Worth the Pain

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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MEME BOY HEADCANONS Jared's Instagram page is pretty much filled with really obscure memes that no one really gets. That doesn't stop him from posting them.If he wants to get someone's attention, I feel like he'd be that kinda person that'd like spam people. Just... Evan's phone just keeps buzzing and it's like 8:30 on a Saturday morning. He checks it to see about 100 messages from Jared, varying from 'answer me tree fucker' to 'do you ever wonder if penguins have feelings?'

MEME BOY HEADCANONS PT. 2 Jared claims to be an ‘edgelord’, but in reality he’s the biggest goddamn softie on the planet. “My favourite drink is bleach.” “Bullshit. It’s a white chocolate mocha!” Even though Jared’s Jewish, his favourite phrase is ‘Jesus Christ!’ Jared attempts to learn how to play the guitar by getting Zoe to teach him. It doesn’t end well.“How the hell do you do this??!!” “Jared, that’s only a basic G chord.” “What the!!” *terribly out of key guitar sound, followed by a scree


ok so, jared is always like posting jewish memes ?? and he sometimes photoshops evan into memes to be the reaction. so the meme will say something like “when u hear your moms car pulling up and haven’t done any chores yet” and it’s just a photo of evan, mid run and then the photo beside it is him face planting the floor and jared thinks he’s. hilarious.

the murphy’s, alana and evan have become numb to the memes. they just accept that he won’t stop ever.

evan is. Worried ?? so it’s three am and he can’t sleep because he’s feeling a bit sad about whatever, and then his phone vibrates A MILLION TIMES AND he thinks something’s wrong so he grabs it and nearly drops it and it’s just jared sending fucking pepe memes or asking him why lampshades exist or if eating glass like the baby grinch does is actually possible.

also, jared never stops calling evan tree boy. EVER. and evan, the poor fella has to just take it and say “I FELL OUT OF A TREE ONE TIME” or “you’re just jealous of my tree knowledge”

jared ‘i’ll say i’ll knock you the fuck out if you even look at me but in reality i’ll just smile and wave before falling to the ground out of fear’ kleinman.

“zoe your guitar is broken”

“no jared you’re just not doing it right”

“shut the fuck up”

meanwhile, evan sits in the corner, observing, wondering what he did in a past life to deserve a real life meme as a friend.

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br*n doing camisado without ryan just feels a little ??????? direspectful like its clearly rlly personal its abt his fuckign dad dying and rat man urine has no business ????? simging it without him??????? idk maybe i'm just being an angry stan

I didnt wanna be that person. But thats shit i thought of too. Ngl to yall. Im kinda mad-ish. Like, i remember everyone bein like, okay cool hes not doing anything out of fever bc it was about ryans dad and everything. But like, what happened now gurl… what changed? Seemes like exploitation to me. Is there a willing audience for fever era nostalgia? Yes. Will that audience be pissed bc the band is gone? Yes. How do we appease them? By doing a gimmickey homage to broken guitars and photographs from back in the day ! Yeah, the fans will dig that shit!! . It’s true i did. And while i was diggin it all up, i thought to myself, damn, they are sooo doing this for money and to make it look like brendons not forgetting his past and make him look softer in our eyes. Makes sense. Great career move or whatever, but can it be a dick move as well? Yes. Do i consider it to be? Yes IT’S A SONG ABOUT RYAN ROSS DEAD AND ABUSIVE FATHER WHAT THE FUCK

Obscure Music genres and Aesthetics I Associate them with...

1. Dream Pop - summer love, short but memorable; floating on a cloud filled with iridescent bubbles and laughter; holding hands with someone you really like for the first time; pink and orange sunsets; midday naps with the window open and a gentle breeze making the curtains flutter about

2. Surf Pop - the ocean is home; summertime parties; a trip to the beach in a VW van with good friends; colorful surfboards and Hawaiian shirts; braided ankle bracelets; clear water, warm sand, and broken seashells; playing guitar around a bonfire while the sun sets

3. Cloud Rap - urban magick and mystery; hoodies and snapbacks; staring out the window during class, making shapes out of clouds; book shelf full of used journals with overflowing ideas; boots and jeans with holes in them; sitting on the roof of a building and just watching the city lights change throughout the day

4. Synthwave/Retrowave - Jem and the Holograms hair and make up; it’s the future…. but in the 80s; futuristic dance club with neon lights; flying vehicles and chrome EVERYTHING; motorcycle gangs with bloody knuckles and kick ass spirits; R O B O T L O V E; leather jackets and chokers with spikes

5. Witch House - strangeness and charm; undercuts with combat boots and dark eye shadow; androgynous people dancing with the spirits of an old house in the suburbs; sigils and Christmas lights all along the walls; animal skulls, candles, and offerings spread all over the tables, window sills, and dressers

6. Seapunk - BRIGHT colors; like vaporwave but with more dolphins; aquamarine and neon pink; palm trees and beach balls; holographic bikinis; mermaid tails and shirts with glittering purple seashells on the chest; neon make up; geometric patterns and 90s graphics

Just then the side door opened and Ivan breezed in, panting for breath as though he had just run a marathon.

“Hi there, fellas. Look, I’ve brought Paul along.”

The next figure to step through the doorway was Paul McCartney carrying his guitar. I think I was the only person in the group to look up as Paul walked over. John, by this time, had gathered another chair for himself and had his feet up, intent on replacing the broken string on his guitar. I knew Paul from the Institute and he recognised me.

“Hiya, Paul, glad you could make it,” I said.

Paul’s face relaxed a little as he saw a face he knew.

“Hiya, Len.”

There was no response from John; he didn’t even look up. After Ivan had introduced Paul to the other members of the group, he then approached John, who was still engrossed in tuning up the guitar string he had just put on. He looked up as if to say: “What are you bothering me for now?” It was an impatient sort of look.

“John, this is Paul. Paul McCartney, you know. I told you that I would bring him along.”

John took his feet off the chair and said simply, “Hi Paul,” then carried on tuning his guitar.

There was no shaking of hands, and he didn’t stand up to greet him. Paul just stood there.

“Hello John,” he said in his polite manner. “Do you need any help with that?”

John pulled up the now vacant chair. “Yeah, okay. Sit down.”

Paul sat down, took John’s guitar and handed him the guitar that he had brought along. Paul’s guitar was left-handed and so his guitar was strung the opposite way to that of a right-handed guitarist, but that didn’t matter when it came to the simple tuning of a guitar.

“Hey,” exclaimed John as he inspected Paul’s guitar. “It’s strung the other way round.”

“Yes, I play left-handed.”

Paul then took a pitch pipe guitar tuner out of his pocket, playing the first in an open manner and at the same time blowing into his tuner.

“There, that’s better. I’ll just check that the other strings are in tune.”

The rest of us looked on admiringly as Paul showed his dexterity with the guitar.

“Hey fellas,” said John, looking at us, “he’s good – we’ll have to have him in the group.”

As I explained previously, this was our joking response to anyone that ever showed musical talent, rather than a serious or literal proposition. He was not as yet officially inviting Paul into the group. Ivan looked on happily with an expression which seemed to say: “There, you see, I told you he was good, didn’t I?”

“Thanks Paul, it would have taken me ages to do that,” said John sincerely.

—  Len Garry, John, Paul and Me: Before The Beatles. (1997)

[Letter from Richey Edwards to Alistair Fitchett, transcription below]

Sat 12 Jan

“Cut word lines – Cut music lines – Smash the Control Images – Smash the Control Machine – Burn the books – Kill the priests – Kill! Kill! Kill!” - William Burroughs

Dear Alistair,

Thanks for the letter. Pretty inspiring, after all the tons of bullshit mail we get. It arrived on Wednesday just as we were about to leave for London (again). At last someone who understands the Situationists etc. We actually went up to meet Jamie Reid. Still so full of hate and desire to change. Anyone who turned a portrait of the Queen in a mass image must be cool. Popularism. Afterwards we had an age long interview with Sounds. A definite 2 page article, probable front cover. I don’t feel a prostitute for appearing in the music papers. Like you said, there is nothing wrong with HYPE if the goal is not profit. Best of all it’s not even hype cos the papers ask to talk to us. It’s been so long since they’ve met an intellectual band. Last night we played a public school in Surrey and turned the place upside down. The assembled forces of WEA/EMI/SONY/DEFJAM were all there and none can understand. That we reject the audience. That we smash our instruments etc. We celebrate our own obsolete form. That there is no value in production line product. That for every broken Gibson guitar there is another one off the shelf tomorrow. Capitalism ruins. Nothing is personal or of value. They are all so dumb. WAR starts in a few days – the A+R men accept that; they accept bodybags, amputees, cripples, walking wounded, but they can’t accept a smashed guitar. On stage we destroy ourselves, we destroy our form of communication. Cos deep down we know music is irrelevant to real life. That’s what MOTOWN JUNK is about. About how music sometimes offers salvation and inspires but you still gotta face the poverty of work, life, forever. We realized it a long time ago.

The first verse goes

“Never ever wanted to be with you
All you ever gave was the boredom I
suffocate in
Adrift in cheap dreams don’t stop the rain
Numbed out in piss towns just wanna
dig their graves.”

And that last line sums it up. Here I am, in a shithole home town and INSPIRAL CARPETS talk about T-shirts sales in LA. Is that gonna save me??

All our songs offer is NEGATIVITY, CHAOS, DESPAIR. I realize when you say that we should offer more but that’s not what we’re about. We wanna create so much hate that we get swept away, we get destroyed. We are building our musical career on weak foundations that are designed to collapse within a year of our 1st number one. We are the last rock n’ roll band. Rock n’ roll is dead. But it’s our only culture. ‘Suicide Alley’ spat on its corpse. We wanna be gone as soon as possible. The biggest statement we can make is to become the biggest band in the world and then immediately split up.

And that’s what I don’t understand about Kevin Pierce (Esurient). I got a letter from him calling us “faggots…cowards, etc”. Faggots because we wear eyeliner (We wear eyeliner cos we wanna be seen as D.I.Y. style, surgeons, an attempt to uglify ourselves; the same reason we spray our clothes with slogans) and cowards because we smash equipment i.e. rock n’ roll cliche. Surely the biggest cliche is just being in a band, just standing there and singing. That cliche is thousands of years old. Believing in auto-destruction may be old-hat but at least there’s a reason behind it. What reason trad rock format? Also he said we we were pathetic appearing in N.M.E. Surely the biggest crime is not appearing at all. Would Marx be a better person if he had never put his thoughts to paper? Would Lenin be better if he realized there would be revolution and then did nothing about it? I don’t think so. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. We’re on SNUB TV on January 21st and MARK GOODIER session Jan 28th.  A tour starts Jan 23rd. We’re off to Paris to meet some still revolutionaries in March and then there’s a chance we’ll be working with the Bomb Squad (Public Enemy producers) early summer in New York. And that will produce the most vicious song ever. Anyway, thanks for the tape. Unfortunately we are completely familiar with every single song. But I’ve used the tape for some of our songs.

1/ REPEAT – Repeat after me
Death sentence heritage
Death camp palace
Royal Khmer Rouge
Imitation Demi-gods
Useless Generation of
Dumb flag scum
Repeat After Me,
Fuck Queen and Country

-I accuse history, I accuse
I don’t need your history

We blur into images of state coercion
Classified machines die misunderstood
City reflections pour out misery
We don’t count, so we hate

4/ YOU LOVE US – Until I see love in statues
Your lessons drill inherited sin

Jam your brains with broken heroes
Love your masks and adore your chaos
MP’s dress up now TV is danger
Westminster more ugly than a gas chamber
Don’t wanna see your face
Don’t wanna hear your words
Why don’t you just fuck off

Everyone stares with the glaze of obsession
Interlocking cartels bypassing the bone
The empty statement of art school dissension
Institutionalized expression of mass control

Parliament mother of the United Nations
Mother of history’s dead sun, dead scum
D.N.A. of restriction and law
Death, famine, darkness, and war
I don’t see happy homes but the Belfast
Wall, In Walkman Sounds hear
Sony control

Communal tyranny a jail that bleeds our wrists

9/ SORROW 16
Cut your hair in front of businessmen
Kill yourself and censor health
Destroy work and ignore their truth
Wanna die and have never worked
The wall is a reason for you to believe
There’s too many numbers for us to sleep

England’s glory lives on in worldwide
genocide. So celebrate Buchenwald
as her Majesty’s heir. Now an
obsolete face on a currency of
illusion. No matter what we own
we can’t buy freedom.

Anyway, let us know what you think.

Love, Richey XXX

Something Special | Jisoo

Genre: Fluff, a lil angst?

Word Count: 1.6k

Notes: Y/F/N: Your Full Name 


This image was written in collaboration with @ayesh-cube! Please go show show her some love!

Your POV;

“Okay Seokmin, why did you wake me up early on my day off just so I could help clean out your garage?” you grumbled as you walked into your friend’s crowded and messy garage. It was a Saturday morning and normally you would be sleeping in, but not today.

“Hi Y/N!” Seokmin flashed you that iconic smile, “Stop being like that. I have drinks!” You could only roll your eyes at your loud friend. You, being the nice person you are, had to help out your friend in need.

“(Y/N) you’re finally here!” yelled Soonyoung. He was always so loud. You greeted him as you walked to the cooler and fished out one of your favorite sodas. The brisk noise of the can being opened was refreshing as you began to down the soda. You were so busy drinking your soda, you didn’t even notice the third boy in the garage, who you suddenly crashed into.

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I’m always happy to be leaving Could be the company im keeping Wcif everything ? Especially the posters

If its not listed it’s from an ep/sp/gp lmk if smths broken!! 

1. Poster 2. guitar 3. cubby 4. hanging clothes 5. Polaroids  6. vent 7. bag 8. door 9. record player 10. coffee table 11. pizza box 12. cerveza 13. candle (City Living) 14. pepsi 15.more cerveza 16. (oops) books / Postcard 17. poster 18. roses 19. bean bag 20. cat 21. post-it-note 22. tv 23. table 24. n64 25. plant 26. chair 27. end table 28. rug 29. poster

Teardrops on My Guitar

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Requested by anonymous: can u do an imagine where’s accidentally break his guitar and he gets mad and kicks u out but then realized that he overreacted?? I love ur writing btw it makes my day


Shawn had been working all day and had been cooped up in the studio with Andrew and Geoff.

Shawn decided he could take a break and take you out for lunch, needing some one-on-one time with you, plus a break.

Shawn pushes his shades back up his nose, looking to the side before taking a sip of his water.

You bite your lip, not wanting to tell him that you noticed something was off - but something needed to be said.

“What’s wrong, love?” You ask, reaching out to touch his face, but he shrugged you off.

Something was obviously wrong if he was not wanting to be touched by you.

“Just having a hard time with this one song and it’s pissing me off.” He mutters.

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😊The Guitar (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Please do an imagine where gray breaks the guitar that your dead mother gave you after a fight and the ending is up to you :)

Warnings: None

A/N: Yeah remember when I said I wouldn’t post anything until I finished Drug Lord E? Well I hate myself and decided to work on this! Okay so I kinda did a drabble that is basically the exact same, but different ending and more about the guitar!

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“I can’t believe this Grayson!” I shouted as I was throwing things around the room. I was beyond irritated with him. He had forgotten our anniversary dinner tonight and I couldn’t get over it. He stayed out with Ethan and some friends tonight and showed up back at our house at 11:30. “Like what the hell Grayson?” I stormed into another room as Grayson followed behind me.

“Y/N I don’t understand what the big deal is! I told you I was going to go out with the guys and you said it was okay!” Grayson shouted at me.

“Yes it was okay to stay out with your friends until 8. I told you I would have dinner ready by 8:30 and I sat here for two and a half hours wondering where the hell you were! It’s like you don’t even care to be in a relationship with me! I asked you to be here by 8:30 so we could have some dinner and watch a movie and cuddle, but now it’s like all you want to do is be out with your friends.” I angrily packed up the dinner I made which was now cold lasagna and cold green beans.

“Yeah maybe because they don’t have a girlfriend trying to suffocate them!” I stopped packing up the food and I looked up at Grayson. He looked to me with instant regret. “Y/N…”

“No. I’m done.” I snapped as I threw the togo box on the floor in a spit of anger. Grayson grabs my guitar before he slammed it against the ground in a fit of rage. I stood there shocked. I’ve never seen this side of Grayson. The look on his face was shock as the body of the guitar was holding onto the neck by some strings. “Grayson! My mom gave me that guitar as a gift before she passed away!” I snapped at him as I was starting to choke up.

“Y/N!” I grabbed my coat, but Grayson was faster than me. He stopped me as tears began to pour out of my eyes. Grayson grabbed me and pulled me back. “I didn’t mean what I said. I love having you. I’m so happy I have you in my life. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Grayson held me into his chest as I just cried. I could hear him sniffling. “Ethan doesn’t have that person to wake up to in the morning, but I do. Aaron doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, but I do. I do love you Y/N. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it at all. I don’t think you’re suffocating me. I think you care about me. I promise tomorrow I’ll make this anniversary up to you.” Grayson said as he kissed the top of my head.

“Grayson stop!” I shouted at him, which he was obviously confused. I wiped my tears. “Since I’m suffocating you, why don’t you just leave then? Leave while you can!” I exclaimed as I walked over to my broken guitar on the ground. “I mean you even broke the guitar my dead mother gave me. This gives me a reason to suffocate you.” I snapped as I picked up the pieces of my guitar. More tears began to fill my eyes as I cried some more. I tried to hide my face from Grayson.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean it. What do I have to do to prove to you I’m sorry?” He asked me. I just looked up at him and cocked my head.

“Be on time. Not break my things. For once, just think about me.” I stood up and threw the broken guitar pieces down on the floor. “It’s not like my mom can give me another guitar.” I walked upstairs to my room. I crawled in bed as I cried to myself. Was I really that suffocating to Grayson? Did he really think I was suffocating him? I let him do whatever he wants and that’s suffocating? I heard the door creak open which caused me to groan. “Go away Grayson.” But he didn’t. I turned over to snap at him, but I saw what he was holding. He was holding the old red fender guitar that my mom gave me. He had taped it all together and even put some bandaids on it. He looked up at me as I could see tear streaks running down his face.

“Tomorrow whenever you wake up, we can go to a shop and fix the guitar. If they can’t fix it I’ll buy you a completely new one. Or new strings. Just anything.” Grayson wiped his face as he was crying hard now. I got up from the bed and I walked over him. I took the guitar and I sat the pieces being held together by some scotch tape and bandages behind Grayson against the wall as I pulled him into a hug.

“Grayson please don’t cry. I shouldn’t have overreacted.” I apologized while holding him.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“You didn’t overreact. I did and I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have such a terrible boyfriend.” He muffled into my shirt as he slowly rocked us side to side. “I love you so much Y/N. I’m sorry I overreacted. I’m so sorry about tonight. I’m just sorry.” Grayson mumbled as he rubbed my back.

“I love you too Gray. Let’s just sleep and forget about this night. Tomorrow we can go out for pancakes and then go look at some guitar shops okay? Grayson please stop crying. I love you okay?” I pressed my lips gently to him as I wiped his tears away. He nodded as I walked us over to the bed. I snuggled into him as he inhaled the scent of my hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He mumbled into my back while leaving a soft kiss. I tangle my fingers with his and leave a kiss on the back of his hand. I rolled over so I would be on his chest.

“I love you too Gray.”

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Indian (4/4)


“Could You Help Me?” (4/4)

Haunted House (4/4)

YouTube Opening Act (Ashton Irwin) 

The Set (Michael Clifford)

Project Buddies (Michael Clifford)

“I’m Like you I’m Human” (Michael Clifford)

“Treat Her Right” (Luke Hemmings)

Ansel Elgort (Ashton Irwin)

Zayn Malik (Luke Hemmings)

Tripping on National Television (Calum Hood)

Slipknot (Luke Hemmings)

Exam Studies (Luke Hemmings)

Mrs Hood? (Calum Hood)

Dark Past (Luke Hemmings)

Victoria Secret Runway (Ashton Irwin)

Smallzy Interview (Luke Hemmings)

People Magazine Awards (Luke Hemmings)

I Couldn’t Help myself (Michael Clifford)

Nose Kisses (Calum Hood)

Family Problems (Ashton Irwin)

Sorting Differences (Luke Hemmings)

The Three Dates (Luke Hemmings)

Photoshop (Luke Hemmings)

The Movie Star (Luke Hemmings)

The Elevator (Calum Hood)

Roommate’s Best Friend (Ashton Irwin)

Hip Hop (4/4)

“Sing To Me” (Ashton Irwin)

The Meet and Greet (Ashton Irwin)

Cuddling (Michael Clifford)

Abused (Luke Hemmings)

Runaway - Part One - (Luke Hemmings)

Cleaning and Dancing (Luke Hemmings)

Spain (Calum Hood)

Ex Girlfriend (Luke Hemmings)

“I’ll Save You, I’m Dr Fluke Remember?” (Luke Hemmings)

Scottish Accent (4/4)

Drunk Driver (4/4)

Diet Pills (Luke Hemmings)

Purging (Luke Hemmings)

Gender Fluid (4/4)

Switzerland (Michael Clifford)

Razor Blades (Luke Hemmings)

Paparazzi (Luke Hemmings)

Confessing to Dad (Luke Hemmings)

Shop Assistant (Michael Clifford)

Prom? (Calum Hood)

Pregnant (Luke Hemmings)

Runaway - Part Two - (Luke Hemmings)

Michael’s Sister (Ashton Irwin)

Fire and Sirens (Luke Hemmings)

YouTube Covers (Luke Hemmings)

Management and Calum’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

Brother and Sister (Michael Clifford)

Guitars (Michael Clifford)

Men’s Shirts (Luke Hemmings)

Finland (Ashton Irwin)

Fireplace (Luke Hemmings)

Drunk (Ashton Irwin)

Winner Gets You (4/4)

Hyperhidrosis (Calum Hood)

Non Water-Proof Foundation (Luke Hemmings)

Latin (Ashton Irwin)

Competing - Part One - (Cake)

Abandoned (Luke Hemmings)

Groupie (Luke Hemmings)

Suck in Panties (Luke Hemmings)

Insecurities (Luke Hemmings)

Competing - Part Two - (Cake)

Jealousy (Calum Hood)

Tears and Wedding Planning (Michael Clifford)

“I Was The Guy” (Michael Clifford)

Happily Drunk (Michael Clifford)

Hickeys (Luke Hemmings) - SORTA SMUT -

Management (Luke Hemmings)

Late Night Chats (Michael Clifford)

Leather Jacket (Calum Hood)

Road Trips (Ashton Irwin)

Tattoo Artist (Luke Hemmings)

Massage (Luke Hemmings)

Party Arguments (Michael Clifford)

Coachella (Luke Hemmings)

“Sit on my lap?” (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -

Body Shots (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT - 

Merman (Luke Hemmings) 

Broken Guitar (Luke Hemmings)

Tour Puppy (Luke Hemmings)

Paps and Self Hate (Calum Hood)

Feelings (Calum Hood)

Kidnapped (Calum Hood)

Couple Costumes (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Trick or Treat (Michael Clifford) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Sexy Costume (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

The Pineapple Costume (Malum) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Pumpkin Carving (Calum Hood) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Selena Gomez (Luke Hemmings)

Stomach Pains (Michael Clifford)

Superstar - Part one - (Luke Hemmings)

Master Sergeant (Calum Hood)

NASA - Part One - (Calum Hood)

Christmas Jingles (Calum Hood) - CHRISTMAS EDITION -

Unexpected Feelings (Ashton Irwin)

Business Assignments (Michael Clifford)

Superstar - Part Two - (Luke Hemmings)

NASA - Part Two - (Calum Hood)

Plane Rides (Luke Hemmings)

Prince (Ashton Irwin)

Unexpected Feelings - Part Two - (Ashton Irwin)

Breaking Down (Michael Clifford)

Zombie Apocalypse (4/4)

Café (Malum)

Playlist Live (Michael Clifford)

Super Bowl (Calum Hood)

Library (Ashton Irwin)

Robbed (Michael Clifford)

Roommates (4/4)

Teen Choice Awards (Luke Hemmings)

“Are you okay? (Ashton Irwin)

Weren’t Meant to be (Calum Hood)

Waiter, help! (Ashton Irwin)

Stripper (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -


Stay by Mayday Parade (Luke Hemmings)

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Ray (Michael Clifford)

First Date by Blink 182 (Michael Clifford)

Talking Body by Tove Lo (Luke Hemmings) - SMUT -

Dark Enough by Amanda Lopiccolo (Michael Clifford) 

Invisible by Hunter Hayes (Calum Hood) 

Strings by Shawn Mendes (Ashton Irwin) 

One Last Time by Ariana Grande (Calum Hood)

Outer Space by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Ashton Irwin)

Falling Away by Our Last Night (Ashton Irwin)

Ashlands Song by Peter Hollens (Luke Hemmings)

San Francisco by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Calum Hood)

I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once by Modern Baseball (Ashton Irwin)

Crash by You Me At Six (Michael Clifford)

Everywhere by Tonight Alive (Luke Hemmings)


High School Musical (4/4)

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainer (4/4)

Title by Meghan Trainer (4/4)

The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez (4/4)

Somebody Like You by Adele (4/4)

Love Me Harder  by Ariana Grande (Lashton) (Malum)

The Memory by Mayday Parade (4/4)

Close as Strangers by 5SOS (4/4)

Last Night by Good Charlotte (4/4)

Lies by McFly (4/4)

Jet Lag by Simple Plan (4/4)

End of All Things by Panic! At The Disco (4/4)

Sign Language by Kenetics and One Love ft. Wynter Gordon (4/4)


Confesses Love (4/4)

Broken Ribs (4/4)

Tomboy (4/4)

Newly-weds (4/4)

Fire Fighter (4/4)

Pet Buying (4/4)

Older Brothers (4/4)

French (4/4)

Eating Disorders (4/4)

Barrel Racer (4/4)

Cancer Survivor (4/4)

Soldiers (4/4)

Anxiety Attack (4/4)

Christmas Gifts (4/4) - CHRISTMAS EDITION -

Victoria Secret Model (4/4)

Asexual (4/4)

Strange Habits (4/4)

Fibromyalgia  (Lashton)

Studio Naps (Lashton)

Ticklish (4/4)

Swedish (Lashton)

Social Anxiety (Muke)

Purity Ring (Malum)


Three Cheers for Five Years by Mayday Parade (Luke)

Tonight by With Confidence (4/4)

I Swear This Time I Mean It by Mayday Parade (Luke) -TRIGGERING -

Save Your Heart by Mayday Parade (Luke)- TRIGGERING -

They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction (Calum)

Fallin’ For You by Colbie Calliat (Michael)

Colours (Ashton Irwin)


Visiting on Tour (Ashton Irwin)

Days Off (Michael Clifford)

Calum’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

Cheating (LukeHemmings)

YouTube Girlfriend  (Calum Hood)

Internet Famous Girlfriend (Michael Clifford)

Niall’s Sister (Luke Hemmings)

YouTube Famous Girlfriend (Ashton Irwin)

Best Friend Tag (Ashton Irwin)

Michael Myers (4/4) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Halloween Party (4/4) - HALLOWEEN EDITION -

Twitter conversations (LukeHemmings)

Good Girl Turns Bad (Calum Hood)

Relationship (LukeHemmings)

Pen Pals (Michael Clifford)

Meeting in the Street (4/4)

Moving Away (Ashton Irwin)

Confessing (Luke Hemmings)

Cheating and Admitting (Luke Hemmings)

Victoria Secret Girlfriend (Calum Hood)

Not Moving On (Calum Hood)

Vlogger Girlfriend (Luke Hemmings)

Not Admitting (Ashton Irwin) 

“I’m gay" (4/4)

Hasn’t Been the Same (Michael Clifford)

College Party (Luke Hemmings)

Show Off (Calum Hood) 

Short Jokes (4/4)

Height Teasing (Ashton Irwin)

Serial Killer (Luke Hemmings)

Best Friends (Michael Clifford)

Tour Managers’s Daughter - Part One - (Calum Hood)

Tour Manager’s Daughter - Part Two - (Calum Hood)


Dark Skinned and Insecure (Luke Hemmings)

Drunk Texts (Michael Clifford)


1st place winner: Au meme, Text au, Imagine
2nd place winner:
Imagine, Text au
3rd place winner:
Text au


5 Things Tag

I was tagged by @onepumpofsyrup like a long time ago oops :X, @chronicfangirling and @merlionmen

(You have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge… but I don’t know 15 people.)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. Phone
  2. Diabetes Kit
  3. My Makeup
  4. Song Book
  5. Headphones

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. A bunch of stuffed animals
  2. Lots of clothes
  3. Star Wars posters
  4. Shoes galore
  5. My Broken guitar

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Write a song for a celebrity
  2. Become a famous singer
  3. Learn Korean, Chinese, and Japanese
  4. Go visit all of my friends on tumblr c:
  5. Fall In Love

Five things that make me happy:

  1. Music
  2. Talking with my friends
  3. Videogames
  4. Travel
  5. Writing Music

Five things that I’m currently into:

  1. BTS
  2. VIXX
  3. One Direction
  4. Dorothy Must Die Book Series
  5. Harry Potter Series

Five things on my to-do list:

  1. Get my drivers permit
  2. Get a job and save up for a car
  3. Get a tattoo and re pierce my ears
  4. Take a trip with my friends to the lake we always go to and have fun before senior year starts for me
  5. Start updating my youtube regularly (lol not gonna happen)

I don’t know 15 people so I tag:

@animeotakupooh @squishy-taee @jiminklings @jenothankyou @solarkwan @hear-the-dokidoki

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Seungchul

Request: A fluffy situation where you read angsty fanfiction about him, making you cry, and he find you crying and he completely freaks out.
Requested by: seongchols
Word Count: 1,743
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

Heyy I finally got something written! It’s been forever since I wrote so I hope I’m not too rusty. Admin wonwooed helped out a lot for this drabble, thank you! 
-admin jihoonic

Featuring a little sneak peek at one of our upcoming works! Thank you so much for requesting, feel free to request for another :D
-admin wonwooed

Originally posted by satanteen17

“No, no, no… Seungchul, oh my god,” she breathes out at the man lying next to her. “Seungchul, please open your eyes.”

It takes exactly three nerve-wracking seconds before his eyelids twitch and crack open, and his faded brown eyes register the female cradling his head in her lap. Even when he’s bleeding to death before her, he manages to let out a huff of laughter. “Is it bad?”

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the young ones aesthetics

im a garbage can why not

rick: jars full of political buttons, organized entropy, foggy nights filled with the anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly what youre doing but knowing its gonna be incredible. baby blue silk, plum lipstick, your first time in a riot, springtime and content carelessness 

vyvyan: doc martens that have probably been around longer than you have, handmade patches on your tattering denims, moshing too aggressively, making out against the walls during a punk concert, medical stitches, nearly empty bottles of hair gel, songs and memories that never fail to keep you up at night

mike: ray bans, business casual, sock garters, back alley deals, a simmering quietness that you will ever be bothered to mention, whether you dont care or are too scared, who knows. “the cool dad” without kids, responsibility without being hellishly so, every man’s man

neil: something soft. heart on your sleeve- you know better, but cynicality isnt your forté. flares, peaceful rebellions that no one acknowledges but yourself, acoustic guitars with broken strings still stuck in the headstocks, rare, yet genuine smiles, crucifixes and demons kept far down in your subconscious

I’m back on the internet… guys… after I took 11 days off to go to Israel with Birthright… or something. Anyway, recent experiences in everyone’s favorite emotional roller coaster (aka my life), include:

  • being so close to syria we could literally see villages currently ruled by isis
  • lots and lots of dancing with a side of capoeira
  • falling really hard for a girl over the course of a week, proving once again that i still have a ton of feelings about stuff
  • actually TELLING said girl how i felt about her (a first for me)
  • camels
  • wanting to shower more than i have ever wanted to shower in my life
  • taking every opportunity i had to speak in front of the group and turning it into an emotional sermon in an attempt to be less forgettable
  • being told i should become a rabbi
  • being told i should become a soldier in the idf
  • having a jam session with me on broken guitar and my roommate on drumsticks (but no drums)
  • rafting, hiking, and other outdoorsy shit
  • achim
  • achim
  • achim achim achim
  • simcha
  • simcha
  • simcha simcha simcha

(I’m way less dignified here on Tumblr because I actually say exactly what I’m thinking. My Facebook post was so controlled in comparison.)