wasn’t as confident as you wished it to be.

Michael repeated your name in his head, strangely liking the way it sounded that he had to say it outload, “(Y/N),” testing it and liking the sound as it rolled off his tongue.

Michael felt his heart skip a beat again, meeting a pair of a beautiful shade of (e/c) staring into his. His heart then hammered against his chest, picking up more speed. Michael’s eyes widened, slowly starting to make assumptions…but he needed proof. He set down the guitar, and reached for your neck, making you shut your eyes but not stopping either, as you knew what he was going to test.

Michael gently placed his hand above your chest, the area where your neck meets your chest. A long pause as he felt your heartbeat…a perfect match to his.

You were his soulmate.

“No, no, no, you aren’t supposed to love me,” he said once he realized the truth and started backing away.

He could feel the pain in his chest…your pain of rejection, as your face started to show that he didn’t want you, “but you’re my soulmate,” you said your hand over your heart, the heart that matches his heartbeat, your eyes starting to glisten.

“No, you were supposed to fall in love with someone else…not me, all this time you’ve loved me?” he asked.

You nodded, “it was during the first guitar lesson, I had a hard time with it, and you came to help me. I admit I was scared of how you looked, but you were so sweet, you made sure that I understood everything despite everyone being better than me. You would check up on me all the time to make sure I understood and even come up with alternates. And other times when you’re not teaching us…when you play guitar, you look so amazing, I could hear you play for hours and never get bored. And it doesn’t help that you come by the coffee shop I work at, and I always try to build up the courage to talk to you, but I never do. You always look so lonely, and I just wondered if we were friends, maybe you would smile more often, because when you play guitar, you actually smile, and you look so beautiful when you do.” you admitted.

“But…you, you,” he didn’t know what to say next.

“I’m what…not good enough,” you said feeling your heart slow a bit, “sorry I’m not punk enough for you.”

“No, if anything I’m not good enough,” he finished.

“Why would you think that?” you asked.

“Just look at me, don’t you find me scary, odd, weird like a freak,” he asked thinking back to all the names he had been called.

“No, in fact I find your oddness quite charming,” you smiled.

This time when Michael’s heart raced, he knew that it wasn’t because of you; his own heart was picking up speed because of you. And judging by the growing smile on your face, you knew what effect on Michael you had as well. Michael looked carefully at you, really thinking back at what he thought of soulmates.

You walked up to Michael, wanting to take his hand but thought that maybe that would be too much. “look I don’t know what you’ve been through, I wish I did…but I don’t, but if there is one thing I know about soulmates is,” this time reaching for his hand, “they’re perfect for each other, maybe I’m just what you need, someone that won’t judge you on how you look or your past,”  you said stepping just a bit closer, “but love you for who you are, the scary looking punk rock with a heart of gold,” you whispered. “That’s what soulmates do, and I’m pretty sure I can do that for you too.”

Michael was shocked never imagined that anyone would make him feel as special as you just did. His own heart was hammering against his chest, as his cheeks gained a pink color. He replayed those words in his head, loving how accepting and honest they seemed, “would you really do all that?” still not believing that someone could learn to love him so purely.

“That’s what soulmates are for,” you said reaching for his hand to place it on your chest, and then pressed your hand on his chest, both of you feeling the matching heartbeats.

It was hard for Michael to believe that somewhere out there someone could learn to love him like that, all his life people branding him as odd, thinking that no one could love a freak, yet here you were, so pure and kind making him think otherwise.

“can I kiss you?” he whispered, feeling his heartbeat increase, not knowing if it was because it was matching yours or it was his own heart that was racing, or a combination of both.

You nodded, thinking it so sweet that he would ask, since it would be so easy for him to close the space between his lips and yours. Michael leaned down a bit, his lips tracing your own, almost too afraid to touch your lips, too afraid to close his eyes, because he feels that when he does…you will disappear, since he felt that this is too good to be true. You could see his hesitation; you slightly bit your lip, and took things into your own hands. You brought one up to his cheek, coaxing him to kiss you, your hands gently cupping his face and pulling him closer, feeling the soft press of his lips. Once Michael, felt your lips against his it was hard for him to not kiss you back.  

His lips moved against yours, melting against you. He never thought what kissing his soulmate would feel like, but if he did, nothing could compare to this. He felt complete, he felt loved, cared for, and most of all accepted. Michael wrapped his hands around you, pulling you closer to his body, wanting to keep you close and not let you go. There was something intoxicating about your lips that he didn’t want to stop kissing you, wanting to always feel complete like that. His lips moved gently against yours, making your body tingle with excitement. You knew that you liked Michael, something about him so interesting that you wanted to be his friend to know more, but you never would have imagined that he would be your soulmate. your lips wondered across his face, lightly kissing his cheeks, his nose, neck, anything, wanting him to know that despite whatever he had been through you would love everything about him, he was your soulmate making it both yours and Michael’s duty to show the other the love that no one else would be able to give.

Michael’s breathing deepened as you pressed kisses across his skin, he kept his jaw tight to keep himself from moaning, but he knew he would fail soon. Your kisses weren’t sensual or erotic, but rather intimate and loving. It was almost as if each kiss was to erase the memories of his isolated past, wanting him to understand that you were here to stay for as long as he wanted, and he would never give you up. He needed to press his lips against yours; he took your face in his hands and started to kiss your face as well. Small kisses on your eyelids, your forehead, down your jaw. Every kiss he left the skin he kissed hot and warm, your skin begging for more of his affection. You let out a small mewl, as he brought his lips back to yours.

Finally needing to stop before things got too carried away, he opened his eyes and you did too. Beautiful pools of green met an enchanting (eye color). They were so beautiful, half lidded as they were glazed over with this all-consuming love in them, almost tempting him to kiss you again, but then he remembered that you and him were in public, in his work office, there would be so much time to show you how he could love you, but that would have to wait.

“You’re my soulmate,” he said this time not sounding like he regretted those words.

“I’m your soulmate and your mine as well,” you said with a smile.

Maybe soulmates weren’t all that bad, and was exactly what he needed.




WELLL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brand new album aesthetics
  • Your Favorite Weapon: cheap beer, basement gigs, broken guitar strings, bitter nostalgia, rusted playgrounds, old jean jackets, being too drunk at a party
  • Deja Entendu: light rain in the spring, old heartbreak, running into your ex again, feeling sorry, cigarette smoke
  • The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me: dirty snow in February, cheap whiskey, losing a friend, car accidents, clear skies at night, cold winds, poetry graffitied on walls
  • Daisy: backwards music, laying in grass, frost in the spring, trying to sleep at night, acceptance, black and white flower tattoos
I am tired and uninspired, i am used batteries. I am talentless and stale. I am a book that’s been read and now sits on the shelf. I am a broken guitar string. I am useless. I am invisible. Everyday i feel like i’m at war with the world. Some days i feel like i’m standing on the tallest mountain, screaming at the top of my lungs ¨LOOT AT ME PLEASE LOOK AT ME¨. If loneliness ever needed a definition it’d be me. I see countless faces everyday but do they see me? NO. I am alone. I am invisible. All i want to do is help people like me. I want to hold you and kiss your scars and say ¨i swear to god it will be okay¨ not today but one day. One day you will wake up and smile for no damn reason, but today we can cry. Today we can be INVISIBLE.
Preference #2 You Break up

‘’Explain?’’ You said as you threw the magazine with a picture of Calum and a girl with the caption ‘Cheating Calum’ on the cover in front of him. ‘’Weird angle.’’ Calum shrugged and got off of the couch. ‘’You always say that but somehow it is always the same girl on that ‘weird angled’ picture with you!’’ you say calmly. At first you thought weird angle was a good reason for them to look like they were having a really good time together, but more and more pictures started to emerge and Calum would always blame it on a weird angle. You started to get suspicious now and would not take ‘weird angle’ as an excuse anymore. ‘’Babe, I swear nothing is going on between me and her. I love you and you should trust me!’’ he said walking towards the kitchen probably getting another beer. ‘’Oh so whenever I am seen in a picture with another guy doesn’t matter how far we are apart from each other I am acting like a slut but when you are literally KISSING someone else I should just accept it and move on?!’’ You said raising your voice. ‘’I AM NOT KISSING HER THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN AT A WEIRD ANGLE!’’ Calum yelled back at you. ‘’OH SURE AND SO WERE THE OTHER FIFTY PICTURES OF YOU KISSING THAT GIRL! YOU KNOW WHAT CALUM? I’M SO DONE! WE ARE DONE.’’ You yelled as you walked out of the house and slammed the door closed as hard as you could.

Tomorrow was the 5 year anniversary of yours and Ashton’s first date. You had been planning this day ever since you passed the 4 year milestone and figured you would hold it out with him another year. Today was supposed to be perfect. You and Ashton would leave at dawn and go out for a weekend road trip. You knew how much Ashton loved to just be on the road with you away from civilisation. Just you and him cruising on the highway.  

When you woke up at 6 in the morning and Ashton was not lying beside you, you didn’t worry at first. Maybe he was taking a shower or putting your stuff in the car or maybe he was downstairs preparing you an anniversary breakfast. But when you got out of bed and didn’t find him you started to get mad. You tried calling him and of course he didn’t answer. Half an hour past and then another hour but it wasn’t until six pm that you heard the front door open and close again.

‘’Hey babe how was your day? Oh we had a great writing thing going on yesterday at Calum’s so I stayed the night, I knew you wouldn’t mind. Oh and I’m sorry I didn’t call or anything but I was so in the zone.’’ He said as if nothing was wrong. You just looked at him without any emotion. You went through all of them during the twelve hours you were waiting for him. ‘’Baby are you okay? You look a bit pale have you eaten anything today?’’ He asked clearly concerned. He couldn’t be that concerned if he actually cared about you he wouldn’t forget your anniversary. ‘’I was really confident  we would make it this far which is why I started planning this weekend about a year ago but I guess I was wrong. I will stay at my mom’s house tonight and I will send someone over tomorrow to come and collect my things. I wish this didn’t have to end like this but I realise that this relationship is more important to me than to you so goodbye.’’ You finally said to him. You had been practicing saying these words after waiting for Ashton for two hours. Completely confused and surprised you left him and your life together behind.

‘’I can’t do this anymore Luke!’’ you cried as you walked towards your boyfriend of six years with your packed bag on your back. You two had been going out for a long time and at first the fans didn’t like you that much, but when they realised you were all Luke needed to be happy they started to accept you into their family. Lately however the fans had totally switched back to hating you again. Every time you went on social media there were thousands of fans calling you a slut or a whore who didn’t deserve Luke. They threatened your life and those of your family and loved ones. Luke however had been completely oblivious to the fact this was going on. You had always been at hiding your feelings in front of him but know that they were threatening the lives of your loved ones you couldn’t anymore. 

‘’What do you mean?’’ Luke said confusion and concern filling his voice. ‘’I thought I could deal with the hate I really thought so. I always told myself you were more important to me than what random people thought of me, but they have started threatening my family. I am so sorry. Please  understand. I am not leaving because of you. I still love you and I always will but my families safety comes first.’’ You said crying.

‘’Shh. Hey don’t cry. We can figure this out together. I’ll tell them to stop. They’re probably just empty threats anyway. Please don’t leave me you’re everything I want, you’re everything I need.’’ Luke said trying to comfort you. ‘’ I’m sorry I can’t take the chance. Too much is at stake now.’’ You replied. ‘’I have to leave.’’ You whisper just loud enough for him to hear you. You walk out the door and as soon as it closes you burst out an in uncontrollable crying fit.

You were cleaning Michael’s man cave when your eyes landed on his brand new guitar. It was a Gibson Les Paul 59 Aqua Blue LH HPT and the most expensive instrument you had ever laid your eyes on. Michael forbid you to touch it saying you would break it. You have to admit you were a bit clumsy but not so clumsy you would break a 8000 dollar guitar. You put your Ipod in the dock and started your ‘guitary’ playlist. You grabbed the guitar that Michael had nicknamed ‘My Queen’ and started pretending that you were rocking out in front of an enormous crowd. In the midst of what now would be your third encore you bumped into the banister and dropped the guitar. Despite your effort to catch it the guitar was now on the floor in several pieces. ‘’FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!’’ You yelled to yourself as you ran downstairs. You thought of a way to fix everything before Michael came home. ‘’Maybe it’s fixable.’’ You said to yourself. You collected as much of the guitar as you could and went to a repair shop.

‘’Sure we can fix this but it’s gonna cost you.’’ The guy in the shop said. ‘’How much?’’ you asked. ‘’Well it is a Gibson Les Paul so you’re looking around $2000, $3000.’’ He replied. ‘’WHAT? Are you sure?’’ You asked shocked by the price. ‘’Yes I’m sorry doll.’’ He answered. You thought about it. You did have some money saved but you needed that for your second and third year of university. ‘’I think that is a bit outside my budget, but thank you anyways.’’ You said as you collected the guitar and started your journey back home.

When you arrived at your and Michael’s house it was a little over seven. Michael would be home right now and all hell will break loose.

‘’Hey babe, have you seen my guitar?’’ He said as you walked into the living room you had left the guitar case with the broken Queen in the hallway. ‘’Yeah, Michael about that…’’ You started.

‘’NO! WHAT DID YOU DO?’’ Michael said recognizing the tone of your voice. ‘’I only took her out for a brief moment!’’ (LIE) you started. ‘’WHERE IS SHE?’’ He yelled. You turned around and went to get the guitar case. You returned and put it in front of Michael on the table. He opened the guitar case and you were waiting for him to start yelling at you like he would always do when you broke something of his. You waited for five minutes but it was dead silent. After a while Michael stood up and walked up to you. ‘’You have broken the most important thing in my life. I need you to leave.’’ He said calmly. ‘’You’re breaking up with me over a guitar?’’ You say to him. ‘’I’ll pay for it to be repaired. No need to get all dramatic.’’ You said. ‘’It’s not just the fact you broke my guitar. I specifically asked you not to touch her and yet you did! I cannot trust you and I cannot be with someone I cannot trust. So please leave before things get worse.’’ He said walking back to the with a broken guitar filled guitar case.

[A/N] Hey guys hope you liked it. Sorry I haven’t updated Ashton Irwin Rich boy/High school AU but I hated everything I wrote for that. If you want a part two just message me and I’ll see what I can do. Sorry that Calum’s part is so short! Also requests are open as always so request away I mean Christmas break is coming up so you know I’ll probably have heaps of time. LOVE YA :)



You Break His Guitar (Luke Imagine, Part Three)

A/N: Hiiii this is the final part of this series! I’m glad you guys liked it so much. Some of you asked me to tag you in it, but I forgot and I need to go to bed, so I hope you see it! I swear I’m not ignoring you! Let me know how you like the ending!

Part One:

Part Two:


Luke almost didn’t pick it up.

When unknown numbers call him, he almost never answers, figuring that if it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

But he felt something in his heart that made him pull to the side of the road and dig his phone from his pocket, where it had resided ever since he hopped into his car, driving around town looking for her.


At first he’s met with silence, almost like whoever was on the other line knew he wouldn’t answer, and then your voice crackled across the shitty line, and he felt his whole chest implode.

“Luke?” You asked, sounding far too timid considering your lengthy relationship. “Please don’t hang up. Please.”

You broke off into sobs, realizing calling him was a terrible idea. You can handle freezing in the pouring rain, but his rejection? That was the worst of all.

“Y/N, I’m not gonna hang up,” he assured you quickly, already putting his car into drive and coasting back onto the road. You sounded broken, and he had caused it.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll replace it. I swear I’ll get you the same exact one. I’m so-”

“Fuck! I don’t care about the fucking guitar!” He cut you off angrily, not furious at you but himself, but you took it differently.

“Oh god,” you sobbed, feeling absolutely pathetic. “Please don’t hate me. I need you.”

“I don’t hate you. I love you,” Luke answered, feeling like shit himself. Why was he so inadequate at biting his tongue? “Babe, where are you? Are you okay?”

You calmed down slightly at his softer tone, the one he uses during the most intimate experiences. “I’m lost,” You cried into the receiver, knowing your time was limited. “I’m in a mall parking lot. My car is almost out of gas. I don’t even remember how I got here.”

“Baby, it’s alright,” Luke cooed, and you thanked all your lucky stars that he still cared about you. “Look for a sign, Y/N. I’m coming to get you, but I need to know what mall.”

You glanced around the parking lot, not seeing much. Turning back to the phone, you saw “Creekside” embossed into the booth.

“It might be Creekside Mall? I don’t know Luke!” You were well aware that your phone time would end soon, and you could feel the hysteria bubbling in your chest.

“Creekside? I know where that is!” Luke exclaimed, feeling like maybe he wasn’t a total disaster. “I’m about twenty minutes from-”

The line suddenly cut off, and a monotone voice informed you that you needed another quarter to continue the call. A quarter that you didn’t have.

“Fuck!” You exclaimed into the night, the sound being lost in the beating of the rain. You were absolutely drenched, so you made you way back to your car, reaching forward and tugging on the door. It didn’t open, so you wiped the window with your arm, seeing your keys glistening from the cup holder in the center. You were locked out of your car. Great.

You screamed, the kind of scream that’s so raw and desperate that if anyone had heard it, they would call the police, scared that a murder was taking place. You slid down the side of your car, sobbing as you sat in a puddle feeling sorry for yourself. You didn’t deserve this. This was some fucked up voodoo shit, it had to be.

You sat there, chilled to the bone, but also feeling incredibly numb. That morning, you and your boyfriend had parted ways with kisses and jokes, and you had felt so content with your life. Now, it technically wasn’t even the same day, and you felt dead inside, and horribly lost. You were so numbed from the cold that you didn’t even hear the subtle engine of Luke’s car over the rain, or the slam of his door.

“Y/N!” Luke yelled, shaking your shoulders as your eyes focused on his. “What are you doing? Get out of the rain!”

You started crying again. “I’m sorry,” You bawled. “I’m sorry. I locked my keys in my car.”

It sounded even more pathetic out loud, and Luke must have felt your embarrassment, because he tugged you up by your arms and half carried you to his humming car, you stumbling along blindly. He opened the backseat door, basically shoving you in, before jumping in himself. He leaned across the middle console and put the heat on full blast, you just softly crying the whole time, dimly aware that you were dripping water and getting his backseat soaked.

“Take your shirt off,” Luke said softly, lifting his own over his head and tossing it to the front seat.

“What?” You wanted him to forgive you, but the thought of fucking in his backseat brought tears to your eyes. You just couldn’t take that right now.

“No baby, not like that,” He murmured at your look. “You’re going into shock from your low body temperature, and those wet clothes are making it worse. Your lips are blue and you’re shivering. I need to get you warm.”

You nodded slowly and let him lift your thin shirt over your head, leaving you shaking in your bra. He had seen you bare thousands of times, but you were wary anyway. He pulled you into his chest, and immediately you felt his heat invade your pores. He laid back, keeping you on top of him as your body slowly ceased it’s tremors, your cries slowing as well.

“I really am sorry Luke,” you sniffled, your head nuzzled into his neck.

“You shouldn’t be,” he responded, running his fingers through your wet hair. “It was an accident, and I completely overreacted like a bitch. I’m sorry, Y/N. This is completely my fault.”

“I shouldn’t have broken your guitar,” You mumbled.

“It was an accident. Accidents happen, and I should have understood that. I love you so much, and tonight made me realize you are so much more important to me than an instrument.”

You didn’t respond, instead letting his body heat warm you. It was close to 4 a.m., and you were thoroughly drained, just wanting to fall asleep.

“You feel warmer yet, baby?” Luke asked some time later, rubbing small circles on your back. You slightly nodded, half asleep, and he laid you down on the backseat, maneuvering into the driver’s seat to take you home. He sent Michael a quick text stating you were alright, and decided that he could send Calum and Ashton with a spare set of keys tomorrow to get your car.

The drive home was slow, because he realized you had no seat belt on. Upon reaching your shared apartment, he carried you bridal style up to your suite, making sure that your top half was hidden with his body. He placed you gently on the bed, removing your pants and shoes while you stirred lightly, barely realizing where you were. He quickly shed the rest of his clothing and got you both under the comforter, enveloping your still slightly-cold body with his own, kissing your forehead repeatedly. You were a little awake, so you opened your eyes to see his staring at you.

“Do you forgive me?” You whispered, needing to know that the air was cleared.

Tears glistened in his eyes. “Yeah, absolutely. Do you forgive me?”

“Yeah,” you sighed contently, closing your eyes. “I love you. I thought you were breaking up with me.”

“I love you too,” he swallowed hard. “I don’t want to break up with you. Ever. And especially not over some stupid, fucking guitar.”

You hummed a response, before finally falling asleep. Luke stayed awake though. A new melody played in his mind as he felt you breathe, felt the warmth begin to emanate from your body as well. He hoped he could play it for you soon, on his new guitar, which he will love a thousand times more than the old, stupid, broken one.